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Hollywood Diner & Sports Bar

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Hazleton, PA 18201 (Map & Directions)
Phone: (570) 459-7077
Cuisine: American, Diner, Breakfast
Neighborhood: Hazleton

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Top Reviews of Hollywood Diner & Sports Bar

review_stars 04/10/2014 - lw
we went here because they just reopened under new management... well what a mistake,,, they have a salad bar and a buffet.. well on the menu it said that they had all these chicken recipes, chicken marsala, chicken francese, roast beef,, etc, well when we went to buffet , they had chicken parmesean and nothing else, pork medallions which were so tough , we couldn't eat them.. horrible buffet and when asked the manager, she said oh we rotate the meat.. well it doesn't say that on the menu.. big mistake,, don't go there.. not a good meal at all..

review_stars 03/31/2013 - Shaquille jones
Please do not go there. Our waitress was the supposed manager. Not only was she disheveled but she was the rudest waitress I ever had. I wished I would of walked out. The potatoe soup was cold and out of a can. All of their sandwiches come on gross toasted Italian bread. Wish I would have read the reviews before I went there

review_stars 09/12/2011 - Tim
I hope no one ever goes to this SH--hole in their life. We went in and sat a table in the sports bar, we sat for ten minutes and no one came to our table the waitress, if you want to call her that looked the other way . The bartender a little b---- went the other way when I went to the bar to ask for the waitress. DO NOT WASTE your time or money there are several really good eatery's in Hazleton with great service. Lets let this place rot on the vine till the ownership and management change.

review_stars 04/05/2011 - Jason
Do not hesitate to visit this newly established Hazleton area eatery. All of the food is fresh and made to order and they have the best soup in Northeast Pennsylvania. The beer selection is incredible and the service is quick and friendly. Be sure to try the Mushrooms Stuffed w/ Crabmeat, I did and that's what got me hooked on the place!!!

review_stars 04/05/2011 - Peg
Soup burned and Platter cold No more

review_stars 03/22/2011 - Brynn K. Stahl
the food was amazing!! they are a very clean place. the service was great. and the t.vs every were was a great touch

review_stars 02/21/2011 - John Pothman
The best place to eat for the money in Hazleton. The seafood dishes are excellent. Do not hesitate to visit this restaurant.

review_stars 02/13/2011 - Hazleton resident
Food was very bad, would not go there again. Complained to manager, and they did not seem to care. Paid a 27 dollar bill and left without eating the food. Do not go there...........

review_stars 12/28/2010 - Ralph J
Have visited this D&SB several times and I have been VERY satisfied with the food and the service. The staff are as friendly as you will ever see and the food was great. Turkey Club was as fresh as if you cooked it yourself. The sports bar has great viewing for all seating. Great place to eat and hang out. Will be dropping in again soon.

review_stars 11/29/2010 - Megan
The Hollywood is a must...the building is beautiful, the bar offers a lot of great beers and the desert case if full of great choices.. ...the portions of food do not disappoint and the food is delicious! I also found the staff and management to be very friendly and helpful. I wish the owners and staff the best of luck and nothing but success!!

review_stars 11/13/2010 - Peg
Poor Service quality of food poor Really disappointed

review_stars 10/30/2010 - Caroline
Have visited the Hollywood Diner three times now and have not been disappointed in any way. As a matter of fact, the hubby and I were very pleasantly surprised. On our first visit I ordered my one of my favorite diner foods, the hot roast beef sandwich. The beef literally melted in my mouth - not the usual tough, cheap cut of beef you often find used in this dish - the mashed potatoes were made from real potatoes, not instant - the green beans were fresh also, not canned or frozen - unusual to find this quality at most diners. Hubby had the liver and onions - this was exceptionally well prepared. The portions are large, explaining why we saw most patrons leaving the diner carrying containers with leftovers. The service was excellent and the staff friendly. This diner is a great value - did not disappoint us in any way. We have recommended it to friends and they also were very pleased. We have look forward to frequenting this establishment often.

review_stars 10/24/2010 - Joe
We Recently visited the Hollywood Diner. We went around 3:30 on a Sunday before the dinner crowd so it wouldn't be too busy. It wasn't very busy and we still waited at least 10 minutes before a waitress came to our table. The service was horrible. The food was just o.k. The prices were reasonable. Probably would not go back.

review_stars 10/23/2010 - Hazleton Native
~Okay A Fair Review~

Overall Appearance AAA+ (wow)
Overall Service AA+ (Good)
Overall Friendliness AAA+
Overall Food Quality C- (not good)
Overall Food Presentation C- (not good)
Overall Bathroom Cleanliness AAA+

Too many food selections (literally) - you should seriously reduce that menu and get good at them... the stuffing was generic & terrible, the hamburger meat was terrible... the salad dressing was terrible... a $10 appetizer was 2 wings, 4 onion wings, 1 piece of little chicken breast, & 2 moz sicks (seriously). It was a terrible experience.

I don't see your restaurant making it unless you improve immediately. The waitress couldn't tell us much about some of the items we wanted to order because you have toooo many. Think about what I said because I'm comparing you to Perkins-Friendlys-Applebees --- you MUST think LESS is MORE. I would rather pay more for better prepared food & I have pictures to prove what I'm saying. We were served multi-colored disgusting pickles. Terrible food experience.

review_stars 09/21/2010 - Anonymous
I work at the Diner and before anyone wants to badmouth it, they should think twice. The business was just opened a few months ago. Of course we are still working to get the kinks worked out. Yes there's a wait sometimes, yes some of the servers aren't the best and yes sometimes the food gets messed up. Give it another chance.

(And to the person complaining about the syrup, really? Find something more important to complain about)

review_stars 09/04/2010 - frances
Been there several times for breakfast - on days when its been busy and slow. Service has been great, food plentiful, delicious and reasonably priced. Went there for lunch - it was a hit. Yummy!!!!!

review_stars 08/26/2010 - SAMATHA
My family and I visited the dinner in early august and what a horrible experience. We waited 25 minutes for a waitress to come to our table. We had to ask for silverware and napkins twice. We finally ordered our food, I ordered a turkey club sandwich and my husband ordered a hot turkey sandwich, kids ordered burgers. We waited about 30 minutes for our food which now we wish we never would have gotten at all. When I got my turkey club I opened it to put on mayo and saw a RAW PIECE OF CHICKEN on it. We all looked at it in disbelief. I called over the waitress and she said sorry and got a manager. In the mean time the rest of the meals came out. My husbands turkey sandwich had a piece of ROAST BEEF SITTING ON TOP as soon as he opened the bread. ok now this is a freaky experience. The kids burgers were almost raw inside. So now after a long wait someone came over and said they were sorry about the mixup. MIXUP WE SAID how can raw chicken be a mixup, and roast beef on a turkey sandwich be and uncooked burgers that kids could have eaten if we did not check them. Now to mention RAW CHICKEN does any realize how sick I could have gotten if I would not have opened that sandwich. The manager or whoever it was asked if they could get us anything else and of course we said no. My kids got some cookies at the bakery on the way out and we were charged for them. We would never go in this place again. How can this place be in buisness we ask and we have heard so many people complain about it. Wont be long till the diner is closed I'll bet money on it!!!!!!

review_stars 08/26/2010 - Rachael
My Husband and I went for lunch our fist visit and dinner our last 2 visits I have to say all three times were great. We loved the food I had a crab cake and it was ALL CRAB some places you go and its all stuffing with a little crab not here it was PERFECTION!!!! We will be going again and again. In fact we are going for dinner tonight. YUM

review_stars 07/15/2010 - Peg
Went for breakfast today. Been there many times and this was our first disappointment. My bacon was microwaved and like leather, French toast was ok but the quality of the syrup was poor. Back to Perkins for breakfast

review_stars 07/08/2010 - Carol
We had breakfast there this morning after fasting for our bloodwork at the health center.
Hostess ran us to our seats......she was busy talking to her friends. Coffee was very weak, Orange juice was some kind of diluted hi-c. Toast was dry and limp......eggs did not taste like eggs etc is a shame because the place is pretty.......the price for eggs was a bit high even for GOOD eggs!!!!!!!

review_stars 07/07/2010 - joe
The only thing that was good, was the appearance from the outside.
Once you go in, it went down hill.
We had a terrible experience, we waited almost an hour for our dinner. The waitress could have at least appologized for the wait. Was it worth it? "No", my daughters chicken fingers had a bone in it? My other daughters meal was to come with toast, butter and jelly. There were just two peices of un toasted bread? My wifes chicken tasted like it was soaked in butter all day. Other people also waited along time for there order, and no one ever came over to update or even mention it. The Manager (we thought he was the manager) came over and spoke to one couple who was complaining about the wait, he gave them some story, which they did not buy and then he walked away back to the kitchen. Obvisouly to hide.
When we were leaving he was next the register and asked how everything was, I replied it was horrible. That we had a bad experience, he did not want to hear it, he told me we only waited 21 minutes for our food,that what was on the slip. I said it was almost an hour, he actually argued with me, and said that there was nothing that he could do. He was not the manager, guess he is just a key holder. I would not recommend this place to anyone.
My family and friends were extremly disappointed, this place is not interested if anyone is not pleased. They are not going to last very long. The building will be vacant again.

review_stars 06/18/2010 - Wayne
visited for the first time yesterday at 12:30 and the place was packed.
Cup of soup was more like a bowl and delicious,Tuscany bean with chucks of spicy sausage.My pulled pork with provolone sandwich was tasty and large.even the coleslaw was good.
Service was a little slow but like I said the place was packed.
Will definitely go back

review_stars 06/02/2010 - Mattie C
I really like the restaurant A few disappointments on our first visit but it had just opened. We have been there 4 times and each time gets better.

review_stars 05/30/2010 - Jim F
Been to the HDSB 4 times in the last three weeks. Three of the four times, I sat at the bar solo and one time I was at a table in the bar area with a friend. All four times were great. Not one problem. The hook for me was the first visit when the salmon was PERFECT on my salmon Caesar salad. Not too many places don't over cook salmon Second visit, I tried the same thing just to see if it was a fluke. Again, PERFECT. Next two visits I tried other dishes (both chicken based). Very, very good. The service was great, pleasant personalities too. Great variety of beers and as I do not over indulge I prefer a good beer. Last two visits I enjoyed a pair of black and tans (Guinness/Bass). I've heard about some slow service issues early on and had the pleasure of speaking with the owner last night who readily admitted they got bombed the first few weeks but learned from the experience. I believed him as I have experienced no problems. I guess next trip I'll give the dining area a shot.

review_stars 05/29/2010 - Robyn Hode
DO NOT hesitate to visit this place. Sure, they initially went through some growing pains but what new business doesn't?
I've been there four times now and nothing ever went wrong. The wait can be a "little" longer than what you are used to but believe me when I tell you it's worth waiting for. The food is piping hot and you can taste the freshness in all the ingredients.
And the prices are beyond fair for the size of the portions you receive.
The average palate in Hazleton is used to pizzas and hoagies so when something truly different comes along there's a culture shock.
Funny, despite the complaints the place is constantly packed.

review_stars 05/24/2010 - J Star
They have a real problem getting their orders correct. Ordered one item And got something else. Also another couple was served before us when they actually arrived a half hour after us.Waited almost an hour for our food. I know other people who have had similar experiences.

review_stars 05/14/2010 - Boomqueesha Jackson
-3 stars.

i got seltzer water when i ordered sprite, then orange seltzer water when i asked for orange soda. then i had to settle for tasteless pepsi.
then my burger was undercooked. we didnt get any napkins.
they robbed 80 cents from my check card. the lady kept bangin on the table.
& then she gave me THREE receipts!!!
what am i gonna do with THREE receipts?!?

but the waitress was nice :)

review_stars 05/03/2010 - Suzi Bumbera
I've waited for this diner to open and am very pleased!
I went on opening day and the food,service, and prices are beyond expectation .I'll be back again!

review_stars 05/03/2010 - Vicki Snyder
Ate here today. Beautiful decor!! Fun place. Large menu. Great baked goods. definitely will go back.

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