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127 Dorrance St
Providence, RI 02903 (Map & Directions)
Phone: (401) 421-7200


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Top Reviews of Sidebar Bistro

3.5 stars - Based on 51 reviews

review_stars 06/20/2014 - JZR
This place is slowly changing with a new chef that completely cleaned and refreshed all the menus.
Fresh awesome food!

review_stars 12/29/2011 - William Ringgold
To the owner of Side Bar Bistro
From William Ringgold

On 12/28/2011 I had dinner at your establishment. When I first entered, I was impressed with the way that it was decorated. Loved your choice of furniture especially the chairs. When I looked at the menu I was disappointed. I had a difficult time trying to find some thing that I wanted to eat. Most of the items on the menu board me. I cannot figure why anyone with good taste would offer meat loaf as an entre in a menu. I found a sea food dish that I thought that I might like but at the end of the description it stated that it was served with tomato sauce of some sort. That stopped me from ordering that item, because I do not like tomato sauce with sea food. The other seafood dish was disappointing as well I was not in the mood for salmon. So I settled for one of the nightly specials, fish and chips. When I tasted the fish, I could immediately taste that It was not fresh, it was frozen breaded, it tasted like fish sticks that some people buy at the supermarket, it was horrible. The Cajun tarter sauce had no Cajun flavor.The Calamari appetizer was ok but there was no dipping sauce and it was a bit greasy. The Caesar Salad portion was small in comparison to the Calamari portion, the grilled chicken was good but the dressing was bland. We were also overcharged for the salad w/chicken, but that was corrected.

review_stars 09/12/2011 - Max and Kylie
food was amazing, service was great..most of all the entertainment superb!! two guys- Michael Thurber and David Sackel (sp?) performing. THATS the entertainment that Providence needs more of.. complete Downcity experience without refinancing the house. Will be back soon- NYC is home now.

review_stars 07/20/2011 - Roberta
The same thing happened to me ...went and there was a lock on the gate. As I walked away a friend of the owner said they were closed for vacation. So I went the following week and enjoyed the meatballs!! I heard people speak very highly about them and let me tell you they were out of this world!! And my waitress was great!!

review_stars 07/12/2011 - Lois
Went there Saturday night and there was a lock and chain on the door. What's going on?

review_stars 07/12/2011 - Naomi
Went there Saturday night expecting to have dinner and there was a gate with a lock and chain across the entrance and totally dark inside. Not even a sign on the door giving any information. I had a certificate so what is going to be up with that! Not a good move for this restaurant.

review_stars 06/03/2011 - Margaret M.
Had dinner with my boyfriend and it was great. The music was incredible. I had an Italian sandwich pizza (yummy) and a martini recommended by the bartender that was made with Basil, my boyfriend had Shrimp scampi which i tasted and was absolutely out of this world. The bartender was charming and polite. I asked him if i could speak to the chef about the great food and he got right on it. The chef was very nice and well spoken for an intimidating big guy. Between the food, music and nice staff We can't wait to go back.

review_stars 04/05/2011 - Deb
We love the food, service and atmosphere at the Side Bar for dinner! great grilled chicken and pasta, seafood medley, beef and fresh veggies, they are very eager to please. Our friends had some wonderful martini's and desert! An adorable place to meet friends and family and then stay for music! One of my favorite places to go in Providence RI

review_stars 02/14/2011 - Andy
I went with a few friends and was very disappointed. The waitstaff was terrible and didnt know what menue to use. We ordered the pizza and also a platter. Very cheap meat and the wings were frozen wings and all breaded with hardly any meat. If it wasnt for the band, our night would have really sucked. I recommend going to the club for the music, jsut make sure you eat first.

review_stars 02/05/2011 - Bob
We were there with another couple on a Friday night. The band was terrific and the atmosphere very nice, like a jazz club.
We had a pizza that was extremely unremarkable. I was drinking scotch and my friend was drinking old fashions. All of the drinks were extremely stingy pours and over priced. I'd only go back there to hear that band again.

review_stars 12/16/2010 - Lauren M.
We stopped into Sidebar recently for dinner and found it surprisingly good. The live music was kind of loud but tolerable. The drinks where on the weak side so my husband and I switched to beer and wine. Our food was actually amazing I had a chicken Marsala and my husband had some seafood pasta, which he enjoyed because it was spicy. Our waitress was nice and friendly but she constantly kept playing with her hair. My only tiff about the establishment was when i went to the restroom and saw the disgusting picture on the wall. So inappropriate. All in all a decent night out. We will return, just lose the pictures in the restroom.

review_stars 12/15/2010 - Staci
Despite hearing terrible things about this place, I went with a friend to check out the live music. I must say I had a GREAT time! However, I can see why people rate the staff and the food negatively.

review_stars 11/28/2010 - Jaye
I read all these reviews and I think the person who dissed this restaurant is one person! Thoroughly enjoyable....fabulous jazz group, Shane Wood Trio, and lovely staff Very accommodating! I will be back!!

review_stars 11/05/2010 - ginny
Four of us went to the Sidebar Bistro last night to hear the muscial group Tevellus--They were great, and so was the service and the food!! Highly recommend....

review_stars 11/03/2010 - Amanda R
I used to work downtown and would visit sidebar weekly before work for a drink and bite to eat. Since the new management has taken over, everything has gone downhill. Their blockparties are awful, my friend got mugged after leaving one, the staff is absolutely awful. extremely rude.I went in with a few of my friends during a jazz band. We were the only people there, and we had gift certificates. We were ignored for almost 15 minutes then were told we couldn't use the gift cards cause it was a "club night". Mind you there were no restrictions or times listed on the gift card. after being told this we watched the MANAGER and BAR STAFF talk about us behind the bar...i work in the service industry and I will NEVER go to sidebar bistro again- or recommend it to anyone!!! EVER!

review_stars 10/16/2010 - Cathryn
After reading all these reviews and seeing pretty much 1 star or 4-5 star, I can only figure that the 1-star reviewers have a vendetta going against the owner. I'm with the 4-5 star reviewers - I've been there about 10 times and the live music is great, the food has never been terrible and the service is decent. May I suggest if you don't like the meatballs try the calamari with a glass of wine.

review_stars 09/19/2010 - Jackie
I'm new to the area(as of August) and ate at the Sidebar for the first time last week. I live the next street over and it seemed convinient. Our waitress was downright rude and was dressed like a stripper. The food was even worse(raw chicken and a salad with old produce) and the place smelled like old cigarettes. After telling some coworkers of mine that I ate there, they all told me the place has a bad reputation. They serve minors, have had many issues with the law, and is infested with rodents. STAY AWAY!!!!

review_stars 09/14/2010 - Will Never Step Foot in SIDEBAR Again!
This place is terrible. Worst staff in history. I called Friday to see what time they opened and no one answered the phone. We decided to head on over there anyways for a early lunch and when we arrived I mentioned to the waitress that I was calling but there was no answer and she replied "We cant do everything at once!" We walked right out and went upstaires to the ASIAN BISTRO...Which may I add is AMAZING!

review_stars 09/04/2010 - jonathan
this place is terrible...nasty pit in a basement..i think i even seen the owner even doin so passs last great way to still from this state..white pass lawyer..

review_stars 08/05/2010 - Laurie
I heard Mike Tanaka was playing @ Sidebar last night since I use to check them out at Blackstone until they ended it i figured I would go see them @ Sidebar. My first time there and I was impressed....very cozy and intimate!! The music of course was great. And the food was very good as well. Come to find out they have music almost everyday!! I will be back for sure!!

review_stars 07/06/2010 - jordan
I'm not sure why anyone eats at this pit. I used to go to Meatball Monday on a regular basis only to hang out with friends never to eat those meatballs. It's actually the running joke amongst the regulars but they actually feel too bad to tell the owner because he reaves about them. The drinks are weak, the place is dirty, the service even worse and the food is the worst of any full service restaurant downtown.

review_stars 07/02/2010 - Donna
They answer the phone on a Friday at noon but say they are closed. Whatz up with this place?

review_stars 06/18/2010 - Justin (J&W)
This restaurant was so bad..The owner cant even work my case because his money hungry..The Meatballs taste like 2 weeks old.Drinks are weak and their waitresses look like they want to kill somebody. OMG NOT A GOOD PLACE AT ALL DUDE.

review_stars 05/17/2010 - heather
this place is terrible. customer service and even their lawyers...

review_stars 04/26/2010 - Billy
The meatballs are addicting!!

review_stars 03/26/2010 - Mark
Nice quiet place, Food just ok, not worth the price. Will not go again

review_stars 03/13/2010 - mariann walsh
i went to sidebar not knowing what to's a basement full of gold.the waitstafff lauren was very intund with the dinner was GREAT.the sevice was on the spot.jennifer thr manager was reseptive and attentive.i have dinner out frequenly and would deffinitely recomend thid restaurant to anyone looking for a new place to go.

review_stars 12/29/2009 - Chris
We stopped at Sidebar & Grill en-route from Newport back home to Connecticut on a Sunday in early December. We were fortunate enough to run in to a performance by Nicholas King and Mike Renzi performing Jazz. What a joy to listen to such talented performers. In particular, we were very impressed by Nicholas - not only a tremendous singer, but also an amazing entertainer with a phenomenal ability to connect with his audience and engage them thoroughly. We'll be watching for Nicholas'' next performance date and will be there to enjoy!

review_stars 12/11/2009 - Jenn
I went to Sidebar last week after being told by a friend that its a nice place, and I will not be going again. We were there about 20 minutes tops. The drinks were terrible, I never knew a bartender can mess up a cosmo so badly. Go to 10Steak & Sushi up the street instead. Wayyyyyyy better drinks and better atmosphere for the SAME price.

review_stars 08/18/2009 - Pat Berry
FABULOUS!!. Jennifer the manager couldn't be nicer and more personable. The food (Chicken Franchises) DELICIOUS and the music, (well it is hard to believe we have the priviledge of seeing such talented local performers.. I have been three times, twice on a Thursday evening and i am telling everyone to go and enjoy a very special place. I personally hope to get back there real soon.

review_stars 08/16/2009 - Denise
My friends and I were looking for jazz and someone said that Sidebar has the best jazz on Fridays and Saturdays so we decided to check it out on Friday. What a surprise!!! There was Mike Renzi and Nicholas King 17yrs old performing. They were unbelievable..The place was packed and the food was excellent we piratically ate the plate itself. And a 3 course meal for 19.99 you would think the portion would be small well we were wrong we even brought home a doggie bag.. The atmosphere was very cozy and the staff was very nice and pleasant.WILL BE BACK FOR SURE!!

review_stars 06/22/2009 - Sam
Buddy Cianci???! Who the hell wants to talk to him... people run away from him. This place is okay. Not Great... Not Terrible. Will not go again.. food was okay, but the drinks were soooo weak. DO NOT... I REPEAT DO NOT... plan on getting buzzed at this place.... The shots are VERY SMALL... and drinks are VERY VERY WEAK.

review_stars 04/21/2009 - FRANKY LOC
The SideBar On Meatball Monday Is The Greatest Place In RI To Go, I Drive Up From CT (WINDSOR) At Least Once Every Couple Of Months. Great Service,Good Staff,Excellant Food Besides The "Meatballs", I Even Got To Meet Buddie Cianci,What A Real Stand-Up Guy He Is,He Treated Me Like I Was An Old Friend And Bought Me & My Wife A Drink, The Whole Staff Was Very Accomadating And Friendly..I reccomend The Place Highly.

review_stars 04/12/2009 - MenuPix User
Went there on Friday night for the lounge/night club. It was nice that they had complimentary pizza and wings. However when my girlfriend and I bought shots they were the size of the measuring cap for children's cold medecine (probably about 2 teaspoons- not joking). We were astounded because we've never seen such a thing. But those were their shots, barely enough to wet the tongue. So I asked the bartender if I could buy a double shot and she said 'no we don't do that'..... before the night was over I saw her give a double shot to another person in a soda cup. Very displeased. The size of our shots was a joke.

review_stars 01/20/2009 - MenuPix User

review_stars 01/20/2009 - JJ

review_stars 09/30/2008 - MenuPix User
I went to sidebar after 6 months on a Monday meatball night and the service was horrible..The girls look like they had no clue what they were suppose to be doing.It took me at least 20 minutes to get a drink...The last time i went the service was great what happened sidebar????

review_stars 07/25/2008 - MenuPix User
I recently went to Sidebar after not having gone for over a year and the place looks nice. There is also better management now. The old manager Kate was a sweetheart, but a terrible manager. Sidebar seems to be more in order now.

review_stars 06/25/2008 - Frequent Dinner
My friends and I used to dine at Sidebar on the regular. After recent changes in management, we noticed the staff go way down. I love eating surrounded by beautiful people...however I do not enjoy when those beautiful people are wearing less than girls at the foxy lady! My mother was very disappointed when we stopped inviting her there... Food is great. Jim the Bartender is FABULOUS! The Russian girl is very polite and wonderful too. The rest, should learn to interact w/ their guests and stop doing so much god damn coke!

review_stars 05/21/2008 - jenny
great place

review_stars 03/03/2008 - Eric
What happened to Jim? He was the reason we went there.

review_stars 01/10/2008 - MenuPix User
My husband and I dined at this restaurant and we were very upset with the service. The food was good and the restaurant is romantic, but the staff is HORRIBLE! This is the ONLY restaurant where the staff is allowed to talk on their cell phones. My husband and I waited for almost 10 minutes while the young lady serving us finally brought our lemon wedges. This restaurant needs etiquette on how to service their PAYING costumers.

review_stars 12/11/2007 - Crystal
I ate here a few nights ago and the food was terrible! The staff was ok. Would not recommend to friends. The only good thing about the place was that it was empty. Now I could see why.

review_stars 10/19/2007 - Frank
Jim is so hot! All my buddies think he is the sweetest piece of candy in the place. We bring in lots of business because of Jim "hotbuns"

review_stars 09/25/2007 - Chris
Try Meatball Monday. Great meal.

review_stars 07/26/2007 - Diane
Jim is the bartender, really cute

review_stars 06/21/2007 - MenuPix User
Excellent Food! Staff is very friendly, very cozy atmosphere, discreet and pleasant for a first date. Top shelf liquor priced right. Highly Reccomended.

review_stars 06/21/2007 - MenuPix User
The Chef in this Restaurant used to work in a place where I had brought my family for years. He left that restaurant and that place closed down! I stumbled into him at the restaurant's parking lot. One phrase for the newcomers. "Penne in Vodka Sauce"

review_stars 06/21/2007 - MenuPix User
Crazy Cocktails, Largest Martini variety I have ever seen. Cute bartenders.

review_stars 06/19/2007 - phil
Great atmosphere. Food is outstanding. I fell into Monday Meatball night and it was like mama used to make. Excellent and diverse menu,

review_stars 06/11/2007 - Alan
Very cozy bar with a great menu. Pizza, sandwiches, entrees are all great. Can't beat the prices for downtown. Excellent bartender, Jim, who always makes it very enjoyable.

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