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Reviews for Sakura Asian Bistro & Sushi Bar

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review_stars 01/05/2014 - Allie W
The food was okay but the service was awful. If you want to be overcharged and argued with then this is your place. The waitstaff could barely speak English. The bill was all messed up they didn't apply the gift certificate correctly. They charged a 18% gratuity on top of the total bill not the total bill minus the gift certificate. They took our receipt and wrote all over it and gave us three different amounts that were due and none were correct. The waitress stated that they always add 18% gratuity to all gift certificates even though it was not on the website nor disclosed. The waitress was rude and unable to give us a new receipt with a corrected amount she hand wrote the balance on an existing receipt which was still incorrect. Bill was 51.46 after a $25 gift certificate it was 38$ (you do the math) when we told her that there was an error in her math she became rude They then asked for somebody at another table who was eating dinner to help calculate the total of our bill. How absolutely embarrassing that a complete stranger needed to help them with the total. He then came to our table to apologize and tried to assist when he pointed out that our math was correct. He was pulled away from his own meal with his wife to do their job. We will never be going back to this restaurant. I would recommend no one going back unless you want to be over charged.

review_stars 01/20/2013 - J Johnson
This was the worst restaurant experience I have had in a long time. The waiter was extremely rude. One of my coworkers we were meeting was running late and he did not ask us if we wanted to order or needed anything while we waited. He made us feel like we did not belong there and he did not want us there. We were using a certificate that the waiter was not thrilled we were using. The certificate required that you purchase $37.50 in food and receive $25 off. However, when we received the bill he took $10 off and had an extra drink(alcoholic drink) added. When we addressed the issue with him he removed the drink however the bill was still incorrect. He tried to manually calculate it instead of putting it in the computer. The bill came to $54 which he charged tax and 18% gratuity on and then took $25 off. So $54.00+4.86 tax then took 18% gratuity(on a party of 4) $10.60 so $35.46 give or take a few pennies. When we asked to speak with the manager, he stated he was the manager. Also when the waitress(not waiter) brought us our food she reached over 3 people instead of going to the end of the table to deliver and spilled oil from the sesame chicken in my co workers $469 coach bag. She got a towel and blotted the outside of the bag(not apologizing) and took the rag and said thats good. When my co worker said its not just on the outside, it's inside my bag , and asked for the rag the lady said I got it all but okay. This was the worst experience I have had in a long time. It was like they did not want us there. Instead of arguing I just took the check and wrote and commented on any and every site in hopes that people will not waste there money.

review_stars 12/17/2011 - Average Joe
First off when my girlfriend and I walked in to the place at 4pm on a Friday afternoon there was one other couple.Place was empty. Greeter greeted us nice and showed us our table. Very Clean and up to date resturant!
Once our server came to table, the atmosphere changed. She was unfriendly and rude when asked for a Bud Light(on menu) they didnt have. When ordering I asked for fried calamary then she quickly responded they didnt have!! The funny thing is that when soup came to table I asked for Wasabi and she once again said that THEY DIDNT HAVE!!! R U F-ING KINDING ME!!! A "Japanese resturant that dosent serve wasabi".
Other then that the food was Descent but nothing much more to come back for!! I enjoy good service as well as good food.
I would not recommend this resturant to anyone!

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