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3.8 stars - Based on 25 reviews
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review_stars 11/24/2019 - MenuPix User

review_stars 11/16/2019 - MenuPix User
The best fish spot and plenty of food!

review_stars 08/17/2019 - Virginia Tilton
The best fish camp ever. We just don' like their slaw, they changed it. it use to be good. Now I get a extra tarter sauce in stead of the slaw. But other than that, We have no complant's

review_stars 01/18/2019 - MenuPix User
Best pearch in town

review_stars 09/05/2018 - Schultz
Not happy with how my elderly mother was treated AND overcharged. She ask for the senior plate, Flounder filet with shrimp lightly cooked...and a side order of hush puppies. Instead of the 7.45 senior plate and a 1.50 extra side of hush puppies she was told they do not have a senior plate and this is what she gets.. burnt hard shrimp that she nor anybody could possibly chew and a meal that cost her 18.74... why??? I seriously want to know why she was treated poorly and why she was charged so much???

review_stars 06/23/2018 - MenuPix User
Use to love eating there,but fish to go sux,I know they have plenty of business,but fish and baked potato is gummy,they need to let it cool before they close it up in that bag,Go to Cottons fish in Lincolnton,great crispy catfish and shrimp.

review_stars 10/03/2015 - Kelly
The very best seafood in Gaston County! To the comment about HIV..... It takes 3-12 weeks for HIV to even be present in your blood. Your clearly already had the disease and are blaming something like that on a restaurant. Luckilly most people are smarter than you and realize this is not true and that you clearly have a problem with LongCreek. Seriously come up with a better one!

review_stars 08/13/2015 - Joe
I have always received good food from them. We get it to go and take it back to work. I ordered boiled green shrimp and it was very mushy. I threw it in the dumpster. I called to see if they would give me a refund, they said not without me fishing it out of the dumpster and bringing it back. That's no way to treat a loyal customer. As far as being the best in Gaston County, I used to think that, but not anymore.

review_stars 07/08/2015 - Christina A.
Lots and lots of food for the money!

review_stars 05/20/2015 - Annie
This is our favorite fish camp in Gaston County. We have 4 within 1 mile of our house, and we drive 10 miles to go to Long Creek at least once a week. I think it is better now, than it was several years ago. If you have not tried it lately, give them a shot. Yes, it does get crowded and sometimes parking is difficult, but doesn't that tell you it is a great place to eat? Always more food than you can eat at one sitting! We LOVE, LOVE, LOVE Long Creek (and Morgan)!
P.S. - I don't understand all the fuss about their prices, they are the same if not cheaper than most in this area!

review_stars 06/12/2014 - Shelley
First off I have to say something to( deborah lancaster posted on 05/03/2014). Deborah u must have already had HIV cause u cant get it like that & also it takes at least 6mos for an accurate test to be done..Ok with that being said..Long Creek is the best fish camp around..I have been to several other fish camps & I always come back to Long Creek..The staff & the owner r the best around...;)

review_stars 05/03/2014 - deborah lancaster
I hate to put my business out there but just to make sure no one else or KIDS go through what I have been through.

My Family goes to long creek for years every Friday Night. Well one night I ordered the Shrimp combo Plate has always LOVED there food Until I got my order one night I never notice it until I had gotten half way through my plate there was a Used Bloody Band Aid in my food I had told the waitress plus I do have Pictures to proof this has happen to show the owner. The Owner never apologize about the incident Plus told me I still had to pay for the order since I placed the order.

Well That's not the BAD PART. That night and ALL DAY the next day I notice I was feeling sick to my stomach so I went to the hospital
I have never had any health problems in my life I am 34 Years Old good Health. Well after blood work at the hospital I NOW HAVE HIV do to this incident that happen. Now I have to suffer with this because of an careless employer not wearing gloves with a cut.

Please BEWARE I would hate if this happened to a child.

review_stars 10/18/2013 - rayd8njen
The shrimp jammers are awesome! A lot of food at a great price. Kids love eating here, and we always take food home.

review_stars 06/25/2013 - jeeter long
the only reason i aint givin another star is because no matter how many times i ask they wont give me any cocktail sauce in my to go orders!!!

review_stars 02/17/2013 - Tammie
We went and picked up an order to go with Flounder & Jumbo Shrimp... The total almost $17. We got 3 pieces of fish and a handful of shrimp, the baked potatoe was very small... Called back to see how much you were suppose to get and the little boy was very rude. When I asked his name he hung up on me. I called back and he said his name didn't matter... We have always liked this place, but when they go down on quanity and up on price, it makes one rethink where they will order fish again, IT WON'T BE LONGCREEK... I will call the manager back tomorrow and report how rude the little guy was that answered the phone... So here's your free advertisement and thanks for nothing...

review_stars 02/17/2013 - Withheld
well if he keeps being rude, they won't have to worry about hanging up the phone on people, because it will not ring. I used to think the food was good too but the prices for what you get is outrageous.

review_stars 07/11/2012 - Kay York & Rob Downey
I agree , Why go to a fish camp when you want steakm be for real!! Long Creek is the best, ever always get way more than expected, hush puppies and tartar sauce are to die for, really the shrimp and scallops even chicken tenders are super fantastic.. we usually order a Small mixed plate and have more than we need to split, but keep it coming Long Creek....

review_stars 05/26/2012 - sonny
Eat there with my son and my wife and my sons girlfriend and her son. ordered combo plate as did they and we had to take more home than we ate. The fish and shrimp was great.

review_stars 09/18/2011 - jc
what kind of idiot orders a steak at a fish camp?
bet she goes to a steak house and bitches about the chicken!

long creek has the best oysters, perch, and flounder in town.

review_stars 06/07/2011 - Carver
Two words: Perch BANGINNN!!!!!!

review_stars 04/23/2011 - Dale
Best fish in Gastonia. Parking not so great.
If I were going to eat steak, I would go to a steak house.

review_stars 04/22/2011 - TroyNdallas
Had a very bad experience here. Ordered a 10 oz steak and after 1 hour of waiting, still nothing! When I arrived, there were 4 tables being used, MAX! So they weren't busy! Then my wife and I noticed people coming in, ordering, eating and leaving and I still hadn't gotten our food!!! And each time I asked about it, all I was told was 'It's on the grill now?'...I even asked if the grill was 'ON'?!! Needless to say, I confronted the manager, a funny little old man in a hat too big for his head and he could care less! He tried to give me the excuse that they've been really busy but, like I said, 4 tables MAX!! So that shot his story to pieces!! Was trying to find another place to eat twice a month with my church group but now I will not be back!! RIVERSIDE FISH CAMP will get our business from now on!!!

review_stars 04/02/2011 - Rita
The food is beyond fabulous! I could eat there EVERY DAY!

review_stars 01/16/2010 - Jessica
This place is the best one around ! SO amazing...and if you order a small its a huge to most places ! LOVE IT worth the wait everytime and the customer service there is like if you where family

review_stars 11/11/2009 - David
This is by far the best fish camp in Gaston County! Yeah, a little crowded sometimes but it is awesome.

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