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608 Roosevelt Rd
Walkerton, IN 46574 (Map & Directions)
Phone: (574) 586-7708
Cuisine: Italian, Pizza, Subs, Sandwiches
Neighborhood: Walkerton

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Top Reviews of Memory's Pizza

review_stars 03/02/2018 - Victoria
Ok so wow I read th reviews on here and just wow! They have AMAZING pizza and I would know as I worked at a pizza parlor myself before and I’m not referring to a Pizza Hut or any other chain pizza restaurant. I’m not a big fan of the breadsticks, could use a bit more but the pizza and the garlic butter you receive with them is outstanding. I live a block away and I am very happy to be this close to one of the best pizza parlors I’ve ever been to. The owner seems so kind and caring, what was said was taken out of context and further more some ones religious believes , is just that SOMEONE ELSES! I’m sure most of you would sit behind this screen and attack innocent people and say you do not “discriminate “ but you are, just because someone else’s beliefs are not your own does not mean you can attack them. I don’t go and say horrible things about atheists, Muslims, no religion because what THEY choose is what THEY choose. If your a god loving person as most of your comments lead to believe , then you yourself are going against God. I’ve been to this establishment, they have a prayer board even! Do not leave bad reviews because you don’t like someone else’s views on things, grow up. Keep up the amazing work memories pizza!!! I will keep coming in for my bacon pineapple pizzas and Superman ice cream 💪🏻

review_stars 04/12/2015 - Mark The Phone Guy
I stopped by there on the way from Illinois to my home in Bristol for three reasons. One, purchase a couple of pizzas for my family, I did, and they were great. They truly were. Two, to support the family for their decisions and beliefs. Three, in all honesty I was hoping to run into a militant liberal George Soros type protestor to give me a hard time so that I could take him, her, them since I don't discriminate, into the alley and use as punching bags, but there were none so I ended up talking with the nicest people from both the parlor and customers. The place was packed, and the owners busier than busy with authentic business customers. God bless them, I wish them much success and I intend to stop by again.

review_stars 04/09/2015 - Alan B
My brother-in-law and I went there today to support the O'Connor family and their religious beliefs.

review_stars 04/08/2015 - Tj
I support you and your decission

review_stars 04/06/2015 - Rick
Awesome. I'll be making the pilgrimage out to Memories when they open for some First Amendment Pizza with a side order of Liberal Tears. Liberal Tears are delectably sweet.

review_stars 04/06/2015 - Nova
Just wanted to say I disagree with your believes, however I support them fully. You are doing no harm in saying that you would not cater a gay wedding. You would not be doing any harm if you refused to cater a gay wedding.

review_stars 04/06/2015 - Javier Delgado
"Give unto Caesar what belongs to Caesar and give unto god what belongs to him."
Will christians ever stop mixing faith and commerce?
A pizza parlor is no place for religious bigotry like a church is no place for pizza.
Grow some balls, realize you've been misguided and stop pretending at righteousness when you spit in the face of humanity. What a disaster your faith has made of the world..
Shame on all of it. ..

review_stars 04/06/2015 - Jack
WOW! I Didn't even know there was a Pizza Place in Walkerton! I live in Hanna and am always searching for a good pie! Are you open this weekend? ………….

review_stars 04/05/2015 - Linda
I feel bad for you - I respect your opinion. The gays I know would never be so hateful. God Bless you, and Happy Easter!

review_stars 04/04/2015 - SoRight2Bght
I love the pizza and cant wait for the morons to move on to the next crisis of the day. These are great people who never did anything wrong to anyone. Hopefully those that are coming to their defense shows how little the unmoral minority really matter.
Bottom line, two people of same sex want to get married, leave them be, somebody chooses not o serve to people of same (or different sex) leave them be, that's the good part about FREEDOM.

Finally, people should stop letting themselves be distracted by stunts such as these and start expecting our government to start addressing the real threat of foreign policy issues. One day gays being served pizzas will not matter when they are getting their heads lobbed off by the real threats this country is ignoring.

review_stars 04/04/2015 - Randy
Real Americans stand up for what is right. Great job memories pizza! When you open back up l'll be down to eat and support REAL americans. God loves everyone but the wicked will destroy themselves. Woa to those who call good evil and evil good!

review_stars 04/04/2015 - Lucy
I am a gay women. They behavior of the so called community leaves me so sad. "I reserve the right to not serve"
So many places accept our business why do we/you have to trample on a others religious rights.

review_stars 04/04/2015 - greg daniel
I support you guys 100% !!!! You are not bigots , you are honest hard working good people. The intolerance of the bigoted lgb community needs wisdom!!!

review_stars 04/04/2015 - Crunch
This weeks events displayed two things--1) The behavior of the LGBT community proves exactly why Indiana and most states need a law protecting and affirming an individual Christian's and people of faith's right not only to profess their religious beliefs but also the need to prevent the LGBT Community and anyone else that wants to force their agenda and beliefs on to others by persecuting, harassing and suing people of faith for having the audacity to practice their religion. The fact that the LBGT Community is not targeting Moslems in Indiana and other states for refusing to make cakes or provide other services proves they are not only discriminating against Christians but they are seeking to destroy the livelihoods of Christians. Look whose calling the kettle Black. Now who are the bully's and bigots? 2) Thank you to Memory Pizza for displaying to the world your genuine faith. These verses come to mind "the Lord is my rock and my fortress, and my deliverer, the God of my rock in him will I trust. Psalms 22-2,3. He said of the Godly, he shall not be afraid of evil tidings, his heart is fixed, trusting in The Lord. Psalm 112:7. Thank you for shining as lights in this dark world. You have encouraged us all to take a bold stand for The Lord, overcome our fears and reaffirm our rights under the First Amendment of our Constitution. When the 40 million evangelicals wake up, pray and take action as they did to support you God promises to heal our land and we will wake up from this nightmare to a different and more Godly America. Thank you for showing us the way of love and truth. Your sister in Christ. Crunch.

review_stars 04/04/2015 - Religious bigot
No thanks for your pizza. God wants you to be CLOSED forever. Keep your bigotry to yourself and never voice your opinion again. Your suppliers have been notified of your stupidity.

review_stars 04/04/2015 - jim
@ Go fund me... You mise well set up donations for the kkk. Nobody listen to their ignornant ass views either!
All Thees people who support this restaurant are devil worshippers who think they are following the Lord. They will ALL burn in hell when it's time pay for their heart's full of hate and discrimination of gods people. . You will find out
You know what the bible is full of .... war! And you better be damn ready for that if you open your doors again

review_stars 04/04/2015 - lylah
With all the hate and discrimination in heart's of these Christian who let their big ugly hateful mouths do ignorant ass babbling and can't figure out why people can't stand such disgusting despicable human beings. After hearing their views.... ANYONE & EVERYONE should be DOWN RIGHT ASHAMED to be a Christian! Pathetic people!
I'm not gay and I'm a believer of good. And everything in my heart God tells me Christians are dead wrong in this case. They'll face the day and learn from God that their hate and discrimination and support of evil will never accepted by God

review_stars 04/03/2015 - JW
What an ugly hate filled dump. Pizza served with bigotry. No thanks. Glad you closed. Now you can join the Klu Klux Klan and spread more hate.

review_stars 04/03/2015 - John
I hate you. I absolutely hate you. Phony ass bible garbage chrixtians. May you rot in hell where you belong.

review_stars 04/03/2015 - Patti Haugan
I haven't ever been to Indiana but my heart goes out to you. Any time you stand up for God and His word is the right thing to do. You chose to not be like Peter and deny God. So many people use and quote scriptures they want to fit their choices but they choose not to read ALL of Gods words. I am so tired of hearing my Savior Lord God, the one and only being crucified over and over again. We Christians are discriminated against. And your experience is a perfect example of that. I pray for God to Bless you and your family always.

review_stars 04/03/2015 - Patti Haugan
I haven't ever been to Indiana but my heart goes out to you. Any time you stand up for God and His word is the right thing to do. You chose to not be like Peter and deny God. So many people use and quote scriptures they want to fit their choices but they choose not to read ALL of Gods words. I am so tired of hearing my Savior Lord God, the one and only being crucified over and over again. We Christians are discriminated against. And your experience is a perfect example of that. I pray for God to Bless you and your family always.

review_stars 04/03/2015 - H. Dean
Nice Folks, good Pizza

review_stars 04/03/2015 - Lee
May the blessing of the Lord be upon you. We bless you in the name of the Lord. Do not fear the haters, the Lord is with you.

review_stars 04/03/2015 - Troy
Jesus Christ will bless them for you standing firm on their principles. Jesus was brought back to life and so will Memory's Pizza. God bless everyone on this blog... especially the one that hate us..

review_stars 04/03/2015 - Fellow believers in Christ
Just want you know that we are proud of your courage and standing firm for your beliefs and values. And on this
Good Friday, you are being lifted up in prayer and your actions do glorify the Lord. The bible is clear about sin.

review_stars 04/03/2015 - David
Just a quick message giving you my support. Would love to come and visit your place soon. Perhaps someone will call for a day of support at your place just to let you know there are many that side with your feelings. Stay strong and hold to your beliefs.

review_stars 04/02/2015 - Laura
I stand by you!! Hang in there. Praying for you and your business!
God Bless!

review_stars 04/02/2015 - MI C
you go memories....millions of Christians are with you, so many folks full of sin trying to make it normal which it never will be. praying for you and our country, stay the course

review_stars 04/02/2015 - Tim jackson
Lay off these folks lefties. They are trying to run an honest business.

I will buy one pizza per week just to keep these folks viable!

review_stars 04/02/2015 - ++++++++
Praying for you. You have a right not to participate in a ceremony that you don't believe in. I hope this dies down and you can open again.

review_stars 04/02/2015 - Jeff
I am a business owner here in Ohio and under Ohio's law which states that "This business has the right to refuse service to anyone." This current law allows me to refuse service to anyone I don't want to serve. I will refuse to serve anyone that violates my beliefs against any LGBT that openly this way.

review_stars 04/02/2015 - marie solesby
wonderful pizza

review_stars 04/02/2015 - Christian
God bless you for your courage in such a hateful, anti-Christian, corrupt world. Satan certainly has his hold on all the "1 star" reviewers.

review_stars 04/02/2015 - Sue
Ran by disgusting people who discriminate. They need to be out of busines!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! Hope you receive as much discrimination as you have dished out!!!!!!!! PATHETIC & SCARED OWNERS WHO ARE EXTREMELY CLosed minded and should NOT own a business for the public!!!!!!!!!!!! Sickening so called religious people can support such hatred!!!!!!

review_stars 04/02/2015 - Diego Martinez
Stupid is as Stupid does. How stupid can you be? First of all gays wouldn't serve pizza to their guest at their wedding so to say anything at all is just the dumbest thing you could have done. Your not Christian if you truly believe it is your Christian right to spread such hatred for no reason at all. Imagine the young people you are influencing with your hate! I wish I was close enough to ignite something you know very little about. LOVE!Someone with LOVE in their heart would not do something so full of hatred and just plain stupid. All of this could have been prevented. I pray for you to find LOVE instead of hatred in your heart. My suggestion to you is to apologize for your stupidity and spread some LOVE around if you can find even a little of it in your heart.

review_stars 04/02/2015 - uncleskull
Wish I lived nearby so I could order pizzas from you. I understand and support your position. Be well. God bless.

review_stars 04/02/2015 - lika
Well God obviously didn't bless this O'conner family with looks or smarts

review_stars 04/02/2015 - t
Well their business is shut down now, they can sit on the internet all day and write good reviews on their restaurant

review_stars 04/02/2015 - Gavin
You Should be ashamed of your self's and then having the nerve to have a go fund me to raise money. This has scam written all over it

review_stars 04/02/2015 - Lamar Bronson
Our LORD bless you in your choice to honor HIM. I am praying for our LORD's Peace and Strength upon you.
I am reminded of Joseph's words to his brothers, "What was meant for harm, the LORD used for good."

I live in nw VA; my son live-in IN; if near your business, we certainly will give you business!

"Thank YOU FATHER GOD, for YOUR Favor upon this family and their business. Anoint them in YOUR Peace and Strength anew. In the Name of JESUS CHRIST. Amen."


review_stars 04/02/2015 - Mary
Hang in there. Just don't forget: greater is in you than in the world. Praying for you. We all knew this would be coming eventually.
I'll buy a few pizza if it would help at all to keep you going. You don't have to worry about delivery, I'm a few states over.

review_stars 04/02/2015 - Fred
I get a charge out of the fact that they would refuse to serve pizzas for a gay wedding. That's laughable because no respectable gay couple would even consider serving pizza to their wedding guests. You are unbelievable !

review_stars 04/02/2015 - john p
Excellent pizza served by a friendly and courteous staff. Reasonable prices and a homey small town feel. I'll reurn in May, when business takes me that way again.

review_stars 04/02/2015 - Tony
Keep up the good fight, you are in our prayers. We are all under attack only because of what we believe.
God bless you and your family.

review_stars 04/02/2015 - Tony
Stay away from this place. I was sick for 3 days.

review_stars 04/02/2015 - Robert Chew
As a Christian I support Memory Pizza, how sad that the Leftist as so intolerant that they seek to subject any and everyone that doesn't support their agenda. I support the RFRA and if intelligent people would read and understand it the bill does not discriminate against gays. Far to many people don;t stand up for what they believe in so I salute Memory Pizza.

review_stars 04/02/2015 - Steve Shuff
Good job Memories!

Why does the LGBT community think that anyone not gay is a racist? If a private business does not want to sell their product at a LGBT what. They have their beliefs, leave these good people alone.

review_stars 04/02/2015 - Tim
The people out there saying all this vile stuff are the same people that preach freedom of speech and tolerance need to remember the side you stand on were once the same people that got this type of treatment and I am sure you did not feel safe or that your side was getting the respect it deserved. You also had your voices shut down. I remember not long ago homosexuals were petrified to come out of the quote "closet". Now that the world is more tolerant and you can feel safe coming out. You are now the ones giving the same treatment to the religious that you received for so many years. Just because you believe you have a right to be gay does not mean the rest of us have to believe the same thing you do. That's the great thing about America everyone has the right to believe what they want. I am sure you would not be to happy if the rest of us shut you down and never let you have your view and threaten to kill you at this day and time. But it does not happen. If you want to protest something protest the Muslims that believe homosexuals should stoned or thrown from the tops of tall buildings. I do not hear you yelling and threatening to protest or shut down Muslim businesses or mosques for there beliefs. At least be consistent in your protest and hatred for people not like your selves.

review_stars 04/02/2015 - ANTHONY
Who would chose to be gay?! I am gay because that is how I was CREATED! You cannot as a PUBLIC business refuse service to persons based on your beliefs. This is DISCRIMINATION!

review_stars 04/02/2015 - Bud
Standing up for what you believe. This county needs more Americans like you.

review_stars 04/02/2015 - PIZZA LOVER
way to go MEMORIES ..don't let these scumbag immoral types tell you how to believe ...people have been carrying on for CENTURIES the way you do and and if gays want to procreate w/ farm animals and tell everyone its right..U KNOW THE RIGHT WAY...GOD created man and woman to fit together a certain...and if these pedophiles cant understand that then they are DUMBER than I flying in TO THE AREA...AND I WILL STOP BY AND HAVE A FEW PIZZAS... THERE IS A REASON GOD DESTROYED SODOM AND GOMMORAH..GODS WRATH IS NEAR....

review_stars 04/02/2015 - Susan
Hang in there, Memory's! We are all praying for you!!

review_stars 04/02/2015 - joe
Do they sell frozen pizza and ship them out - I don't live nearby but feel
compelled to support your business and freedom of choice and freedom of religion!

review_stars 04/02/2015 - r. leidofl
Excellent Pizza ... I am sending money ... check in mail made out to Memory's Pizza .... all those who support freedom of religion ... lets make a stand ... send Memory's Pizza money. It will drive the left crazy and will keep the owners from loosing there lively hood. Lets get the donations up to 1 million dollars!

review_stars 04/02/2015 - JFC
Jesus cries a little every time a bigot posts something in support of this business of hate.

review_stars 04/02/2015 - good job
come easter sunday christ will be persucuted for his religous beliefs and like memories pizza will be resurrected by the rightous stay strong it takes courage to stand againts the haters

review_stars 04/02/2015 - Christina
I'm a Christian and I don't believe any of us should be passing judgement on one another it is not our job, I also believe that as a CHRISTIAN we should spread love not hate. So maybe everyone should worry about their own lifestyle choices.

review_stars 04/02/2015 - Ray Setter
Please stay open!
Don't give up!
This is still America!
As for the morons complaining, GROW UP!

review_stars 04/02/2015 - brian
we stand with you here in Texas..Gods with you and so are we..remember John 15;18-25 the world hates Christ first and then they go after and hate Gods people..God bless you folks

review_stars 04/02/2015 - Rick
I do not know these people but I gave a rating anyway. I am not surprised that so many people who do not know them as well have so many opinions about them based on what was presented on the news. The news folks NEVER slant stories to fit their own views . . . or do they ? I am reserving judgement

review_stars 04/02/2015 - Chris
I just stopped in here to see if this site listed Memory's as permanently closed like Yelp has already, but I had to comment that I was confronted with an ad for "Easter Fruitcake." Is that supposed to be some kind of joke, or just an unfortunate coincidence?

review_stars 04/02/2015 - JD
Great Pizza and Morals

review_stars 04/02/2015 - Sharon crane
Have never been there, but I'm hopingl to go there one day!!! God bless you for standing up for your freedom to believe what your faith teaches! may God prosper you!

review_stars 04/02/2015 - Stevie Deez
Hey Memories...I support you 100 percent, Stand your ground. Stink fags don't eat your kind of food anyway. They swallow sausage but, it's not the kind you put on pizza.

review_stars 04/02/2015 - Ann
Thank you for standing up for your beliefs. God is with you every step of the way. I pray that you are able to re-open soon. Stay strong.

review_stars 04/02/2015 - Dave
Patrons that posted comments in the past, have good things to say about your food and service.
My family and I would definitely stop to eat here.

review_stars 04/02/2015 - gary
I hope this has increased your faith in God. He loves you more than anyone on this earth. Hang in there and May He richly bless you.

review_stars 04/02/2015 - gary
I hope this has increased your faith in God. He loves you more than anyone on this earth. Hang in there and May He richly bless you.

review_stars 04/02/2015 - John
ALL gays, LGBT's, sluts and all others. You ungrateful people will be burning in the lake of fire and brimstone in 3015 in September on the first sliver of the new moon. You will all die in 2015 or 2016 along with 4 buillion people. From an ex-gay.

Christians. Shut down businesses and escape the death of America now because on the first sliver of the new moon in September begins D of the L. Wormwood arrives maybe on the 24th. Asteroid 2015 Aviv Moon Join Search 2014, 2015, 2016, 2017,Shemitah, Return of Yeshua Soon. Leviticus 25:8-10 is a contract that Yeshua has to fulfill. V. 8. 49th Shemitah Year. V. 9-10 Second Coming Jubilee year. Lev. 23:24ff will be fulfilled within the next 3 years.

I Thess 5:4-6

review_stars 04/02/2015 - Hb
Seriously ... who would want a pizza catered wedding?

review_stars 04/02/2015 - Crunch
Thank you for your love and bravery. The greater the rage and persecution against you, the greater will be your reward from The Lord for being found faithful. What would Jesus do? If Jesus were to make a cake for their wedding he would lovingly write on the top of it. , "Go and sin no more." Just as he said to the woman at the well with 5 husbands. He loved the sinners but was not afraid to confront their sinful and self destructive life styles. Jesus was not the wus and wimp that some people would like him to be. And that is what Jesus would do. Happy Easter! He is risen, he is risen indeed.

review_stars 04/01/2015 - MJC
Get their number and give them a call, and another call and another call after that. Waste every single moment of these hate mongerers lives.

review_stars 04/01/2015 - mark
boycott that hateful bible freaks drive them out of bussines

review_stars 04/01/2015 - D F
It is a shame that the fine folks of this small town no one in the rest of America ever heard of before one of their idiot children announced it was her family's right not to serve people according to their perceived sexual orientation, have so few dining options that they would ever have to settle for the garbage this establishment serves..

review_stars 04/01/2015 - Allen
Can I have an extra large bigot pie with a side of sanctimoniousness?

review_stars 04/01/2015 - Al
horrible pizza....waste of money

review_stars 04/01/2015 - Steve K
I ate supper there and got so sick afterwards I actually thought this was going to be "The Last Supper" my 12 friends and I would ever eat. I took to bed and thought I was dying but luckily 3 days later I was able to rise again. Eat here and it will be your cross to bear.

review_stars 04/01/2015 - Colleen
Your place in history is reserved beside the bus driver who told Rosa Parks to move, and all business owners who had a whites only section.

review_stars 04/01/2015 - Donald
Can I just ask a few quick questions. When did you decide to be heterosexual? When did you decide to be white? When did you decide to be left or right handed and when did you decide on the colour of your eyes? Hmm you probably didn't 'choose' any of those qualities did you? Well please understand this. Gay people do NOT choose to be gay. They are BORN that way. Living according to religious beliefs and discriminating against people on basis of a quality they didn't choose to have IS a choice - a very un-christian one.

review_stars 04/01/2015 - Robert Carter
Never ate here Never will. Discriminating anti christian BIGOTS!!!!!

review_stars 04/01/2015 - Niblick
I would give them 10 stars for standing up for American christian values agains a vocal but intellectually challenged minority of left wing secularists who probably have never even read our constitution but love to live under its freedoms. I will soon be making a substantial order to give to the local food bank or homeless. Its what good Christians who value Americanv values do. I urge all who believe as I do and the good people of Memories Pizza to do the same thing. We need to beat back thsee modern day Nazis and Fascists with support .

review_stars 04/01/2015 - Sherry
Why would any couple, especially a gay couple, have a pizza joint cater their wedding? Gay couples have better taste than to serve pizza to their wedding guests!

review_stars 04/01/2015 - Justin M.
Your pizza is the worst I have ever had.

review_stars 04/01/2015 - Jeff
The reviews here are supposed to be about the food. NOT your personal agenda(s) about how you feel about the owners' religious convictions. The way you're reviews are......who are the real HATERS here? And by ordering food for delivery, you are penalizing the delivery drivers too.

review_stars 04/01/2015 - Agatha
Yum yum..taste the hate.

review_stars 04/01/2015 - Katherine
I have not visited your establishment as I am a California resident. I do wish to let you know I am in full support of you choosing to conduct your business according to your Religious convictions. I believe our country is heading for damnation as people are living according to "political correctness", not morality. God bless you for standing up to your beliefs.

review_stars 04/01/2015 - JK in Florida
Couldnt be prouder of your family's stance and have sent some money to you for security officers. Please enforce the trespassing laws vigourously. Much more to come from all around the country. If you ever open a branch here in Florida we will gladly support you. In the meantime use the money any way you need. The more you stay in the news the more money well send...VERY WORTHY

review_stars 04/01/2015 - Brett
Awesome Pizza! The Best there is!

review_stars 04/01/2015 - Robert
This has got to be the best pizza east of the Mississippi!

I would love to see this false defamation happen in Russia. You wouldn't because they wouldn't allow it!

review_stars 04/01/2015 - Jesus

review_stars 04/01/2015 - Sue
Amazing Pizza! If you don't share their views, then DON'T GO THERE! Its called Freedom.!

review_stars 04/01/2015 - Roberto333
It is terrible what this young woman is doing, not just to the LGBT community but, to our country and, mostly to herself. What a pity that she doesn't recognize that hate is not Christian. Jesus ate with prostitutes and, washed the feet of lepers. He himself was an outcast and, he was treated like she is treating Gay people. I am gay but, I am going to pray for this woman because she is so misguided and, lost in life. I pity her and, I want her to meditate and, talk to God about why she carries the weight of hatred.

review_stars 04/01/2015 - joeB.
**** liberals and **** bible bashing mother *******. **** all you one star pieces of ****.

review_stars 04/01/2015 - Bunnie Adams
To the nice folks at Memory's Pizza. Even our Lord suffered at the hands of people who were lost. The people who are taunting you now will one day see their mistake and feel the rath of our maker, who by the way, did not make "gay people'. Our Lord made us in his image, he did not make these people gay, they chose this life. If I lived in your town I would eat pizza each day and buy ice cream.

I am proud of you and that you love our Lord.

Thank you for being such a good example for all of us.

review_stars 04/01/2015 - Cyndi
They don't discriminate. They serve everyone. Do you think they ask every customer if they are gay? This wouldn't even be an issue if some one hadn't gone into their shop and asked their opinion. They didn't lie, they told everyone how they felt. Just because they have certain beliefs you attack them. People are entitled to believe in any religion they want. So they pray before they open. Why does that bother you? This world would be a much better place if people were more tolerant of other people's beliefs. I personally don't believe in gay marriage. Does this mean I hate gay people? Certainly not.This is getting out of control.

review_stars 04/01/2015 - Bob
To all readers and authors of these comments, I would like to remind you that contrary to the so-called liberal version of "political correctness," we all, each and every one of us, have the right to our own opinion in all matters, whether considered controversial or not. Our revered Constitution protects these rights in the First Amendment. In the choice of our individual expressions of belief we have the right to support the owners of Memory's Pizza, or not to supports them; but for those who blaspheme the expression of their constitutional rights with hateful comments are worthy of thoughtful condemnation.

review_stars 04/01/2015 - Tim
I recommend the First Amendment Pizza. Tastes delicious and leaves you with a satisfied feeling! Pay no attention to the whiners here. I'm starting to see that homosexuality causes it's practitioners to revert back to childhood......the bullying spoiled type. I put them at approximately a Kindergarten level( a hitler construct by the way....interesting) Can they revert anymore? I'll bet they'll find a way!!

review_stars 04/01/2015 - john p
be strong be confident you have a good product and don't sacrifice your beliefs. why don't people understand
there are choices in life and consequences

review_stars 04/01/2015 - Craig
I thank God my son is not as hateful and closed minded as many of the comments above
Show you to be. My son also understands my belief that marriage is one man and one woman. We love each other and respect each others differences. Many of you have a lot to learn. Don't know if I will have the opportunity to have pizza here, but would be proud to do so.

review_stars 04/01/2015 - Bob
"Although I may disapprove of what you say, I will defend to the death your right to say it."
-- Paraphrased from Evelyn Beatrice Hall, although often attributed to Voltaire.)

review_stars 04/01/2015 - Joel Aaron
Hope your 2 star pizzeria closes it doors, going out of business soon. My gaydar went up when that STUPID ANNOUNCEMENT was made on national Television by that homely appearing woman . PEOPLE BOYCOTT BOYCOTT BOYCOTT BOYCOTT til these Bigots loose their business.

Hating on you ignorant people all the way from South Texas

God created man in his own image, you terrible prejudiced bigot people must have been at the end of the line!

Down with Memories Pizza!!!!

review_stars 04/01/2015 - Lewis Robertson
I stand beside you in your personnel decisions. Do not fear the minority of hateful Freaks!

review_stars 04/01/2015 - George

review_stars 04/01/2015 - Lewis
This Oregonian stands with you! LGBT is not a community, it"s a cesspool of hateful Freaks!!

review_stars 04/01/2015 - Jan
The pizza is delicious!! God Bless you all!

review_stars 04/01/2015 - boo
Order up some hate pizza with a side of religion.

review_stars 04/01/2015 - Leavon
This is a made up story by Plastic People who are pushing the LGBT agenda, get over yourselves this Law has been in existence in dozens of other states and is also a Federal law. Talk about made up outrage, the young ladies statement was taken out of context and edited in a manner to make her look like something she isn't all of you can get bent. Were I living anywhere near Memories Pizza I would begin frequenting their business as they are good folks. Once the Lame Stream Media and the Hypocrites of the left come out and start berating the middle eastern countries for their treatment of gays and women I might give them some credibility until then you can all stuff it.

review_stars 04/01/2015 - Ena
The "critics" giving the one star and ignorant hateful comments are surely displaying their own immaturity and intolerance to those who are different than themselves. The business did not refuse "service" but refused a service of catering which they don't do for anyone. And thank you Cathy for posting a link to their supporters doing the same thing. Definitely a double standard. Way to Go People! You set back the acceptance of people with alternate lifestyles a hundred years with your own discriminative views. Stand Tall Memories Pizza. They tried to bring down Chick Fil A but they are still going strong.

review_stars 04/01/2015 - Jose
Agree with Memories Pizza 100% and would eat there any day of the week. If any of you liberals/progressives/marxist don't like this pizza place or my review, GO POUND SAND

review_stars 04/01/2015 - free
Not smart owner for going on tv. Admitting they would discriminate... they'll be out of business in no time. You can tell they have been brain washed for generations and don't believe it is hate. ... it is! They refuse one of god's people and God will make them pay.
I hope a gay doctors can refuse to save an ignorant Christian bc they feel uncomfortable or bc it's what they believe.
To memories pizza owners... If people make you so uncomfortable and you're so damn opinionated... you have NO business doing business!

review_stars 04/01/2015 - Chris
Never ate here.. and never will! They discriminate aganist people.. and turn people away! Ummm it is 2015.. its jot 1950!! Lets be real! If you want to lose money and close shop cool.. when you open a business its public. So you make money.. you dont turn people away that are paying your bills.. no matter what they love? But your a religious pizza place?? Hahah really? So why dont you discriminate aganist hetrosexual people that come in that are if a diff religion??? What if their our hetrosexual people that come in and they belive in witch craft or the devil??? Oh but you wouldnt know that?? You would still serve them!! But you see 2 men or 2 women come in then you judge!! Wonder who is going to hell??? You all are!! Get it right!!

review_stars 04/01/2015 - Greg S
Cherry picking bible thumper... Hate these types of people... Judge not

review_stars 04/01/2015 - Charles
Memories, where all pies come with a free helping of Jesus & a complimentary side of bigotry. Tired of a free country where civil rights are protected by the law? Come here to practice your hatred of any race, creed, religion or sexual identity you wish (as long as you're a white Christian heterosexual!)

review_stars 04/01/2015 - Margaret Olson
This establishment has announced that it will discriminate against gay weddings.

review_stars 04/01/2015 - Dana Wallingford
Their food is even nastier than the owners, and that's saying a mouthful! I wish zero stars was an option!

review_stars 04/01/2015 - T. Hanks
So much hate. Why would anyone go here?

review_stars 04/01/2015 - Mike Smith
I am so disappointed this dump doesn't want to cater my wedding with their sub-par pizza. Guess we'll do McDonalds.

review_stars 04/01/2015 - Barry Rosenblat
Gross Food!

review_stars 04/01/2015 - Ken Sands
Tried this place again last week. It is the worse place to eat. Never mind their religious beliefs are all over the place, they just don't know how to cook anything. Doubt this place has ever had a health department inspection, ever... food here is is strictly AYOR, YOU NEED GOD ON YOUR SIDE if you eat here....

review_stars 04/01/2015 - Rob
Just read the article about this place and have a is serving gay people in your restaurant any different than serving them at a wedding? Are you saying the money spent in the restaurant is okay but from a wedding its tainted? Not only is this really stupid but really hypocritical. Typical of "christians". Why not just come out and say the truth. You do discriminate whenever possible. I suppose you wouldn't cater a mixed race marriage either because we all know the passage in the Bible that some think mean the races should not mix. Beyond all that...who the hell orders pizza for a wedding? You people are idiots.

review_stars 04/01/2015 - Peter
Does this restaurant expect to stay open. It is a good as closed for business. Pure bigotry and stupidity. They should not be able to collect any type of unemployment or other state assistance

review_stars 04/01/2015 - Jim
It is hard to blame the owners for their shallow thinking. They live in a rural town of 2,100 people and have narrow thoughts. Most likely, the owners have never experienced the world outside of the corn rows surrounding this hick town. The population of Walkerton has not grown in over 20 years. Probably due to high infant mortality rates due to in-breeding.

review_stars 04/01/2015 - Pinky
Went in to order a pizza with my boyfriend, and they said NO PIZZA FOR YOU!
So we skipped out and wizzed on their sidewalk sign.

review_stars 04/01/2015 - Richard pagan
What a dump !

review_stars 04/01/2015 - Chad Clement
Fight back against the liberal communist and their forced labor cloaked as some sick 'Civil Rights '. You disgusting liberals have made a mockery of our system, you have abused your rights, you filthy liberal animals. I fully support this business they don't go far enough. Liberals should be put in camps their disgusting treason is nauseating!

review_stars 04/01/2015 - Chad Clement
Bigoted, disgusting. No place for this in 2015.

review_stars 04/01/2015 - Cristina M. Rancourt
I would NEVER support a business that discriminates against anyone. Jesus regularly ate dinner with thieves and prostitutes, but you're telling me it's against your religion to make a pizza to a gay person?

review_stars 04/01/2015 - Lesa
My family & I are Indiana residents. We haven't eaten at your restaurant. As soon as we make it to Walkerton, we will. Reviews we've read on your website, following the faith-based stand you've taken, are shameful. Thank you for standing on the truth of God's Word. We will be praying for you.

review_stars 04/01/2015 - Charles
Grow up

review_stars 04/01/2015 - Lyn
Good for them. I agree with them. Why should they have to go against their belives. They are free to think as they do, just as much as you claim you have your right....You have the right to go someplace else.........
Your way, is NOT GODS way!

review_stars 04/01/2015 - Mark Preston
Hypocritical dirtbags own this place. Stay far away. If their pizza is as nasty as their beliefs, you'll be lucky to survive eating there.

review_stars 04/01/2015 - Tim
They make you pray over their xtian pizza before you can eat it!

review_stars 04/01/2015 - terrible
you hide your prejudices behind religion. shame on you. why would anyone want to eat at your restaurant.

review_stars 04/01/2015 - Sandra
I am in FULL SUPPORT of the owner of this establishment. She is not refusing service to any individual and she is not discriminating against anyone. She is only practicing her Religious Freedom because her beliefs do not comply with those of gay couples getting married and partaking in the homosexual acts. She only said she would have to say no if a gay couple wanted them to cater their gay wedding. With the new law in place in Indiana, she has every right to refuse to cater to a gay wedding because of her beliefs.

review_stars 04/01/2015 - Nancy
I hope that your business is closed down due to your homophobic fears. If you really were "Christian" you would be accepting of everyone not just those that share your warped beliefs. You should be ashamed of yourselves.

review_stars 04/01/2015 - Malcolm636
Any business that would refuse service based upon what they think that customer does in their bedrooms is incompetent. How "Christian" is being presumptuously mean spirited? I assume all customers have to sign affadavits as to their sexual orientation? Or does (Bad) Memories expect the gay ones to wear pink triangle on their jackets. Just for the record, HITLER was ALSO a CHRISTIAN. These people are idiotic HICKS; shame on them.

review_stars 04/01/2015 - Bigot, Faggot Haters, Holier than thow
Wow, are you people Gay!

review_stars 04/01/2015 - California
I don't understand. They hate gays and you hate them. When does the hate stop. By hating those that hate, you are perpetuating the circle of hate. What does religion have to do with pizza and a humans need for food.
We all need to STOP the hate and take better care of each other.

review_stars 04/01/2015 - joann
What right do you have to discriminate????? Who taught you that???? Obviously you follow no God that treats people equally. Your shop deserves to be closed!

review_stars 04/01/2015 - Sandra
First of all, please change the name here. The CORRECT name is MEMORIES PIZZA.
I agree with Crystal taking a stance on her beliefs. She is not discriminating against anyone. And she does NOT HATE anyone. She has her beliefs and she has every right to practice her RELIGIOUS FREEDOM.

review_stars 04/01/2015 - Jennifer
Pizza served with a side dish of discrimination. No thank you. I admit that like several others reviewing this company, I have never eaten there nor will I ever. Religion, far more so than sexuality, is the only choice being made. We do not choose who we are attracted to, but we do choose who we worship and more importantly where we buy pizza

review_stars 04/01/2015 - Straight Woman
Hate is so unappetizing.

review_stars 04/01/2015 - Bill Flynn
Christian? Hardly! They should read Acts10:34: Peter said, "I am learning that God doesn't show partiality to one group of people over another." The very heart of Christian faith is "Love your neighbor as yourself." How can you be Christian if you refuse to acknowledge another as neighbor? Jesus said, "I am among you as one who serves." Can any Christian do less?
Hey, memory''s, put on your real Christian clothes, not those of your surrounding culture of domination and oppression. You are not on the path of salvation.

review_stars 04/01/2015 - ritaroque
Good business name -- you'll soon be just a distant, distasteful memory

review_stars 04/01/2015 - Lea
I've never eaten there but if I'm in the area...that's a memory I will definitely want to make and keep. I know there are others who will do the same. Be strong and of a good courage. GOD IS STILL IN CONTROL!!!!!!!!!!

review_stars 04/01/2015 - Don Steo
The claim of being Christian does not hold up. Christ said "judge not". Therefore the judgment on their part is in opposition to the teachings of Christ.

review_stars 04/01/2015 - craig
You are awesome if I am ever in Indiana again I'm coming there for Pizza I am Christian too

review_stars 04/01/2015 - Chet C.
I've never been to your state however should I make it there you can depend on my business.

As a retired US military member who served our country for 22 years I salute you for standing up for your rights and beliefs that I fought so diligently for to protect!

Everyone has the right to stand up for what they believe in however, that does not mean they have the right to dictate to others how, or what, they should believe in.

Good luck!

review_stars 04/01/2015 - Ian
Great Place to be.

review_stars 04/01/2015 - SnootLaroon
Worst place to eat Horrible food!

review_stars 04/01/2015 - Sharon
Excellent! Great job! Stand strong!

review_stars 04/01/2015 - Steve
"I choose to be heterosexual and they choose to be homosexual" That sums it up to me. You could no more be homosexual than I can be heterosexual. It is not a choice. It is hardwired. Hardwired by the God YOU worship. You are so ignorant and you let that ignorance rule your life. Shame on you. Now I am not sure what couples eat at their weddings in Indiana or the US as a whole for that matter, but I can't imagine any self respecting couple, let alone a gay couple, would want to order Pizza at their ceremony. I suspect that no-one has ever ordered Pizza from Memories Pizza for their wedding, which just goes to show how bigoted these people really are. Luckily here in New Zealand (I am sure that you will have to look that up Mr and Mrs O'Connor) we live in a tolerant and accepting society with very few people like the O'Connors.

review_stars 04/01/2015 - Jenna
Unless you like eating ignorant bigot food stay away

review_stars 04/01/2015 - Simple Sinner
shame shame shame shame on you... Jesus loved all his children, maybe your bible is the King Hate Bible.
Maybe you should read John 8:7

review_stars 04/01/2015 - Ernie G
One good thing about Good Christians....Hell is full of them!

review_stars 04/01/2015 - Wayne
I'm all for someone voicing their beliefs. However, as a gay man, why would I want to give my business to any restaurant or any other business who out right refused service to me just because of my sexual orientation? This is the 21 Century. If you are a business owner, and you refuse service just because of someone's sexual orientation, don't you realize you run the risk of losing a LOT of business just because of your decision? So why even risk it? So stupid!! Grow up!

review_stars 04/01/2015 - Nicki
Your 9 year old biz will is soon to bring bad memories to your whole clan. Good luck with that.

review_stars 04/01/2015 - John
Terrible food, worse service, overpriced. Eat at the Chinese place nearby!

review_stars 04/01/2015 - Don Miller
I've never been to your place but if I ever get up that way, I will definitely stop in for dinner. Ignore the trolls that post on this site. Stand by your beliefs and I'm sure your business will do just fine. Just ask Chick-Fil-A.

review_stars 04/01/2015 - Susan
The only people I would call intolerant bigots are the ones writing the nasty reviews on this website. They are the self-appointed thought control creeps who think everyone should believe what they do. Talk about practicing discrimination! I hope every person who truly believes in freedom of choice will go to this restaurant and order as much pizza as they can fit into their freezer. I think the homosexual lifestyle is wrong, and I should be able to say it. The point is that the owners do not want to be forced to participate in an event they believe is morally wrong. What's wrong with that?

review_stars 04/01/2015 - Dave
It is nice to see someone stand up for what they believe in. I have never so many hateful asshats in a long time.

review_stars 04/01/2015 - ROK O.
Disgusting Anti-Gay establishment, bragging about using their KKKristian hate to refuse to serve LGBT persons.

review_stars 04/01/2015 - Alice
Those white trash, inbred hicks claim to be Christians. Yet they do not know the first thing about the religion. "Love thy neighbor", i guess they forgot that part of the bible. Jesus loves everyone, they will have to close shop soon due to the backlash, I hope once they go broke a homosexual couple goes up to them and says, "don't you wish you catered my wedding now". Stupid bastards

review_stars 04/01/2015 - Dan P
This place SUCKS!!!!

review_stars 04/01/2015 - Laura
Passed through during travel to my son's Martial Arts tournament/competition . Cute , small-town feel. Nice, couteous people. The food was your average pizzeria, very tasty. The workers went above and beyond d to direct us to our hotel several cities away. Prices are reasonable, see ya when I pass back through.

review_stars 04/01/2015 - Billy
Great, just great!

review_stars 04/01/2015 - wellerk
Discrimination is shameful.


review_stars 04/01/2015 - jason
good food good value on food and live I will always eat here know matter what the decline of American liberal values think

review_stars 04/01/2015 - maek
boycott that hateful bible freaks drive them out of bussines

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