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China Wok


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2039 S Pleasant Valley Rd
Winchester, VA 22601 (Map & Directions)
Phone: (540) 535-7256

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Top Reviews of China Wok

review_stars 07/15/2016 - Bea
Worst food ever!!

review_stars 07/21/2014 - Lindsay
Over all a terrible experience. Rude staff and bland food.

review_stars 07/16/2014 - Nick McGreavy
Horrible experience. Probably the worst Chinese food in town. The food from the Chinese restaurant in Martin's across the road is better than here.

Food: Everything is generic. Their Gen Tso's, Sesame, and Orange Chicken are all the same sauce. With the Sesame Chicken they just sprinkle on seeds after it is cooked, instead of cooking with it. And the Orange Chicken has orange peels. Other than those 2 variances, all 3 are the same. If you ever go inside, look behind the counter at the cooking station directly behind the big soda fridge on the left. They leave their EGG ROLLS, SHRIMP EGG ROLLS, BREADED CHICKEN (the kind used for Gen Tso, Sesame, and Orange Chicken), CHICKEN WINGS, and YELLOW RICE out ALL DAY IN ROOM TEMPERATURE!!! That is a health code violation. It's even worse because they don't turn on the AC. And it used to say NO MSG on their menu. Not anymore. Why? Because they use MSG. And always have. Before you go in and order, take a walk down the ally behind China Wok between Pep Boys. Take a peek in their back screen door. You will see pre-cooked food left out in the hot hot heat and big brown barrels of MSG. I kid you not. They think just because they refry and recook everything that it's okay to leave things out. It's not.

Cleanliness: The place is filthy. There are flies everywhere. And look at the cooks, and owner. The owner wears sandals EVERY DAY. His feet are filthy and disgusting. It is a healthy code violation to cook and prepare food in sandals. Btw, he never washes his hand. Go in there. Watch him. He NEVER washes his hands. These people prepare and cook food you're eating. Think before you eat there. Oh, and look at their automobile in the parking lot either parked on the side or out in front (Toyota 4 Runner with NY plates). Look at the drivers door. See all that black film around the door and door handle? That is grease and gook built up over the past year from the owners hands.

Order from Chine Gourmet on Millwood Ave (My favorite Chinese food in town. The General Tso's is amazing) or China Town on Millwood Pike across from Big Lots (by far the best dine in Chinese in town. Their food is fresh and their breaded chicken is lightly breaded so you get big chunks of chicken as opposed to China Wok which is all breading).

review_stars 06/30/2014 - Sarah
Their food is decent but their staff is terrible. The atmosphere is unfriendly and dirty and they have horrible customer service and the people who own it seem to have no idea what they are doing. DO NOT WASTE YOUR TIME OR MONEY HERE!

review_stars 05/08/2014 - Kathleen
Please, if you LOVE Chinese food then NEVER step foot inside of China Wok by Jimmy Johns. Firstly, they are dishonest people from the Manager down to the White Guy in the Beanie with a gross mustache who answers the phone. Secondly, they keep your food and steal your money if you choose "Pick Up".

I placed an over $80 order with them only to come home and find two of my meals were missing. I called China Wok back to let them know I paid for food that I did not receive the food I had ordered. The man was nice on the phone and apologized and said he would enter a credit into the computer and the next time I placed an order I would receive the food that I paid for but never received free of charge.

Since I do not eat Chinese food every week it has been about a month and a half since the original messed up order was placed, so last night 05/07/2014, I called to place another large order with them and to get the food that was promised to me.

I let the man who answers the phone know that there is supposed to be free food in their log for me. He asks me how long ago it was and I stated I figured that it was probably a month to month and a half since the last time I had placed an order with them.

The man proceeded to tell me that there was no log for my name and that they don't keep them past two months. Which I was never told that there was a timeframe on from the man who originally put me in the log.

I do not eat Chinese food everyday of my life nor every week of my life so of course it will be a little bit of time between my orders.

I explained to the man that I feel as though my money has been stolen then because I never received food that I paid a lot of money for. He proceeded to tell me that nothing was stolen from me and that there was no account for me therefore I would not receive the food and asked me "if I was going to place an order or not." Like I was wasting his time or something I was trying to be a pain customer.

I explain how I thought that that was coincidental and unfair but even though the free food was not there I was still going to place an order with China Wok. Until the Man taking my order continue to be extremely rude to me asking me like are you going to place an order or not then.

I've been told the man on the phone that I would've I was going to order food up until he was extremely rude and then he said okay bye and hung up the phone on me.

I called back after that ask the manager's name so that I could speak to him and let him know that his front receptionist was so rude with no intention of receiving the free food, just wanting to make a customer service complaint.

I was not allowed to speak with the manager. They told me that he had left and that he was not there, the mam on the phone said he would be there the next day between 11 and one and I could call them. I forgot to ask the front desk person's name so I called back so that I had truth but I've spoken to someone and he told me his name was James.

I called today March 8, 2014 to speak with the manager only to be spoken to extremely rude to buy each and every single person that I talk to at China Wok.

Finally I was able to get manager on the phone and he continued to scream at me and let me know that I had nothing stolen from me and that people go to years and then want food and I he wouldn't even let me speak. He told me no one named James worked there; even though I spoke to a James the night before. I was just trying to explain to him what the situation was and that I thought that is customer service was not right and I hope that they would go about in a better way the next time.

I then let them know that I would like to move forward and taking action with the law and suing them on and I asked to speak with the manager again because he hung up on me and once the manager got on the phone he said blah blah blah like he couldn't speak English and hung up on me, again.

I went to China walk to try make some sense of everything and everything complete was completely rude to me told me that I was bothering their customers and that they would call the police for me bothering her customers when all I did was ask for the manager's name which they told me which they never told me I asked him for the lawyers name which they would not tell me and I asked that I could speak with someone in charge and all employees stated that they could not help me.

The fact that I did not get my food that is not the point, the point that matters is that I felt so completely and utterly disrespected by each and every employee at China Wok that I would never advise anyone to ever go there again.

I was a paying customer a good paying customer, a family of eight, sometimes nine if we have people over to have bills of $100 most of the time and I felt like I was something they scraped off the bottom of their shoe. Their customer service is terrible and they are liars they lied to me about the name James or they lied to me about the fact that he was fired, one of the two.

I would rather be treated politely by someone who tried really hard to make terrible food for me than eat the best food in town to be treated like shit.

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