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Bluewater Grill


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4 Marina St
Wrightsville Beach, NC 28480 (Map & Directions)
Phone: (910) 256-8500

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Located just over the bridge on the Intracoastal Waterway, Bluewater is a sprawling two-story restaurant that offers great food with an outstanding panoramic view of the waterway.

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Top Reviews of Bluewater Grill

review_stars 05/23/2017 - Glenn Davis
I have been eating at Bluewater at least once a week for more than 15 years. I can't say that I have not had any problems in the last 15 years, both with food and service. What I can say, is that in the last several years, Bluewater gets a 5 rating from me. Excellent staff, excellent food, great view. Occasionally, a less than stellar staff member will slip through the hiring process (in my opinion), but that is rare and it seems to be quickly remedied. I can't say enough good things Bluewater.

review_stars 07/29/2016 - Marilyn Erickson
It was a beautiful evening, great waitress and seven in our group were satisfied with their meals; however, my shrimp and crab Cobb salad was an absolute disappointment because there were ten tiny flakes of crab and tons of everything else - eggs, bacon., cucumbers, blue cheese, and corn salsa - enough for four pnomereople. To call it crab and shrimp is a complete misnomer!!

review_stars 06/24/2015 - marilynn muszynski
June 24 2015.

Took my out of town friends to your restaurant so they could experience the ambiance of the outside scenery and enjoy good seafood. It was to hot to sit outside, but we asked for a table with a window view. It was after 2:00 PM when we arrived so we could have good sitting since we couldn't make reservations for 4. The hostess did try to get us a window table but all were taken. The restaurant was very warm inside and it was quite smelly. Some of the staff members looked very tired and uncomfortable due to the temperature inside. There was no mention of specials. All the food ordered was just mediocre. 3 different choices of food on the menu were ordered and all were just OK.
I usually go to the Bridge Tender and I guess I will be going back.

review_stars 05/24/2013 - Kathy Anderson
We have been eating at Blue Water for 10 years. Recently we thought the quality of the food was waning, while the prices were increasing. We thought we'd give it one more try because I really wanted to sit outside before the summer crowds arrive. We asked for a table outdoors, but in the shade. We were taken to one partly shady and were told it was the only available table with any shade. By the time lunch was over, our table was in complete sun. Our waiter fairly bounced over to our table, introduced himself and took our drink order. He left the table asking over his shoulder if we'd like some crab dip or another appetizer. We declined. We ordered clam chowder. What we got was basically lukewarm, floury paste with some potato chunks. Nary a clam in sight! I ordered "crab mix" sliders. I got something fairly white, resembling tuna salad, with no distinct taste, served on 3 little extremely sweet rolls. My husband had coconut shrimp. Good thing he likes coconut breading because the shrimp fairly disappeared under a thick, over fried coating. Dessert was key lime tart. I made the obviously egregious mistake of calling it key lime pie. My waiter corrected me several times before he brought it. When it arrived at the table, it was an individual size key lime pie! Why the hassle. The food is terribly expensive, the service had a lot attitude -- ranging from overly friendly to down right challenging. We are "life time" discount holders for this and 3 of its sister restaurants. I can assure Blue Water that they will not need to give us any more discounts in this lifetime.

review_stars 09/12/2012 - G F Brooks
The true quality of any restaurant can always be found in the way it deals with a problem. In any business, snags occur from time to time. They just do and they can be handled gracefully or not. It is the manner in which a business deals with customer complications that indicates the real value the restaurant places on its patrons. And, on that basis, I cannot recommend Bluewater Restaurant.
I have a student at neighboring UNCW and a parent with a beach house nearby, so I am always looking for a quality dining in the area. Last night, 9/11/12, my party of 5 dined at Bluewater for the second time. As with my first visit, the food, service and atmosphere were all good. The evening went well until the very end, even after the bill had been paid and was waiting to be picked up. That’s when I finished my coffee and looked in the bottom of the cup to see hardened brown and off-white particles covering the bottom. It was really quite an unpleasant sight. You could see that it was hardened on the bottom of the cup, but softened from the hot coffee. I ask the waitress if she knew what it was. Her reaction was not to take the cup into better light to determine what it might be; her impulse was to blame me. She asked what I had for desert. I had not had desert, nor, do I take sugar with my coffee, so armed with that information, she said she did not know what the gunk in my cup was and handed it back to me, along with the comment, “What do you want me to do about it?” Somewhat stunned, I replied that what I wanted was to know what it was that was sitting beneath the coffee I had consumed. For a lone moment, the waitress and I looked at each other in silence. Then she said that the cup had been clean when she poured coffee into it. After I pointed out that the unknown substance was baked on, she took the cup and left.
Soon, a well-dressed lady, the manager or owner perhaps, she did not introduce herself, came to our table with the dirty cup. She immediately suggested that I had put something in my coffee. My wife had grown impatient with the restaurant insisting on assigning the blame to me, said, “That would be an awful lot of backwash and it is baked on!” It was only then that I finally received an apology, which was all I really wanted along with some open-ended statement that it wouldn’t happen in the future. Instead, she said it was embarrassing (for her, I assume) and she offered me a coupon. My discounted standing as a customer worsened when she handed over a $25 coupon. It amounted to 10% of my total bill. Clearly, it was an opener to negotiations that was aimed at getting out for as little as possible. I did not feel it was for me to place a value on my patronage, so I accepted the offer knowing I would never be back.
So there it was, going out to Bluewater and treating my guest with an expensive meal and drinking their beverage over baked on food, or trash, or vomit, or whatever - the solution that Bluewater was pleased to offer, the remedy to make me overlook the unsanitary dish and the insults was set at 10% of my bill. Needless to say, I did not feel very valued. In the future I will not be dining there. Rather, you can find me at an establishment where customers are important.

review_stars 07/16/2012 - Jane
Just left from a lunch at Bluewater. Been going there for many years, but today's meal was awful. Wrong seafood brought on each salad, ordered fried oysters-got fried (very fried and tough) shrimp/fish mixture. Went specifically to get frest tuna appetizer and they said they don't serve that any more but still on menu. Waiter was really nice and apologetic. Not worth $38 lunch. As we drove home, passed Mellow Mushroom and wished we had gone there. Probably won't go back to BG.

review_stars 05/16/2012 - Neicee
We visited here 5/16/12 and really enjoyed it. The staff was great and the crab dip was delicious.

review_stars 04/06/2012 - Regina Beatty
Went there for dinner on April 2, 2012. We were told it would be a 10 minute wait. After 15 minutes and them seating 3 other groups ahead of us, we were told we would be next. Another 5 minutes later and another 2 or 3 groups seated ahead of us, we asked again. They said we were being seated - in the bar area! If I had wanted to sit in the bar, I would have told them that up front. But we wanted a nice seafood dinner at a nice table. We walked out and will NOT ever be going back. Not our first bad experience there but was willing to give them a 2nd chance. No more strikes left.

review_stars 02/05/2011 - Morganne Mackenzie
Bluewater was recommended to me by several people I trusted , what a huge disappointment, their fish is from Asia, I could not believe that they did not have any local fish I came to Wilmington on vacation all excited to eat fresh seafood I figured the locals would know I asked the waitress if the tuna was sustainable fish and she said oh yes and I realized that she thought I meant would the portion sustain me, I can not fathom a place in a coastal town using farm raised and Asian imported fish so I could not in all sincerity order the fish with the info I got I ordered baby back ribs because I was starving they were so so . . .I am only giving the two stars because of the great bloody Mary . . . my advice go somewhere else it is a tourist illusion . . . .

review_stars 10/29/2010 - wilmington native
Took them 45 minutes to get out our appetizer. We had a small child, repeatedly ask for crayons and coloring sheet, never brought out. 2 hours later, and not due to leisurely conversation, we finished our meal. Will never eat there again, nor recommend this place to out of town visitors and friends. Such a shame because Bluewater had beautiful views, hopefully one day they will change management.

review_stars 07/13/2010 - Karen Burkart
Every summer when our family visits Wilmington (we are from Illinois), we make sure to visit Blue Water. Dining by the waterfront is awesome, the service is great, and the daily seas food specials are always a treat. Wouldn't miss Blue Water.

review_stars 06/30/2010 - Laura La Badie
We had such a bad experience this evening. It was so bad that we highly doubt that we will ever return to Bluewater. The table was sticky and it was difficult to find someone who would clean it off for us. We unrolled four napkins full of silverware in search of something clean to eat with. They were actually filthy dirty. These two experiences turned us off before the food ever came out of the kitchen. If the silverware is clean can the kitchen be? When the food came our experience got worse. It was just so sad. We used to love to go the the Bluewater. This place can not run the the view alone. As locals we had come to enjoy Bluewater. There are too many good places to eat in Wilmington to ever return to the Bluewater. We will take our hard earned money elsewhere.

review_stars 05/23/2010 - HUGH WRISBON

review_stars 04/16/2010 - Penny Schjardt
We've been visiting this restaurant since it first opened, and are sorry to say it seems to have rapidly declined in quality and service. Had lunch there today. Prices high (and mis-quoted by the server). Crab dip had some undefined substance and couldn't be eaten (server did not charge but also did not replace). No refills on drinks. All-in-all, very disappointing. The impression at the end is that Bluewater must be going exclusively for the tourist crowd (we are locals), where quality/value and service are perhaps not considered necessary ingredients for success.

review_stars 04/03/2010 - The Neutralizer
Ate at Blue Water on Friday, April 2, 2010. This place was so full that they can care less if you find the food borderline disgusting. Our seafood was tasteless and the soup was cold. Our server was border line polite. The restaurant was packed you would think the food was delicious. What a big mistake, apparently some folks don't care about the quality of the food and only want to be seen in a nice place. The view was nice, but the food was terrible. Try Dock Street Oyster Bar in downtown Wilmington or a very good oyster restaurant in Lumina Station. Blue Water is over rated and over priced for frozen food. Totally disappointed and will NEVER return.

review_stars 03/16/2010 - Joy Sugg
Never go to this buggy place. Food cold, over cooked and expensive. Lots of places down town that server great food!

review_stars 03/08/2010 - tim brown
Extremely overated, management was inefficient and slow.

review_stars 07/14/2009 - Janice
Best crab cakes I've ever had.

review_stars 07/06/2009 - gourmeteater
went there this 4th of july weekend with some out of town friends. the tables were sticky, the carpet can use a thorough cleaning. Although the service was efficient and friendly, the food was disgusting. My husband ordered the special grouper plate.. $27 for an overcooked fish that looked like boiled fish and some dirty rice. absolutely no pride in presentation of the plate. fish had no taste and everything looked like slop. I ordered the hot crab dip, was decent but had to make it my main meal as my entree was also dissapointing. scallops were buried under the penko breading and again served with rice. no skills in presentation. I think the restaurant is relying on previous good reviews... please beware if you plan on returning, for the price it is not worth it. much better restaurants available for better value and food.

review_stars 06/05/2009 - JOHN SMITH

review_stars 03/11/2009 -
You just can't beat the atmosphere. The food is wonderful. I am a local electrician and get to work in all kinds of restaraunts around here. There are not many that I will actually eat at because I get to see their kitchens and other areas. Bluewater is tops! I recommend sitting outside if the weather permits. If you are really afraid of bugs, sit indoors. Palmetto bugs are a challenge for any waterfront restaraunt. Bluewater has hardly any. (and I've been underneath!)
This is a great place to do lunch.

review_stars 03/05/2009 -
My friends and family threw a surprise party for me in the private room at Blue Water. We only had one waitress assigned to a party of 30 people. They were supposed to assign two to us, but they informed us they were understaffed that night (a Sat. by the way). They informed us after ordering that they were out of prime rib, and didn't offer any apology to the 6 people in the party who ordered it, nor would they offer substitutions to the people who ordered the surf & turf entree (which includes prime rib). They were told to order something else. Our server never refilled our drinks. One person's food came out with moldy cheese on top. She told the server who then replaced the food (not that the person was hungry anymore after receiving moldy food), but the manager never came in to apologize or see how he could make it right. By the way, they still charged her full price for the food.
Several other party guests were served cold entrees.

It is unbelievable to me that a restaurant would treat a large party with such disdain. They made a killing off of our group. Everyone who came to the party lives in the local area, and none of us will be frequenting Blue Water again. They need to learn that bad news travels much faster than good.

review_stars 10/14/2008 - lauren
i think that bluewater is briiliant whatever you can go there in any sorts of weather

review_stars 10/10/2008 - FULL BELLY

review_stars 07/29/2008 - Kevin
Great place! Went there for lunch, in and out for under $30 with tip and a couple of drinks. The restaurant is on the inland waterway and the views are awesome. Service was great, food was excellent...just had a sandwich, but it was good. Will absolutely return.

review_stars 07/28/2008 - Morgan
Every year on august 1st me and my boyfriend go to Bluewater for our anniversary. We have been 3 years and every year something goes wrong. The service is either bad or the orders are wrong. One year I got a free meal because my steak had to be recooked 5 times. Thats rediculous. The only reason we go back is because its like a tradition, but this year I think we may try something new. Maybe Dock side I hear its pretty good. Maybe u should do something with your restaurant before you lose it.

review_stars 06/12/2008 -
the food gave us food poisioning--manager didnt seem too concerned because we didnt have to go to the hospital--i guess this is how customers are treated these days--bad management--spend your money at the dock side resturant instead--just as enjoyable and a lot more affordable

review_stars 05/11/2008 - Lynda Miller
My husband and I had dinner at Bluewater Grill tonight for Mother's Day, and it was great, until about 3/4 of our way through dinner, 3 screaming babies (presumably with their parents) were seated behind us. We would have stayed for dessert and an expensive after-dinner drink had it not been for the screaming. PLEASE -- put all these people together, NOT next to people who have paid for a quiet dinner slonr. If I wanted to hear screaming babies, I would have brought some!!!!!!

review_stars 03/16/2008 - zannee
The service was SLOW..Ran out of filet mignon on a Friday night!!! Place was DIRTY - some kind of bug was flying around our table..GROSS...the food was just OK... NOTHING to write home about - the food was luke warm.. took forever to get drinks (or food for that matte)r.. the one bartender was "in the weeds" as our server told us!!!! Beer was not cold..HORRIBLE - would NEVER go back!! Way too many better places to go..

review_stars 10/07/2007 - Jane Belluche
We celebrated my birthday and my 84 year old Mother's birthday on Oct 5.. Sharon was our server and assisted in making this special day even more special.. We were treated so well we did not want to leave. Fodd was wonderful, Atmosphere was grand,. Thank you to everyone that stopped by to wish my Mother a happy birthday. We will return ... We promise.

review_stars 09/17/2007 -
I was so embarassed when we took our entire family out to celbrate a birthday and we actually had to ask which entree was the fish and which was the chicken. The food was extremely over cooked and was served cold. We ended up with a $400 bill for a meal no one enjoyed. I will never go back to Bluewater - it must be under new management b/c it used to be great. I will say that the service was good but who cares if the food is awful.
We were so disappointed.

review_stars 07/22/2007 - BCL
food is very good always enjoy the food and the music on sunday afternoons......i give it a 9 from 1 to 10

review_stars 07/09/2007 - Matt Prouse
As the four of us, my wife and couple friends entered this beautiful scene of a restaurant on the water hopes were high. They sat us outside on the north side. We had a cozy little quiet nook all to ourselves. But that is where the content experience ends. Our server Kristin opened up her presentation by explaining to us how her guests were "shitty" and did not tip well this day. She did not know the specials nor the prices on certain food items. She brought us our water in glasses but our alcohol came in a plastic cup. We ordered our food and did not wait an excessively long time for our food but when we received our food two of the plates mine being crab legs and my friends Calabash plate came out cold. Now we aren't ones to complain and so we plowed through the food. We waited a bit for our server to return and we just wanted our bill. When she brought us our bill she set it down and said "I am going upstairs to do some work thank you for everything" and left. We sat there for a good 10 mins. We noticed they had a drink special that day bringing the beverage price to 1.75 but charged us 4 dollars each for the beverage.. Now while sitting there we noticed a large bug crawling on the wall behind my buddy. As we looked and saw many bugs on this wall all of a sudden on came crawling over his shoulder and across the front of his chest. We removed ourselves from the scene and went inside to pay our bill. We asked one of the staff where to pay and she informed me it was my server who we were to pay. Well someone found her and she proceeded to tell us we failed to let her know when we were leaving. We then informed the staff that a large bug crawled on my friend and the staff members said, then you shouldn't sit outside. Overall this experience isn't worth the 130 dollars I spent there and I am concerned about the possbile health risks associated with vermin and imporper food preperation. I do not recommend this restaurant and implore people to consider other options when dining. All was not a wash my wife's food came out pretty good. Thank You Matt

review_stars 04/24/2007 - UNCW student
nice, classy restaurant with plenty of room and it even has an elevator

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