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5214 Market St
Wilmington, NC 28405 (Map & Directions)
Phone: (910) 796-8885

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Open 7 days: Mon-Thurs: 11am-10:30pm Fri & Sat: 11am-11pm Sunday: noon-10pm

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Top Reviews of Chopstix

review_stars 01/25/2014 - Logan
No stars for this one at all!! Terrible customer service!! They got our order wrong & then expected us to wait another hour for them to bring the correct food and give them the wrong food back. REALLY!!!!! Don't you think we might be hungry since we already had to wait an hour for our food?!!?? Jerks!

review_stars 01/17/2013 - jeff
Worst Food Ever

review_stars 11/11/2012 - Jay
Took a long time to get here but the service was great and the food was worth the wait!

review_stars 02/29/2012 - ash
i would give Chopstix no stars, if that were an option. the food is way too expensive for the quality, and the last 3 times i ordered delivery, they were extremely late with the food, I'm talking an hour and a half to two hours. each time i called, for an updated status, i was told the food would be there "soon". to make matters worse, on EACH of those 3 times, a major part of the order was missing. when i called to ask for the driver to actually bring the food i paid and tipped for, i was, on one occasion, asked if i really wanted the food that was missing (?!!!?!), and told, on all 3 occasions, that i would have to drive to the restaurant to pick it up. i was not offered a credit for any of these mistakes, on top of it. if you live in the north market street area, order from Szechuan Buffet of Paper Crane. Both have better food and excellent service.

review_stars 09/28/2011 - MmmFood
The "pork" fried rice in the evening is the recycled "lunch" rice with very few bits of pork in it.

The lunch and dinner portion are the same size...with different prices and the dinner comes with an egg roll.

The sesame chicken was decent compared to two other places I've been to.

The worst part is the customer services. They don't use their "hold" button over the phone and you can hear the unprofessional conversations they have. The Asian guy who I assume is the owner is especially unprofessional. He acts like he doesn't even want to be at work there, barely gets up when you approach the counter and his foul language is anything but whispered.

I've been there twice since I moved here recently and will not be going back.

review_stars 07/02/2011 - Scott
Worst Food Ever

review_stars 06/14/2011 - EAT GOOD FOOD

review_stars 05/08/2011 - AUSTIN
No good,I

review_stars 04/20/2011 - mark
Before you eat here, you need to see the hidden video made in the kitchen from this restaurant..These people have no value for their customers...Very nasty employees, dropping food on the floor then picking up and using it in your meal...There new supposed sanitation grade should mean nothing to you..Ask to see their kitchen before you eat here and they won't let you..Very nasty place!!!

review_stars 04/07/2011 - yuky
I ordered last friday, the food tasted awful.

review_stars 04/03/2011 - susan
The prices on the menu are not what they say that they are. What should have been a $10 delivery meal came out to be $14. Just be careful because all of their prices have gone up including delivery charges. It's no longer free on orders $10 and up. That would be ok if they changed their menu, but as a consumer it's just false advertising.

review_stars 04/03/2011 - sam
Terrible food! Tasted very bland and much too greasy. Person on the phone barely spoke English and messed up my order. Will not be coming back. After I paid and got into my car, I happened to look back in the restaurant and the chef was actually picking his nose and then wiped it on his apron, then proceeded to continue cooking.

review_stars 04/02/2011 - sam
After reading the review, I finally decided to try this place instead of my usual place....the reviews here totally lied to me!! Food from this place is gross and disgusting! I order $40 worth of crap that I dumped into the trash. Everything was oily, greasy, over cooked, soggy, waaaay too salty, and spoiled. I am a seafood lover and this place has made me stay away from seafood for quite a while because their shrimp and scallops tasted like they've been sitting out for days and has rotten.

Definitely do not go here! If you're looking to order Chinese and not have to worry about suspect food...I'd try my usual place down the street at China wok.

review_stars 03/23/2011 - Johnny
Third time ordering from this place this week and it's only Wednesday...enough said.

My wife and I are from NYC and have had GREAT Chinese food. Although this is not the same authentic Chinese we usually get from NYC, this is the best outside of the city that we've had. We thought our "good Chinese food" days were over when we moved down here and I'm happy to say I have been very pleasantly surprised with this place. Definitely the best in Wilmington...we've tried most of them (13 others in town).

review_stars 03/17/2011 - Food Lover
I order from this place at least once a week for the past 4 years. Best food in town. Sometimes they're a little slow, but definitely worth the wait. I see why they're slow because everytime I go in there to pick up....they are always SLAMMED busy. One time they got a line out the door to the end of the building. I mean...they must be doing something right because it seems to me a LOT of other people agree with me about how much they love their food for them to be busy all the time.

Long story short....must eat Chopstix if you want a yummy satisfied meal!

review_stars 12/29/2010 - cherry
No good,I don't want try any more.

review_stars 12/01/2010 - jason
When I called the person on the phone was rude and short with me. I will not be going here.

review_stars 11/20/2010 - blegh
As someone else said the girl on the phone was SO RUDE and hung up on me twice! Go somewhere else where they actually want your business because at Chopstix they obviously do not.

review_stars 11/17/2010 - Peter
Not sure what people are complaining about because this place is by far the best Chinese food place in Wilmington and surrounding areas. I recently moved here from the west coast and really missed having good food. I was on a hunt and have tried most of the places in town. My hunt stops here. Chopstix was simply delicious and my family loves it. If you order from their new Oleander Drive location, deliveries only took 30 minutes and food came hot and smelled wonderful. Service was outstanding and I will come back here for years to come.

review_stars 10/29/2010 - mark
The food was no hot

review_stars 10/18/2010 - free men
NOt to good

review_stars 09/26/2010 - Starving
This was the absolute slowest delivery food I have ever ordered. It took over an hour and forty-five minutes for our food to arrive. The food tasted ok but was barely warm. I would never call this place again.

review_stars 09/13/2010 - R Gallo
I have been ordering from this place for years. Love the food. It was pretty common for deleveries to take a while, but I just made a delevery order and was told 45- to an hour. An hour and 30 min later I called back and the girl gave me an attitude said it would be another 10-15. I let that time pass, only to get more upset on how long my food has been sitting out. When I called back again the girl gave me more attitude and started making me feel like it was my fault on how long the order was taking, because she and their driver "were the only two working". As a manager of a restaurant I will tell you there is no excuse and you apologize to the customer regardless! When I asked to speak to a manager she said they do not speak english and hung up!! Never will I order there again!!!

review_stars 04/14/2010 - Stephanie
The BEST food in Wilmington...HANDS DOWN! I absolutely love this place. I don't know what they do, but it is some kind of GOOD and I don't know why any of the other awful Chinese places in town can't cook like them.
The food at Chopstix is always warm and tasty even though sometime it might take them a while to deliver to me, I guess everybody just knows what they want and order from them ALL the time. They seem to be packed and busy every single time I'm there. I was told that they're even opening another store soon.

review_stars 03/01/2010 - Nadia
Ordered via phone for delivery & the girl said it would be 20-30 minutes. I live 10 minutes from Chopstix. After waiting an hour I called back. The girl said the driver was out & that it would be another 15 or 20 minutes. After another hour I called back & asked if the driver was lost or my order was misplaced somehow & the girl said she had no idea & hung-up on me! I had no attitude but was just concerned. I've never ordered from here & never will again!

review_stars 10/13/2008 - peabody
If that was cat, it was the tastiest cat ever!

review_stars 09/06/2008 - T-Dawg
I've taken out from here once, but they left a great impression on me. I got what I ordered and in a prompt fashion. Their dinning area I noticed was very minimum at best. Their selection was above average as well.

review_stars 04/08/2008 - MenuPix User
I've not visited the facility in person... but the food always arrives HOT and FRESH. And they take bank cards to boot! Ultra-convenient. The food is as good or better than any other chinese place we've tried.

Also, they always know my name when I call... I know it's computerized, but it's still a nice touch.

I would highly recommend it!

Wilmington, NC

review_stars 02/20/2008 - MenuPix User
The food at chopstix truly is the best in Wilmington. Just don't make the mistake of buying a 2 liter soda from them as they are $2.50 a piece. Adding 2 of them made our meal, orignially $13 dollars even, over 18 dollars!

review_stars 01/12/2008 - JimmyJam
On average Wilmington has terrible food. It wasn't like this when I was young, just another thing the yankee's screwed up. People expect you to just give them money and be happy with food you can't eat.
Chopstix is without a doubt, the best chinese food in Wilmington. It's nice to be able to finally enjoy a meal!

review_stars 01/08/2008 - TastyDumpling
So hard to find GOOD Chinese food here in Wilmington -- but this is IT.
Have eaten here 4 times, and each time, the food has been excellent.
Have tried other places around town -- and boy-o-boy --- they just don't know what they are doing!
Highly recommend CHOPSTIX!!

review_stars 11/03/2007 - Chinaman
Taste like Chicken!

review_stars 02/27/2007 - MenuPix User
This is probably the best Chinese food I've ever had in my life. They delivered the food to me very fast the first few times and then once it did take them a while, but they did a good job of calling me and keeping me informed of the wait. Every time I go in there, it seems like they're always slammed with take-out or delivery calls....I guess people just know what's best and don't mind a little bit of a's not that long anyways and the food is sooooo good and always warm, most definitely worth it. I love this place!!!!

review_stars 02/27/2007 - Chris
Is 10 the best I can give on here? I'd give them a 12 then. What more do I need to say? CHOPSTIX = BEST FOOD EVER!!!

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