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16 S Front St
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Phone: (910) 772-9151


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Top Reviews of Nikki's Restaurant & Sushi Bar

3.5 stars - Based on 46 reviews

review_stars 02/12/2020 - MenuPix User

review_stars 01/05/2020 - MenuPix User

review_stars 08/21/2011 - clay western
We've been patronizing Nikki's Sushi Bar for the last several years and have decided that the experience is no longer worth the trouble by a long shot. We were a party of 8 on Saturday, August 20. Our waiter was "Kyle" who could not have been less interested in being our waiter. We saw him rarely during the meal for drink replenishment. It was clear that he simply did not want to be there.
Our chef was entertaining and skilled, though his English was poor which is par for a hibachi restaurant. The biggest shock was the size of the portions served and overall food quality. We estimate that portions were 1/2 to 2/3 than they were even one year ago. Perhaps the sign of tough times for the restaurant, but this is essentially a 100%-150% price increase for customers. Additionally, food was tasteless compared to visits of the past. Total bill for 8 people was around $280 for food and drinks (no alcohol) including a 18% gratuity which is outrageous considering the poor service rendered by Kyle.
For that kind of money, you can do better you can do better anywhere.

review_stars 02/04/2011 - Alex F.
I always enjoy my bi-weekly visits to Nikki's. The food is always fresh and delicious. I also really appreciate the vegetarian options offered at each location. As far as service goes, I left my debit card on the table one night and our server ran outside (in the rain) to catch us before we got in the car. That is A+ service to me.

review_stars 01/05/2011 - Claire B.
I agree with the last comment...the service downtown has progressively gotten worse over the last few months. The kitchen food is always inconsistent and after asking to speak to the manager I have had it with that place. The manager was rude and too incompetent to actually do her job. I will never return to the downtown location because of my last encounter with downtown's manager. Just a suggestion...get a manager who isn't such a raving moron!

review_stars 01/03/2011 - Thomas
So I read in Encore there's an "All new staff" -- How is it that the restaurant still manages to be Terrible? How does this chain manage to continue to hire the worst servers?? I was forced by friends to eat there last week and the tall girl with dark hair was our server. Not only did she get our order wrong, but can't even make eye contact. Some people just shouldn't be servers! Nikkis should probably realize this and use some discretion when hiring idiots. Not only does Yo Sake have better sushi, at least when I eat there the servers have personalities that aren't painful to be around.

review_stars 08/27/2010 - Pebbs
Luv the place never any problems. Fresh and peaceful even when it's packed

review_stars 02/23/2010 - Kenz
I think the Nikki's on Front st. has the best Falafel balls I have ever had!! Odd since it's a Sushi bar.

review_stars 02/02/2010 - Taylor
Typically I would believe, or at least take into account, previous reviews written - except when they all Happen to appear written on the same night... I personally have been a Nikki's customer for years. I have never had a problem with the service or food. The tofu burger is AMAZING. I tend to think that the food downtown is slightly better than that of the other locations. As for the people (or person) who thinks that the service is so terrible - maybe you just don't understand the style of service or that the servers aren't there to be your best friend - just there to answer your questions and give you what you need to dine.

review_stars 01/29/2010 - Jamie
New Management = better restaurant = better review? Places are really falling apart. (Racine)

review_stars 12/30/2009 - michelle moorehead
I typically don't review restaurants , primarily because I believe that all establishments as well as individuals occasionally have bad days/nights just as frequently as good ones. Nikkie's on Racine happens to be an exception to the rule. I repeatedly have gone to Nikki's on Racine for two reasons...the close proximity to our home ( to be honest the only reason that I went there initially:) and my fondness for the other Nikki's. To keep matters short the Nikki's on Racine is a disgrace in every why imaginable. The service is slow, incompetent and rude and the management leads you to believe that this issue is nothing short of children becoming a product of their environment. The kitchen seems to make a valiant effort, but is again a product of a product driven idealism. From this point forward we will brave traffic and the uncertainty of new and far away dinning experiences. This is quite sad..initially Nikki's was something to write home about.

review_stars 10/27/2009 - MenuPix User
Nikki's is fantastic! I have been to Nikki's numerous times and have never had a bad experience. The sushi is fantastic and their special rolls are always creative and a burst of flavor. I always have to get my 'Nikki fix' when I'm in Wilmington. Now hurry up and open one in Charleston!!

review_stars 10/22/2009 - Over it!
I have been going to Nikki's downtown for years. I have finally had it with their terrible service and will NEVER dine there again. The servers were more interested in chatting with each other than serving. Instead of service with a smile it's more like service with a sneer! When our heavily tattooed, drugged out looking server finally decided to do her job she did it begrudgingly and acted like she was doing a favor. I cannot believe this place can stay in business with servers like that!
The rudeness of the services is the only reason I have stopped going there, the food is amazing.
Maybe soon the owner will take note and find new management. I think that would do Nikki's a world of good.

review_stars 10/02/2009 - Irritated
The kitchen food is bad. The sushi is decent. The service, whether on the phone or in person, is awful.

review_stars 08/30/2009 - Caroline N
Very nice staff & wonderful food!

review_stars 03/08/2009 - MenuPix User
My husband and I frequently go to the Nikki's hibachi location near mayfaire and have always had a good experience. It's a fun place to eat and everythinng from the food to the service is exceptional!

review_stars 02/08/2009 - Uniquely333
The location at the Independance Mall has mediocre service, regardless of if you are eating in or taking out. We called in a sushi take out order for two people. The Nikki's employee said it would be ready in 20 minutes. My boyfriend waited for 20 minutes at home, then another 45 minutes in the restaurant.It was ridiculous. The prices are nothing to brag about, as you can get the same sushi at Tokyo Deli on Carolina Beach road for a fraction of the price, with excellant customer service from the nicest, elderly Japanese couple you'll ever meet.

review_stars 01/26/2009 - Tasha
I have been to all the Nikki's location and do not care for the Mayfaire location at all, too uppity for my taste. Even the servers seem stuck up and it's not very cozy in there. I also suggest sticking to the Asian cuisine. The American fare sucks, but the sushi has always been great. I strongly recommend the tempura squid legs!

review_stars 09/21/2008 - Nikki's
I love the Sushi at Nikki's and that is typically the only thing I get there. Friday night I was feeling daring and tried the chicken & shrimp...bad VERY BAD idea! The veggies tasted freezer burnt and then slightly heated...not even hot! ! Stick to the Sushi if you eat at the one at Independence Mall

review_stars 08/14/2008 - Sushi Mom
I have been a huge fan of Nikki's ever since I can remember. They have the best sushi I have had in Wilmington by far. I like the mall location however the food is not a good and the atmosphere is just ok. I can say I think the servers are a little nicer at that location as well. When I go to the one downtown it is usually at lunch and from 12-2 they can be pretty busy. I think the reason the service is not the greatest is because they seem to split tips so there is really no accountability and things can get a little confusing because a lot of customers are unsure of who to ask for something. A few of them can be really sweet and nice and helpful but most of them are hurried and not usually smiling or in a good mood. So if you want great sushi maybe order some takeout from the downtown location or try out the location accross from Mayfaire Town Center (they have hibachi) but by far the best sushi is at Nikki's Downtown!!

review_stars 08/14/2008 - I was Happy!!
I ate there today and had great service and a wonderful Jumbo Crunchy Tuna roll. The miso soup was a little salty but other than that I was happy. I read all the reivews about service being bad but I did not experience this. My waitress was very pleasent and did smile (unlike another reviewer). I can tell you they were really busy and at one time I saw at least ten people waiting for tables. In my opinion try it out for yourself.

review_stars 08/14/2008 - MenuPix User
Great Service Good Food !!!

review_stars 08/11/2008 - Patrick M
I have been a regular at Nikki's for years. The food has always been excellent. The service at the downtown location has steadily declined over the past several months. My wife and I went tonight at 6:30. The restaurant was not crowded. Our salads sat on the bar for well over 10 minutes before they were brought to the table. Our sushi sat on the bar for so long I finally gave up and went to retrieve it myself (self service may be a good option for Nikki's). The food was, again, excellent. I made a point to tip the sushi chefs, but not our waitress. Nikki's has good food, but if you want good service you should go to their mall location or a different sushi restaurant.

review_stars 08/10/2008 - billy
The food at Nikki's downtown is amazing. It is really my favorite place to eat! I am surprised by the poor service reviews. My wife and I eat there weekly and the service is outstanding. Granted, it is a very busy location and sometimes you have to wait, but the food and service makes it WELL worth it. I also give this location an A+++

review_stars 08/08/2008 - Sarah
I Love Nikki's. I have always had great food and service. If something is wrong with the food or service say something and they will fix it.

review_stars 08/07/2008 - MenuPix User
My wife and I love Nikki's and eat there on a regular basis. The sushi specials are delicious and their half price beer night is the best deal in town. Sometimes the place is super busy, but the servers really try to keep everyone comfortable and happy. Part of the charm of the downtown location is the constant hustle and bustle! We are fans for life.

review_stars 08/05/2008 - MenuPix User
I really like this restaurant chain, and have been going for years, however the Downtown Front Street location has the most terrible service- avoid this location like the plague!! Unless you enjoy being treated poorly and like having things you request literally "thrown" at you- then this is place for you. The Waitresses can be very snarky and rude, as if you are wasting their time. (I have had MULTIPLE negative experiences with the waitstaff at this Downtown location- which is what drove me to write this review.) Good tip- go to the location by the Mall on Oleander Drive. All of my experiences at this second location have been VERY good!!

review_stars 07/23/2008 - Lynn
After reading some of the reviews I almost did not go to Nikki's Down town but I would have missed out on some wonderful food, awesome service and 1/2 off beer every tuesday, what else can you ask for. I plan to go back anytime I am downtown.

review_stars 07/23/2008 - Sarah
We placed a huge togo order last week and they were great. They seperated all the orders and were so nice to me, even though I was asking for a lot of little things. I give them an A++++

review_stars 05/31/2008 - MenuPix User
The BEST sushi in Wilmington is at Tokyo Deli on Carolina Beach Road. Nikki's is better than a lot of places in town, but they've become overpriced; their sushi is not "all that". Tokyo Deli is the real deal, with none of those silly "blah-blah roll" concoctions.
Nikki's downtown is not the cleanest-looking place either.

review_stars 05/15/2008 - susan
My husband and i have been going to Nikki's for a few years now and the food is wonderful, there is so much to pick from and there is always something fun to watch if your short on conversation, Service had gone down though in the past few months. We go in for dinner and I know every restaurant has a turnover with servers but the dinner shift is just not as friendly as it used to be.

review_stars 04/17/2008 - Dev
I LOVE Nikkis...the sushi is incredible!

review_stars 04/10/2008 - Ben
I love Nikki's!! I eat downtown almost everyday and go to Nikki's at least once a week. I have had awesome service and food everytime I have been there.

review_stars 03/31/2008 - Mary
The food at Nikki's is great. I am vegetarian, and there is a HUGE selection for me there. I am surprised by all the poor service reviews. I think the wait staff is wonderful and attentive. It is a small and sometimes loud place. You have to bring your patience to fully enjoy the experience.

review_stars 03/20/2008 - Sera
This is one of my favorite places to eat in Wilmington. The service is great, the food is spectacular, and the busy atmosphere is really fun. People watching at its best.

review_stars 02/20/2008 - Amanda
The food is the only reason i go to this place because the service was crappy the last time i was there. I had to wait almost 10 minutes to get a menu and as i was sitting and waiting to get my menu, i had to listen to the waitress chatting and serving only her friends instead of doing her job; however, the food is excellent.

review_stars 02/08/2008 - MenuPix User
This place is great if you're just looking for good food and don't care much about the atmosphere. The downtown location is always very busy and loud. If you're looking for a little nicer ambiance, go to the location at the mall; it's surprising comfortable and you wouldn't know you were at the mall.

review_stars 12/12/2007 - sammy
I love the sushi at Nikkis!!! I really think it is good quality for the most part!! I will say though I thoroughly dislike their newest establishment, the reason being the

review_stars 12/09/2007 - MenuPix User
Service was always poor. Food is not good, unless you are eating raw fish, and that takes no cooking talents. Since they said their chef that knows how to make the one thing I liked there has left (spring rolls) I too left. He must be at Double Happiness because they have great food, great service and a CLEAN atmosphere. This place is FILTHY always and they don't feed us well enough to put up with it. Not a sushi eater-just a real vegitarian not a fake one. Fish is an animal people. Oh well, I am sure the drunks will always go there regardless, to make it filthier.

review_stars 11/06/2007 - Vicky
Nikki's Gourmet downtown has a charming atmosphere. The food is excellent and fresh. There is a wide variety of food to order so there is always something even for the pickiest of people.

review_stars 10/16/2007 - MenuPix User
The food is excellent but the staff seems to be annoyed and are unfriendly. It makes the experience very unpleasant but the good food keeps people going back for more. Just a note to waiters/waitresses: if you don't want to wait on people, the service industry is not right for you.

review_stars 10/09/2007 - Eric
Excellent food. Service could certainly be more attentive. My definition of good service does not include servers acting upset when you ask them what is in an item or why it is taking so long your food. Regardless, the food keeps me coming back!

review_stars 10/02/2007 - MenuPix User
The food is great. There's something on the menu to satisy every taste. The sushi is excellent, but if you're not in the mood for sushi, there are lots of other delicious choices. I think I've tried everything on the meu and there's nothing I didn't like.

review_stars 07/12/2007 - MenuPix User
the reasonable prices quell all complaints.

review_stars 06/15/2007 - Mardi G.
Great restaurant. My husband and I love eating there in the window watching the people go by. The daily special is always great. Our favorite restaurant. The Miso is great.

review_stars 02/20/2007 - Meredith Carroll
Nikki's is our favorite sushi restaurant in Wilmington! The staff is friendly, the sushi is always delicious, and the atmosphere is casual, young and fun. I would recommend this restaurant to anyone looking for a healthy meal.

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