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Randy's Fine Foods

66% say Yum
313 people voted
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3508 Dilido Rd
Dallas, TX 75228 (Map & Directions)
Phone: (214) 327-8400
66% say Yum
313 people voted
Cuisine: Cajun
Neighborhood: Dallas

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Reviews of Randy's Fine Foods

Tammy Dasilva posted on 02/10/2015

I used randys I spent 165 dollars off my lonestar card and then on the 5th when I got my stamps on my card they took an extra 192 dollars off my card leaving me with 11 cents ive called and they say that they took the 192 off because I had an old voucher and they tell me they cant give me the date I had supposedly spent the 192 does anyone know the corporate number these people are fraudulant I wouldnt even rate them a one its a zero for me

boss aleaney posted on 11/12/2014

They still from poor people there food is 10 times higher than the grocery stores . <br /> I mean yeah they let you get food on your food stamps with credit. Well it ain't credit because come the 1st there taking it all at once<br /> STOP GETTING RICH ON THE BLOOD AND TEARS OF THE BLACK COMMUNITY<br /> YIUR WORST THAB THE KKK<br /> YOU BITCH NIGGA

Jazzmone posted on 10/28/2014

Terrible,I called Friday,Today is Tuesday still no food....

bessie busby posted on 10/01/2014

I refuse to buy burritos that use to cost 21 and now 30 you guys are going to lose all yall business its only like 18 burritos in a freaken box did yall add something else in the like a 2 liter soda or chips or something 30 dollars a box know guts come on have fun loosing all yall clients especially your people paying with cash rip off man

the truth posted on 08/26/2014

to be completely honest this is the biggest rip off in town and tax payers are being robbed as well,,we pay taxes to make sure that those who do not have can afford to eat not to allow them to pay three times the price and make this coward rich and his junky twisted sister,,,then they continue to pay slave wages to those workers that's why they are rude you would be to working off commission only getting paid once a month some checks be like 300 dollars for an entire month....who can live off that not to mention working 12 hours a day for a black man but were quick to talk about white people although their jobs have company benefits overtime and more randys has nothing but hard work in the hot sun for pennies and thanks to his beloved sister joan there are 11 labor complaints from old employees who were never paid a dime over time..with that said anyone who has worked at randys over the last 5 years qualify for a claim please contact the labor board wages divion in Austin by phone or web....they owe us a lot I don't know about you but we gone get ours..................

red and ol skool posted on 08/21/2014

Louis is the best very dependable and the best driver i ever meet always in a good mood looking forward to next time i call the food is great and Louis is awesome. <br /> <br />

Tasha posted on 08/19/2014

Does anyone know if Main street market works the same way as Randy's does like do they take it off next months stamps

dave posted on 08/04/2014

randys is a ripoff, i got somethings from them, 3 weeks ago . when i got inside and started putting it away i found the milk was spopiled the bread was moldy, and the sausage was freezer burnt. i called the driver right away and told him he said he would return and exchange them, i called him everyday for a week, they never showed up. i called the main office ,and filed a complaint they said someone would be out with in 24 hours well its been 10 days and no one has shown up when i call the office no one answers, this company should be banned from the state,k it should be put out of bussiness .AND HEY RANDYS U HAVE NOT HEARD THE LAST FROM ME!!! SINCERLY EX-RANGER!!

Desarae walker posted on 07/21/2014

You guys are right i have been with randys for 4 years now. The service had been good but these men are perverts. They try to have sex with you and if you dont suck there penis they wont come give you any service. One name Marquise. I went to fort worth and i got service. They are great. They come on time and they wont lie about prices. But the ones in dallas are not great at all. And when u call and talk to someone a women always answers. She has a very smart attitude and curses you out. They need to shut the one in dallas down. Or fire some of there people. This is so ridiculous.

Not a Customer posted on 07/12/2014

<br /> Several months ago I saw one of your vehicles parked in front of my house and I saw one of your employee pouring the soda out of cans. I didn't pay too much attention because I figured it was just soda. However, when I went out a little later to get the mail, I saw that the man had left all the defective cans right there on the curb. Some of the cans were empty and some still had soda in them. If your food is anything like your employees, I think your business is in trouble. I will never be a customer and I will make it my business to tell everyone I know not to patronize you. You deserve a rating of horrific.

Renee posted on 06/27/2014

I waited 4 hrs on these people. Kept calling they wouldn't answer.Had to call from a different number and they picked up the phone and said they would b out in an hr...its been kids haven't ate because I'm waiting on them to come...I have no plan now I do t know how I'm going to feed my home because their customer service is very lacking...they could at least do call backs if they can't make.instead trying to get phone numbers and women how about you guys do your job and deliver like you sat you are...some people have kids who depend on it idiots...

hello posted on 06/24/2014

they need people who WILL answer the phones.

Mercedes posted on 06/17/2014

Food is good..but, they need new people to answer the phone...somebody who actually want to be at work..who isn't rude... Only problem is they never answer & when they do you be on hold forever or they hang up on you.. This is not how you treat people who putting money in your pocket...y'all getting rich off our stamps.. I would never buy shit or don't recommend this to nobody...state needs to shut this company down...

Glenn 2446 posted on 05/14/2014

We have never had a problem with Randys Fine foods and we have been shopping with them since 1996..<br /> if you have a problem, You need to talk to the regional manager Joan Johnson ....This lady is the best person that you will ever meet ... She is base out of the houston office ... She dont b.s. with none of their employees, if there is a problem she will take care of it ...<br /> Just want to say "Thanks" Joan for all the great customer service that you have givin my family and i in the past...<br />

Michelle smith posted on 04/21/2014

I never had a problem with this company till now, yes I called they kept hanging up the lady answered with the music sky high than got mad Cuz I asked if she could turn it now well I was hung up on again. I called Thursday its Monday.instead of just taking my name again Saturday when I called she said they got 48 hours and hung up again. You have to have a plan b fking with them.

janice posted on 04/15/2014

These people are stupid as hell!! They don't dohat they're supposed to do, they never answer the freaking phone. Them hoes be hanging up!! And the last time a truck came to the apartments, we saw the guy giving my neighbors husband oral sex!! Disgusting!!

verypissed posted on 04/15/2014

Randy's doesn't even deserve one star!! I've had to use them for the last few months and each time I have called them, I don't see or hear from them for SEVERAL days!!!!!! I'm NEVER using Randy's "Fine" (what the fk ever!) foods again!! I hope the company gets shut down. When you're doing bad, like me, and have NO FOOD in the house, DO NOT DEPEND ON RANDY'S!!! You WILL starve!!!

Amber Reynolds posted on 03/31/2014

Well the fort worth one is awesome

Temper posted on 03/25/2014

When this house hold runs a bit short we count on randy's food truck. We love the fact that they will hold a payment until the next pay day or food stamp day. We really like our driver Louis he always calls back in a timely manner ajd is friendly.<br /> Thank you Louis and crew for your excellent customer service

kayla posted on 01/30/2014

mainstreet market is way better! i use them evry month.always have what i want. 2143791600

east dallas posted on 01/26/2014

Randys is very unprofessional. I call them and they say they are coming and never show up. I waited for them for a week and they never showed. I couldnt even feed my kids and they didnt give a dam. Yall need to get better drivers instead of these ratchet hood ass niggas.

Keeshya posted on 12/14/2013

They are terrible because you can call them and they will tell you they will be at your house. Than never show and answer their phone. The people that work in the office are very rude. I'm not racist But they need white people working in there instead of black people. I will not be using them again and I'm reporting them to BBB Monday morning.

david posted on 12/08/2013

What people must understand this is not a service to help this is a money making game. Customer pay twice as much as the items cost and by the time they stamps come they don't have any money left, This should be against the law if you ask me. Also it is against the law to post date FOOD STAMPS

Elicia Green posted on 10/09/2013

I just left Randys off of Dilido(whatever the name of that street is)I must say Cedric was very helpful not rude at all but that Norma answering the phoneat the Corporate office in Houston is very uunprofessional.When I called to let them know that they had took extra stamps off my card she would act as if she was going to help but would place me on hold&never come back to the phone.Then when I would call back to ask for her Supervisor or whoever was over her she would say hold on&still never come back to the phone.And me being me I went to the office where the truck drivers loaded up&they will be putting my stamps back on my card by 5:00.Once again Thank you Cedric&Norma they need to get rid of your unprofessional self.There's more I could say but I will leave you with this... I will be reporting this to BBB!

Sammy posted on 06/15/2012

You should try MAINSTREET MARKET their number is (214) 379.1600 Its just like Artizone, but in my opinion much better. They have honest friendly staff something Randy's doesnt have and they don t keep any of your information. Same day delivery if you order by 10 am. They don't keep your information their drivers have a scanner so you just swipe and put in your own pin. Plus they accept food stamps! Its great, definitely worth trying!

Krystle posted on 05/31/2012

They are so rude I been calling and calling because they over charged my card and still havent talked to anyone bn almost very pissed...and yes the lil bitch that answer the phone is rude...always puttin sumbody on hold or eitha hangn up in your face

LSHUNA JACKSON posted on 11/08/2011


myself posted on 03/15/2011

they are rude they tell u to buy a certain amount and the female in Dallas is ignorant acting..they over charge your stamps and wont even talk to you about it

Pissed offf posted on 01/07/2011

Getting on I 35 and was just ran off the road by 2 white vans both from randys. called the number on the van and the lady (wrong word) would not let me talk to anyone and she kept hanging up on me <br /> <br /> <br /> I dont do business with them but i feel for anyone who has here in san antonio

Tiecia posted on 11/11/2010

they are good when you have no food and need something to eat but they are bad on there customer service and they dont like to pay you back when they have tookin to much off of your card. I have been waiting almost 2 months because they took to much off my card and they have yet to go in and give me back my stuff. All i want is what they took from me they over chargerd me and they need to give it back

Tasha posted on 11/11/2010

Hi I 've never used Randy's and all of a sudden I have a charge from them on my card and I have no one to contact about this everybody acts as if they don't know what's going on. They are suppose to ask for proper ID and someone wasn't doing their job. I believe their in on some scams because the Randy's representative want answer the phone anymore

sucker posted on 09/18/2009

Randys over charges, makes you buy more food insisting that you have to buy so much in order to buy from. Not sure if it is same female that answers but really rude. Oh and don't drive to their location to buy, cause they tell you to wait till they can get to you. So next time just wait and go to sams and get more for your food stamps or cash, no headache s or rudeness. Plus they have exactly the same, but hundreds cheaper.

redd posted on 08/25/2009

they rude and they never answer

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