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Wing Busters

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1128 Oak
Kansas City , MO 64106 (Map & Directions)
Phone: (816) 474-7776
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Restaurant Description

*This restaurant has closed. If this restaurant is open or has reopened, just let us know.

fish, burgers and phillys. Wing Burgers offer a variety of home made sides to include Greens, Mac & Cheeses, Dirty Rice and Red Beans and Rice. All food is cooked to order so do expect a wait. Our food is good food not fast food.


Mon-Fri: 10am - 11pm, Sat-Sun: 12pm - 11pm

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$$ - Moderate ($11-$25)
$$$ - Expensive ($25-$50)
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Reviews of Wing Busters

review_stars 06/18/2015 - Adam
Their wings can truly rival the peanut. However if you are expecting delivery it may be cold and you may need to reheat. Also the wait in store may be a while too. However the peanut is always slow as well and even worse on timing in my opinion. They should offer some kind of incentive to steal business from local wing shops. Frequent eater card or something, social media perks, idk come on places get with the new age. Fight for loyalty.

review_stars 12/31/2013 - Disappointed in this Establishment!!!
What business does not have a working phone to contact them? Only accepts cash with no signs posted advising that, has an ATM with ridiculous high fees inside of it, over charges for their product, has poor service and sub par food??

I will tell you who!! WING BUSTERS DOES!

I mean really???... I WILL NEVER GO BACK EVER!!

review_stars 10/26/2013 - Amy
Tried it because of a Groupon. Won't be back. Out of sauces, fountain machine looks like it's been out of commission for a long time, they only accept cash (which wasn't posted anywhere), and no paper towels in either restroom. Only good thing I can say was the wings were cooked to order so they were hot.

review_stars 05/28/2013 - kimmy
no lettuce today no hot wings just mild you charge for (water down) ranch dressing and tarter sauce

review_stars 04/26/2013 - Alexa Freeman
It was amazing good! I had the fish special and it is some of the best fish I have ever had. Addicting you have to try it.

review_stars 04/25/2013 - Allen Jacobs
Really liked the Pulled Pork Sandwich. I'll go back.

review_stars 04/18/2013 - David
Had the fish special with greens - very good

review_stars 04/16/2013 - Janet
The food was great. Had a bit of a wait but it is fresh food. Would go again. Try the boneless Ranch Wings with Ranch FF.

review_stars 02/23/2013 - Pam
We went to the Grandview location and ordered the cheesesteak sandwich combo deal at 12:15 and received our WRONG orders at 1:15. The lobby was full of unhappy customers and the one girl at the cash register was completely overwhelmed with the phone orders and the in person orders. The one cook in back would put one portion of an order on the tray to get cold while the rest was cooking? Never again. I want my hour back.

review_stars 01/18/2013 - Jay
• I will always go to a place at least 2 or 3 times before I ever write a bad review. This place is horrid. They have never had the wing flavors I wanted and you always wait so long.
So the last time I tried this place I called it in 30 mins prior and even made sure they had my selected flavors. When I pick it up, sure enough it’s not ready. On top of that, they didn't have one of the flavors I asked for. Then on top of that, they charged me more than the online menu by several dollars. The excuse while chuckling at me, "Oh, the online menu is wrong".
Never again.... painful, how are you even in business, but then again they are still sort of new down town, so time will tell.

review_stars 12/14/2012 - Jeffery
Bought a Groupon - there were a number of flavors and I tried 5 of them. I enjoyed the food and will definitely go back.

review_stars 10/20/2012 - Donna
Tried the new restaurant downtown. Like the decoration and the food was very good.

review_stars 10/06/2012 - Terri
Recently purchased a groupon. A good value with several flavors. The cashier was very friendly. The food came out fresh and hot. I am glad I purchased two of them.

review_stars 09/13/2012 - Sarah
I bought a Groupon earlier this week for 25 wings and 2 drinks. I enjoy a good deal and love finding new restaurants in KC, so my boyfriend and I decided to give Wing Busters a try. Wow, what a mistake. First, we drove 15 miles to the Grandview location only to be told they were not honoring Groupons until the next day. We returned the following afternoon. The women at the counter were rude, and were much more concerned with their own conversation than the orders of incoming customers. We choose from a rather extensive list of wing flavors, only to be told they were out of half the selection (including the usual favorites- buffalo and teriyaki). The ones Wing Busters did have in stock, were apparently unknown to the cashier who smugly said, "I have no clue what that flavor is" when questioned. The food took 30 minutes to come out. When it arrived, the wings were extremely dry and chewy. The sauce was so salty it was barely edible. Even the fountain beverage dispenser was out of several flavors. The establishment was dirty and employees were not wearing hair nets. I'm so glad I used a Groupon for this meal. I don't ordinarily write reviews, but this one was so disgusting that I felt propelled to let others know. I will never recommend this establishment to anyone... Please save your money!

review_stars 07/26/2012 - Jordan
Had the pork chop sandwich. Liked the flavor. I would go back.

review_stars 03/25/2012 - Wendy
Bought a Groupon for the boneless wings. Who would have know there could be so many different flavors. Good place to stop and pickup Wings.

review_stars 02/14/2012 - Terrence
The fish was great for the value. Like the greens and mac & cheese.

review_stars 01/25/2012 - Morgan
I enjoyed the Philly special. Had one steak and one chicken can't beat that special. I am glad they bought it back. Really good food!

review_stars 01/16/2012 - Jeremy Franklin
The food was amazing, we the employees enjoyed the homemade food delivered to us at a more than reasonable price. Our receptionist had a problem when ordering the food too late in the week. On a Friday evening for a Saturday morning delivery and the owners were out of town and not able to deliver. She talked to an employee who was not a decision maker. She said she ordered at noon when I know for a fact she ordered later in the day. Unfortunately we the employees are the ones to suffer for her mistake - the food is great and I will continue to patronize them as a customer. The chicken, fish and spaghetti is great!

review_stars 12/17/2011 - jqke
Our company orders lunch for more than 25 employees on Saturdays. Upon placing our very first order with Kimberly, the owner at Wing Busters, she promised to deliver at noon and was 40 minutes late. Compromised employees schedules. Overlooked it, as it was their first time.

Second order,Kimberly was almost an hour late. Delivery time was for 1 pm, Kimberly didn't arrive until almost 2 pm. She did not call to say they were running behind. She and assistant came barreling in, left the food with no apologies or acknowledgement of tardiness. Forgot, napkins, utencils, etc. Just grabbed check and left.

Spoke to owner, Kimberly with regards to tardiness and explained however excellent their food may be, that they needed to work on their punctuality/customer service.I explained to her the next time,she would have to be on time as we would like to continue doing business with them if they could just correct this problem. No response.

Kimberly just stood there like a blinded deer and said nothing. Offered no excuse nor an apology or we will do better next time. She turned and walked out. Does not take honesty or constructive advice very well.

As of 12.16.11, placed an order again with them. Misha answered the phone and stated Kimberly was out of town. Asked Misha if she could take the order. She said yes and would also have Kimberly call me. Never heard back from anyone, but placed the order for Sat.12.17.11. at noon.

Called on Sat. to confirm order and deliverly on time, was told by Joe, that all was fine and yes they would deliver at noon. Time is now 11:15 pm.

Not more than 5 minutes later, received a call from Kimberly stating that order was not ready as she was out of town and they had no way to deliver to us. I told her we would be happy to go and pick it up. She said no, her workers told her the order was not ready. I explained to her that I just got off the phone and Joe confirmed the order and time of delivery. She said she would call them and get back with me.

Now time is 11:30.Spoke to Joe and he is now telling me the order he thought was for us was for someone else. Asked him if it was still possible to receive our order? He outright lied and said they never made our order having 10 minutes ago stating it was ready. I said, you've got to be kidding me? We've got 25+ employees to feed and you are just now telling me this? He said they had no way to deliver. I asked him, which is it, no available transportaion or you didn't make our order?

Never mind. This is how they conduct business! Lie, drop the ball at the last minute,extremely unrealible and unprofessional! Our company will NEVER EVER AGAIN, conduct business with Wing Busters. If you are a fund raiser or another company they will do the same thing to you. Working on their customer service is one thing, but one either has charater and integrity or they don't! Wing Busters, your food may be good, but you have a lot to learn in the business world. What you've done is extremely unprofessional. Grow up and learn something from your customers.

review_stars 11/01/2011 - Janel
I love this place. It's so cozy and friendly and the management is great. I ate here once with my friend, she had wings and I had a burger. It was SO good. The food was hot and fresh and just like my dads. And the hospitality was on point. Shortly after, we finished, the owner came out and asked us how everything was with genuine care and concern, then went on to tell us about the place. I was very impressed with this place as a whole.

review_stars 10/30/2011 - David
Was real busy but they still got my order of 200 wings out within 45 minutes. Real nice and friendly people. They work real hard. I was impressed on how clean everything was with the number of people that were there.

review_stars 10/10/2011 - Debbie
Had the garlic parmesan and it was great. Will definitely visit again.

review_stars 09/24/2011 - Daryl
Had the fish and I will have to say it was some of the best fish in Kansas City.

review_stars 08/15/2011 - Teri
Picked up wings for the football game. Gladly the wings were better than the Chiefs. Wings were real good.

review_stars 08/10/2011 - Jones
Enjoyed the food - liked my food cooked right then and there. Best to call your order in ahead of time.

review_stars 08/04/2011 - James
Went to the Harley Davidson happy hour and tried the wings catered from Wing Busters-Grandview. Fantastic.

review_stars 08/03/2011 - Stephanie
I love their wings and it is clearly stated that there will be a wait because food is cooked fresh. Also, the times I have been there I have encountered my order being short, but I consider that human error. I mean I've gone to McDonald's and was given a whole different order. For me it is about the quality of food and service. I love the people that work there.

review_stars 08/02/2011 - Ms Shelly
Food was great! Enjoyed the Lemon Pepper. I saw the other rater say they don't have real hours but but when I was there I noticed the hours of operation posted in 2 location. It did take 15 minutes to fill my order but they did tell me when I got there that food was made to order and that I would have a wait because there were several order in front of mine. Love the food and worth the wait!

review_stars 08/02/2011 - Scott Wilson
Where do I start about the terrible service I received from WingBusters Newnan? First off I'd like to say that I was very pleased with the owner the first time my wife went.

So, I decided to go again and get some chicken livers. I called ahead of time to ask about them, and boy how the guy bragged about how good they were. I ensured him that I was craving them and I hated them hard. He begins to talk all friendly and say these will be the best you've ever had. I told him I did not want them hard. He says they'll be cooked perfectly. I order and we go get them.

They are the worlds worst chicken livers I have ever eaten. If this is how they cook them then they obviously don't know what they're doing. I can cook them 100 times better than this. They are hard as a rock and I got nothing but crumbs, no liver really. Just a hard clump of crust throughout my whole plate. I should have looked inside, but I trusted the guy (bad mistake).

So beware, this wingbusters at 5 points doesn't know a damn thing about chicken livers, and will tell you anything to get your money. Thanks for nothing!

review_stars 05/24/2011 - Miss Bre
I love wing buster's. Its ghetto and u professional. They were out of cups and I was given half of a half of bread when I spend damn near $20. They have no real hours of operation so you have to go n hope they r there which can b irritating. If they invest in customer service and stop being cheap then it will b perfect because the food is amazing. Never had to wait long n food was always as expected they r just unprofessional

review_stars 02/24/2010 - Christal
I have ate here for the past 3 years. The food is good but customer service is not good at all. It always takes more than 30 minutes even when I call in the order ahead of time. Phone service is not good. They are not professional. They need to invest in a class for customer service or they will continue to loose business regardless of how good the food is.

review_stars 12/15/2009 - customer
loved it, try the lemon pepper wings!!!

review_stars 12/15/2009 -
Really enjoyed the food and the service! The lemon-pepper wings are to die for....

review_stars 11/08/2009 - Joe
I've ate here at least 8 times & I've given them the benefit of doubt. But Now I know that these are not Isolated Incidents. They have the worst customer service & takes a ridiculous amount of time for the food. They will tell me that it will take 15-20 mins. When it's always 45 min. or more Twice they have shorted my order when I was told it was my fault for not counting all the wings at the counter.

I'm not eating there anymore.

review_stars 11/03/2009 - Mare
Waited for 30 minutes only for them to give my order to someone who came in 20 minutes behind me. They told me it would be another half hour for my order (20 wings) and got snotty and rude when I couldn't wait and requested a refund. This was the 3rd time I've been there and the service always sux. I won't be returning and have several friends who agree, it's not worth the wait, bad service and mediocre food.

review_stars 09/16/2009 - Keiva
Me and some of my co-worker on 5 piece tender and 2 orders of lemon pepper and Cajun chicken today 9/16/2009. My order take about 30min because they was busy. But when I got back to work and started eating my chicken I notice that most of my chicken had hair on the chicken and it was so salted and grease. Now this is not right. I use to love coming and eating there but lately they have gone down hill. I requested my chicken be fried hard and it was not. My co-worker said the Tender was very hot and spicy. They just lost some customers never again will I send my money there I will just go to BWW for now on.

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