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Bay Haven Lobster Two

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2 Maple St
Cornish, ME 04020 (Map & Directions)
Phone: (207) 625-7303
Yum or Yuck?
Cuisine: Seafood, American, Steak
Neighborhood: Cornish

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Mon: Closed, Tue-Sun: 11am - 8pm

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Reviews of Bay Haven Lobster Two

review_stars 03/03/2018 - Julie Morse
This used to be one of our favorite places, but tonight certainly changed our mind. I realize it's new owners and they have to get the kinks out, but our experience is totally inexcusable:

While I was placing the order I was told they were out of the clam chowder - at 5:30 on a Saturday? But okay, I changed it to a seafood chowder. We no sooner hung up when they called back to say that they were out of the desserts we ordered:. Two Strawberry cheesecakes and they apple crisp! Changed it to a chocolate cream pie, choc/PB pie and an apple pie. We also confirmed that it would be ready an hour from time of ordering = 6:30.

At 7:20 I was getting concerned, as we only live about 20 mins away. My husband walked in about 7:40 - completely wriled up. He waited outside in the cold for over 45 mins (beyond when it was supposed to be ready!)
Once he got home we realized we were missing 2 Cole slaws, the rolls that were supposed to come with the fisherman's platter. There were only 2 pies - they didn't give us the apple pie. THEN I asked where the chowders were?? !!

Certainly was not worth $85.00 . It will be a long while before we consider giving it another try.

review_stars 10/21/2017 - ron
been going there for years live ,,10 miles away first time we ever had bad food wife order Larry's baked haddock to take home after we had our meal the top was all burnt and tasted bad I had onion rings with my meal and I could wring out the oil and put it in my car must have been a bad day for the cook waitstaff has always been very good I will still go and hope they will improve if not l'll go to McDonald's.

review_stars 08/21/2017 - Kim
Worst experience ever I have had burger was a frozen patty came out cold and with potato chips for nine bucks only had that because they ran out of prime rib and baked potato will never go again you expect a place of this fiber would have real Angus beef burgers not frozen burger king crap

review_stars 08/01/2017 - Ruth
Love Bay Haven in Cornish, price is right and the amount of food, WOW! So glad we have something like your restaurant, and not have to travel as far to get to the Ocean!!

review_stars 12/11/2016 - Carole
I have been going to Bay haven for years and have never been disappointed. Food is great, service is great and they always aim to please. I have witnessed some very rude people come in there but the staff and the menager take it in stride and try to please everyone. I ran into a friend last week there and he had never been there, when I saw him again on Monday he raved about the place. If you like good food at a reasonble price this is your restaurant.

review_stars 11/18/2016 - Paula Levier
My husband and I had heard so much about this place that we went there today on our 50th Anniversary for lunch. I ordered the lobster roll with the clam chowder. He ordered the stuffed baked haddock. We got 1 clam cake and onion rings for appetizers. The clam cake and the stuffing and the haddock we all undercooked. The stuffing was uncooked in the middle. The fish was not edible and the flour in the clam cake was not cooked. It was terrible. The lobster in my roll was shredded and spiced. I love lobster; but I think it has a taste of its own. Why put spices in it and why shred the meat? I have many great lobster rolls that were all chunks and whole meats. It was a terrible experience. I cannot see why all the hype. Perhaps we just went at the wrong time. The onion rings was extremely greasy. I bit into one and grease exploded all through my mouth. Yuk!! I'm sorry we wasted out time on our special day.

review_stars 07/17/2016 - Claudette
went to Bay Haven for some seafood chowder, thank goodness we only ordered a cup as it was worst chowder we have ever had, took it home for the cats. it was clams, co-hogs and a bit of salmon in warm milk very bland no flavor.Thank goodness the bake haddock was deliicious or it would of ruined our night.

review_stars 07/16/2016 - Anne
Stopped at BayHaven for lunch. The fish sandwich was good but the Lobster stew was terrible. 5.99 for a bowl of hot milk and 3 small pieces of rubbery lonster.

review_stars 10/05/2015 - D.B
My wife and I have eaten there four times.I would rate them 5 stars for Seafood and 4 stars for service. We highly recommend it!

review_stars 06/17/2015 - Chuck
My wife and I went for our anniversary, and I waited 1 yr. for prime rib, which my mouth was watering for. We arrived around 5:00 after a movie and waited about 1/2 hr. for a table. When it came time to order and said I wanted the prime rib, she said they were out. They ran out when we came in, so why didn't they take it off the menu near the door, or let customers know ahead of time. If you're having a special why don't you have plenty on hand?? Needless to say, I was very disappointed. I wound up having the steak tips, which were good, and my wife the seafood platter, which she likes a lot.and very good. Our waitress was good and kept up on drinks, etc. Would recommend to others and will make sure next time to get their earlier.

review_stars 02/26/2015 - sandra
Ordered lobster roll menu stated with butter or mayo however if you ordered butter it is extra. Lobster was cold and the melted butter(?) was liquid but very cold. Been here many times but the last couple of times food and service has not been good.

review_stars 02/14/2015 -
waited 1 hour, wife was very cold/should have announced out of clams/ won't go back

review_stars 02/14/2015 -
waited 1 hour, wife was very cold/should have announced out of clams/ won't go back

review_stars 08/25/2014 - janet
we have been a fan of bay haven for years!! 1-1/2 hrs wait,,awesome means delicious,i was wrong ordered drinks,nobody came back to see if w e wanted refills,took order waitress couldn't remember who ordered what for salads/dressings. seafood platter plentiful batter fell off easily,liked the fact frys were on side ,clams were gritty never ever had that problem! waitress never once came to see if things were okay/or needed anything else very busy though left her still a wonderful tip for pitty,, felt bad and glad I was not her.probably would not go back sad!!

review_stars 08/19/2014 - Denise Coutu
I have eaten many times at Bay Haven in the past and was always happy with the service and the food. Two weeks ago my husband and I stopped in for lunch and were very disappointed in both. To start the onion rings were the frozen kind you buy in the grocery store, next the tarter sauce was spoiled from being passed from table to table. As our waitress grabbed it from another table to give to us. Next the very small cup of clam chowder was awful the clams were rubbery the potatoes under cooked and over all tasteless. When the waitress came by it was obvious she saw these two things chowder and onion rings had not been eaten, but she did not once ask how our meal was. As I was playing with the chowder and telling my husband why I didn't like the chowder I dipped my spoon in and pulled out a long black hair. Since the waitress didn't seem to care how or if we enjoyed our meal we paid the check and left. We will not return to a place we once loved to frequent. One may ask why we didn't say anything? Good question. First you have to feel that someone would care and we didn't get that feeling from our waitress.

review_stars 08/10/2014 - Robin
It was the worst fisherman's Platter I have ever had, it was not cooked the batter was falling off greasy and the portion size was small and the fish only 2 pieces . I will never eat their again.

review_stars 08/04/2014 - Susan from NH
You had better come to Bay Haven when you're hungry because I can guarantee you will leave with a doggie bag!! Very generous portions of seafood. I had the combination fried scallops & clams and the scallops were sweet & delicious. The clams could've been cooked a little more because I like them crunchier, but they were very good. I also had the lobster stew & it was chock full of lobster meat! You definitely get your money's worth here & more!! I would have given 5 stars but the only shrimp choice was native & I like them bigger than that~

review_stars 08/03/2014 - bruce
Been going there for years. This year Aug 2, also my birthday, waited with party of 10 outside for 1 1/2 hours for a table and another 50 minutes for food to arrive. One person in party did not get his meal and waited another 10 minutes. This is definitely not the type of service I have seen in the past. Makes a person wonder??

review_stars 08/01/2014 - Linda
Me and hubby went here a few times. The food is excellent. Best seafood in the area. The portions are large and the staff is great. I highly recommend this restaurant . If I could give it more than a 5 star rating I would. Thanks for the great food and hospitality.

review_stars 05/24/2014 - sandra
I have been going to Bay Haven for years and find it excellent! The portions are large, seafood excellent, & am confused about the complaints written below because I have never had a problem. Many times you have to wait in line (worth the wait). I have always had excellent service. Waitresses are usually too busy to have a long chat with you which is fine because I am there for the seafood.

review_stars 03/16/2014 - Jean Wildes
My parents "Barb and Don" went up on March 16, 2014 and my Mom got the fisherman's platter and my Dad got baked haddack, the portion size is excellent...We would go baack!
P.S They brought me back a fisherman's platter as well

review_stars 08/26/2013 - Steve Foley
From the moment we were seated to our full bellies with some to take home, we agreed, "We're coming back."
I got the Tuscan Baked Haddock which was succulent and plentiful, nice and hot and juicy.
My wife got a lobster bun, I believe it is called which was lobster, light dressing with a hint of chive. An interesting combo with chive making it a winner.
Our sides were great, coleslaw, fish chowdah, and super crunchy fries. One more note on the fries, they were "outstanding", that from my wife and I agree.
Next visit I'm going for the 'Fisherman's Platter". If I have an issue with the clams as others posted as being undercooked, I'll send them back. That's what you do and any other actions as to complaining here and not letting the "house" make you happy is cheating ones self out of a super meal.

review_stars 08/17/2013 - Travis
I found my receipt so I can write this review we went to this est. on 7-20-13 and to make this short and sweet we got there and waited 30 min to e seated not bad and am willing to wait my turn. my family and I ordered a triple lobster and the fishermans platter and mt. dew. After it was deliver the waitress seem to not care anymore (13 Amanda) we sat with empty drinks between 10 to 15 min bill was $54.53 good food decent portions as long as you don't want anything to wash it down with. Our waitress seemed to enjoy her friends at this place of is then she cares about serving her customers, to the point where I almost asked anther waitress if she could get us drinks. If you decide to go to this place I wish you luck..

review_stars 05/21/2013 - Marvin Reinhard,Jr.
I have been going to Bay Haven since they opened, and have always bragged about what a great little place it was. I went there last week and it was terrible. I got the fisherman's platter which is small as I have ever seen it and the shrimp and clams were under cooked. I would have to say this place at best is on a scale of 1 to 5 is a 1 1/2. Sorry the food sucked period.

review_stars 05/10/2013 - lindasue
Very disappointed. New ownership? The clams were undercooked. Oil not hot enough? Baked scallops were really undercooked. Bought lobster meat and smelled very fishy. Would not go back.

review_stars 04/20/2013 - Dick
I must say my wife and I have been quite satisfied with the quality and especially the quantity and service of our many visits. We have tried to visit at least 4 or 5 times a year and we always order the large Fisherman's Platter. Out only issue has been with something which we have noticed the past few years and the server has not been able to explain to us why this happens. Everything is delicious but the clams and the shrimps were greasier on a few of the visits, the batter just falls off these two items and this is not the norm for this food. I do not know if it is due to these items having been frozen when placed in the grease or if they are not left in the grease as long as the rest, for we noticed the batter on the shrimps was much lighter then the scallops and fish ?
Would we stop going there due to this ? Naw, the rest is too good to miss out on, but we will start to mention this concern to our waitress each time we order in hopes that they will be able to correct the problem. The last time we did tell her after the meal when she asked if everything was good, and she said we should have mentioned it and she would have brought us a side dish of the items that were not tasting right, the shrimps were crunchy, greasy and the batter came off by merely touching.
Other then that we enjoy the ride there from Sanford, and find everyone there friendly and accommodating.

review_stars 09/10/2012 - Holly Herrick
The food was ok for the most part. one person in our party got sick, 3 didn't like the food.
As for service, terrible. No personality, almost felt like we were putting her out.
Too bad, we had always loved to eat here, but will have to re-think it next time we go out.

review_stars 10/21/2010 - Tammy
This place was great. we have a time share at Attitash Mountain was told by the desk clerk that Bay Haven had the best seafood around. My son and I went 3 times that weak the 45 min ride was worth it. The Portions are huge and the batter is light not greasy at all . I recommend the lobster roll and cup of chowders which was 10.99 at the time. the staff is very friendly . I suggest you bring a cooler if you have a long ride they also sell fresh seafood to take home at very very good prices. My only complaint we went back during high season of summer (1st week of august) although the food was just as good the portions did not seem as large . when I mentioned it one of the customers said it was usually like that . Off season is best and you won't wait for a seat.

review_stars 06/10/2010 - Deb
Food and service are excellent!! Have a summer place in Standish Me. The drive was not bad at all. So much food we couldn't finish it and desserts are great! Going back for our anniversary.

review_stars 09/24/2009 - joan
I've been to bay haven many times and have brought family members along because we enjoy it so much. The food and service is excellent. I'm looking forward to going this weekend. Clam and scallop plate is a favorite. We live in Ma and have a place in Denmark,Me and its a nice ride from Denmark. The town of Cornish is a fun place.

review_stars 11/08/2008 - Scott Frank, Meredith NH
we drive from Meredith NH to eat here which is over an hour just because it is so worth it. The place is very casual. Not frilly tables just down home comfortable. Jeans and tees for sure. The menu is unbeleivable. The freshest seafood and huge portions. Fresh lobsters in the lobby sit in a big tank and are available for purchase to take home and the prices for them are very consistant if not better than by the coast. The staff is busy and bustling but are very friendly and knowledgable. Its out of the way in country Cornish, Me but if you are passing by and looking for an incredible seafood experiance at excellant prices you have to stop. Not into the family laid back dining room? Try the lounge. A true seafood find. Tip.... The seafood platter will feed two comfortably.

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