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On The Crunchy Side

54% say Yum
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31 Main Ave N
Harmony, MN 55939 (Map & Directions)
Phone: (507) 886-5560
54% say Yum
71 people voted
Cuisine: American
Neighborhood: Harmony

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Reviews of On The Crunchy Side

Unhappy posted on 01/10/2012

My family was treated horribly, and he told my husband that children (mine being a 7yr old, well-behaved one) were not allowed. That he ran "a bar, not a playground". We will never return!

jrburgess1 posted on 06/03/2011

We stopped down to see Mystery and Niagra caves and stopped here for lunch. I highly recommend this place! Food and service was superb! Pricing was excellent, great value! After reading some of the other reviews I wish I would have tried the crab cakes. We both had burgers and they certainly weren't like any burger you get in the twin cities!!!!! Had a piece of cheese cake too and it was some of best cheese cake we've ever had, as good or better then homemade. Can't say enough good things about OTCS.

Mallory posted on 12/14/2010

A friend and I were visiting the Harmony area from Cedar Rapids one afternoon this past summer and came across the Crunchy Side and decided to stop by for a drink and appetizers while our boyfriends were out fishing. We're both 25, but look younger and get carded every place we go, so we willingly pulled out our ID's before we were even asked so the bartender could make sure we were of legal age when we took a seat at the bar to order a drink. He didn't even look at our ID's to see how old we were before he said "You must be joking if you think we're going to serve a couple kids!" He refused to even look at our ID's, let alone serve us! Since we had been out biking a bit that day and weren't really dressed "to the nines", I guess we weren't "good" enough to be served at such a "high end" business. What a way to run a business. Tourists bring in A LOT of money to this area. Shame on you for offending so many of us.

LINDA DEITER posted on 12/03/2010

I am from the cities and happen to own a high class business..<br /> And i have lots of money that can be spent. I was down on visit to see my grandmother in the Harmony Nursing home and me and my husband decided to grab a bite to eat. we decided to stop at the Crunchy Side. We walked into the bar and it seemed very nice friendly kind of environment the owner seemed very friendly at first.. Me and my husband sat down at the bar and ordered out food and asked what we would like to eat. not sure if this was the bar owner that served us but he seemed very angry kinda a rude personality.. He asked what we would like to drink my husband asked him for a beer and said that he did not own that kind of beer. So my husband said well give me a minute.. The bar owner then said how about you take that minute and walk it right out the door! announcing that we were being rude when all my husband asked was for a minute to think of something else to drink.<br /> Well I have 2 thumbs down for this place. And we had family that we were waiting for that was gonna come join us at this establishment. NEVER MIND THAT!! This bar would have had a lot of service that night. Could have brought in a lot of cash! But needed to be a very rude inconsiderate bastard! I think this man needs to learn how to treat his customers<br /> I know for a fact i would never treat my customers in the way he treated his. That's how you LOOSE BUSINESS BUDDY!!!!!!<br /> THINK ABOUT IT!!! And looks to your little page you don't have much of fans. I think its time you should learn from these posts. I hate to be this way but maybe you shouldn't be this kind of owner. <br />

Jenifer Williams posted on 10/25/2010

I was down visiting my husbands grandparents a few weeks ago over in Mabel. I am originally from Duluth area. We were driving around the area looking for some where decent to eat when we discovered this bar/restaurant. I figured we could give it a shot so we did just that. It was 8:40pm and we were told by the bar tender, a man with a weird mustache, that he was no longer making food but we could have chips. I told him I came in for supper and I thought they served until 9pm. He said NOT TONIGHT! I told him that the sign says until 9PM. He told me NOT TONIGHT again and told me to get out of his establishment and I was not allowed back in ever again. I later went back to my husbands relatives place and told them about my experience. They told me that he only allows certain people in his establishment that he chooses to be nice too. If he feels he doesn't like you, then he is extremely rude to you or kicks you out. He has his group of followers that idolize him like he's god, the rest he is extremely mean too. Apparently he only wants a clientele establishment. If that is the case, he should make that clear and maybe even have a V.I.P only place of business. Although, I don't see how that would fly in the small town of Harmony, Minnesota. It isn't like the town is full of certain special people. This man needs to have his place of business in a more congested city if that's the type of place he wants to run. I will never enter this place again, he doesn't need to kick me out, I will kick myself out.

Lydia posted on 08/19/2010

Oh my god! I have never seen a business like this in my entire life until now! The owner to this place told us we could not have food at 8:30pm and we could only eat chips. Someone that goes there on a regular basis who the owner considers "high class" wanted something to eat after 9pm and he willingly made them food. What a way to run a business. My husband and I left and did not plan on coming back. I later heard from some of my family members that the owner opened the bar/restaurant with the idea that he only wanted the "elites" of harmony to be allowed in. I noticed that he only treats certain people with respect. Does he want to run a business or not? I think he may need some intense therapy sessions along with some strong bi-polar meds.

RAN posted on 05/26/2010

Crunchy's has deliciously prepared sandwiches and entres and is very popular.

Janice posted on 12/25/2009

My family was treated HORRIBLE in this restaurant. The owner was walking around swearing and cussing at everyone. I also witnessed him pushing a girl down outside on the ice. What kind of business ownder is this? BI-POLAR MANIA FREAK!<br />

posted on 10/22/2009

I have never been treated so horrible! The owner is a complete jerk! He definitely doesn't know about small town friendly. He won't last long in business! People aren't treated in small towns the way he treats them! I'm telling everyone I know how terrible we were treated! Go back to the cities!

posted on 10/14/2009

great food... great people... great service...<br /> <br /> an amazing place to visit with friendly staff and wonderful food that is not found anywhere else in the area..<br /> <br /> definitely a must try for everyone

Mark posted on 04/16/2009

Wow. what a run down place. This place is not good at all. Food isn't any good, the beer is over priced. The manager is very rude and talks rather perverted. I wouldnt consider coming here again!

Sally posted on 03/17/2009

I stopped here on my way through my visit through Harmony. This place is awful! The guy who runs the place is a complete jerk that enjoys being rude to his customers! He also claims he has "gormet" pizzas but cooks up a nice roma pizza for 10 dollars! NOT WORTH IT! I give this place 10 thumbs DOWN!

posted on 03/04/2009

Great place; great food; great service; great night life also! What more can a person ask for?

posted on 02/17/2009

with the tall tin ceilings this place has great atmosphere and great food. live music, dj's, has it all

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