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ABC Amy's Baking Company & Bistro

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7366 E Shea Blvd
Scottsdale, AZ 85260 (Map & Directions)
Phone: (480) 607-0677
3% say Yum
183 people voted

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Restaurant Description

Amyís Baking Company is an upscale full service Retail Patisserie as well as a full service European Bistro and bar. Specializing in house made desserts, Italian Panini Sandwiches, Farm Fresh Organic Salads, house-made Artesian Pastas fine wines and custom Martinis.We make all our food from scratch using only the highest quality ingredients to ultimately produce a superb product. We are best known for our fanciful cakes and desserts, elaborately decorated with homemade butter cream frosting and edible flowers and glitter.

Hours: Tue-Thu: 4pm-9pm, Fri: 4pm-9pm-Lunch, 4pm-11pm, Sat-Sun: 4pm-9pm-Lunch, 4pm-11pm


Credit Cards Accepted



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$$$ $ - Cheap Eats (Under $10)
$$ - Moderate ($11-$25)
$$$ - Expensive ($25-$50)
$$$$ - Very Pricey (Over $50)



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Reviews of ABC Amy's Baking Company & Bistro

review_stars 12/04/2014 - Marie
Can you give 0 these people need to be deported and get mental health

review_stars 11/09/2014 - Ross khoosal
-100 that's the rating , piece of shit owners, too much plastic surgery on the bitch and no balls on the old man.

review_stars 07/03/2014 - Patty
I just got done watching Kitchen Nightmares with Gordan Ramsey....after seeing the show I have no
desire to eat at ABC Bistro....Unbelievable.....Ungrateful owners who don't appreciate help from a
world renown chef.

review_stars 04/11/2014 - Danielle
What a horrible experience I had! The elderly man "Sammy" was using the women's restroom while I was in there and he stunk the place to high heaven and clogged the toilet. He then started cursing & yelling & ordered this poor young waitress to bring a bucket & mop & clean it up! All his clamoring & hollering in loud broken English permeated the restaurant -- not to mention the stink -- and I was nauseous! The food was disgusting! Undercooked pizza & awful service. AVOID!

review_stars 04/07/2014 - What a joke
this place is the worst I would be scared for your life Amy is crazy

review_stars 04/05/2014 - Chris
I can't believe this place is still open! Amy you
Need to take a breath. Your deserts look beautiful but you should leave the rest alone. Sammy you need some balls. You are not helping your wife by not being honest wuIth her. You are both toxic together. I am sorry to say at your current rate your business will continue to lose customers. Taking the servers tips is not just dishonest but it shows lack of character. You should both consider meds. Good luck.

review_stars 04/05/2014 - Mom in San Diego
The pastries and desserts may be appealing, but at what price with your soul do you pay to eat there. I'd be afraid they would pull out weapons and kill me if a complaint was made. Surprised Amy is still in business with her obnoxious attitude. Whatever happened to "the customer is always right"?

review_stars 02/27/2014 - Laurie Hudson
WOW...I wonder Amy, what you thought when you saw your behavior on TV? You are way too defensive and I honestly think you should stick to the bakery aspect of your business because that seems to be the only area you did well in. Good luck and don't be so afraid of your mirror. You're a beautiful girl on the outside.. now take a look within. :-)

review_stars 11/23/2013 - claudius
you have got to be kidding if you give any props up to this business.
the last review of 5 stars has to be from one of the owners friends or be them (truly these scumbag felons can't have any friends)
The food sucked, wouldn't feed my dog this crap, feel sorry for her cats, hope they get food from a pet shop, not her!

review_stars 05/30/2013 - vince of NJ
After watching the show they disrespect Chef Gordon who has many shows and is a world cooking chef. His knowledge is priceless and the two owners are clueless. They will find out when they go out of business and invested 1 million into it. They could of got therapy for a lot less, and just shut up,be professional and LISTEN!! So cheering for you to go out of business. These are not hate bloggers We are customers who pay your salary and you act like you are gods

review_stars 05/24/2013 - my name
I have never been to your place of business, and never will after seeing the show with Chef Ramsey. I am not going to preach and tell you how I think you should run or ruin your restaurant. What I will say is, Chef Ramsey is a World renown Chef. I know he could of helped make your place #1 in your area, if you would accept that all your methods are not perfect. But I have to say as someone on the outside looking in, you are two of the rudest. unprofessional and disrespectful people have ever seen. You deserve to lose you business for the way you treat your customers and staff. You keep the tips? How ungrateful can someone be. these people live on there mainly tips. I think you both need to see a professional or be checked into a mental facility.

review_stars 05/20/2013 - Phillip A.
Worst restaurant ever. And PIZZA!

review_stars 05/18/2013 - Lynnette Hardin
I just can't believe this restaurant! The owner is just mean as hell and the cook is worse. They scream and yell right in front of their customers?!? I seriously think they are the worst I've ever seen.

review_stars 05/17/2013 - Henry Higginbotham
The BEST toasted sandwiches in the state

Lovely ambiance with music from the "House Band " The Rusty Trombones

No need to tip !

review_stars 05/17/2013 - Kaleb
These two idiots should be institutionalized! Your 15 minutes of fame is up! Thank goodness. Don't bring God into it! How dare you invoke the obscenities you have and then bring God's name into your world! You are nothing but low lifes!

review_stars 05/16/2013 - Dan Hobbes
This is one amazing bistro! Sammy, as if he needs it, thinks he's entitled to tips that are meant for the wait staff and his lovely wife thinks that she is entitled to crap on a plate and have people thank her for it. The owners are psychotic and wrapped up in some sort of sick co-dependency. Sammy may have married for love but can't get out now even though he knows he should. Sammy basically can't leave Hagatha because she'll suck him dry in a divorce settlement. It ain't worth it dude. Run Sammy! Run fast, run far! Run while you still can!

review_stars 05/16/2013 - David
ZERO stars is what this pace gets! I couldn't believe how terrible the food was and how rude the psycho chef and owner were when I sent it back. They are TRULY delusional and deserve each other-IN HELL! Scottsdale should take action against them. I truly believe though that this is a money laundering scheme or tax right off by the old mobster husband how duped the stupid talentless psychotic wife into believing she had enough talent to pull it off. The IRS should check into this places records.

review_stars 05/15/2013 - Karen
I saw only one 5 star review. It must have been Amy or Samy who wrote it because they are the only people who think anything is good.

review_stars 05/14/2013 - lucy summers

review_stars 05/13/2013 - Moe bataineh
Since I have been working in restaurant industry as a dishwasher , busboy , chef, server, and a manager; here is my review :
1: you both owners are mentally disturbed and unstable to run a Buisness or even to drive a car

2: you both owners are rude and unfit to deSl with as sane normal human beings.

3: If your restaurant's food were my only savior from starving to death, I will be gladly starve to death instead.

4: how the hell you crazy unstable people steal the poor waitress tip !!!?

5: the state of Arizona should close your doors simply because you disgrace the whole state!

review_stars 05/13/2013 - joe G
Amazing someone gave it 5 stars on a date they were closed. Not right giving yourself reviews on your own restaurant. These owners are felons that were convicted a few years ago for stealing money and it continues.

review_stars 05/12/2013 - Absolutely Shocked
We seen the show. I watched both husband and wife very carefully. Amy you need to be on meds. You act like your at a level of bi-polar manic. I have seen and been with another person who acted like you and she was diagnosed bi-polar put on meds and now does not act like that. I also believe your husband did not show you all the food that came back because he did not want to put up with your screaming, walking out/or closing the kitchen down. I think he loves you alot and was trying to keep you calm so there would be no conflicts with you. I know, because that girl I told you about, her husband did the same thing. Its too bad you would not let the waitresses do their jobs..... ordering, running the machine, collecting their in EVERY restaurant. They CAN report you to the labor board for unfair practices. You SHOULD HAVE accepted the Chef's help. Its a shame you are so arrogant because of your instability that you wont do anything about and ruined your chance at the Chef's help. I will maybe stop there for a desert because they look delicious but not to be in good company because I have seen how you act.

review_stars 05/11/2013 - Jvb32
These guys were a joke... A bunch of neurotics psycho.. That' doesn't even deserve a rating.they steal tips from their staff and Amy is a fucking bitch from hell... I hope they close their doors for they are horrible people. The food taste like garbage and not even suitable as dog food....

review_stars 05/11/2013 - jody
I hope the irs catches up with the these douche bags..for stealing these girls tips..also if anyone ever told me I didn't know what I was eating because they served me bad food they would be wearing it!!

review_stars 05/11/2013 - Chaney
You get zero stars...
I went to eat asked for pizza and got dough.
I tried eat it but said "Hell No!"
Then you started shouting at me like I was some kind of ho!
You know what fuck you guys I gotta go.

review_stars 05/10/2013 - Amy
What a joke.

review_stars 05/10/2013 - Emily
Unprofessional. Borderline verbally abusive environment. Desserts are satisfactory, but the other items on the menu are below standards.

review_stars 05/10/2013 - bobby brown
I had high hopes of some fine dining on my date with my soon to be bride, but it all became a nightmare the pizza wasn't done so we sent that back and disided to order something else instead, which was even a bigger mistake... the food what nasty I wouldn"t feed their food to my poor dog let along her kats We we tried to leave they wanted me to pay for everything even the food we had return with only one bite out of it than all hell broke lose yelling and fighting between her Amy and her Husband than Amy fired a few employers while i sat their at awe....not a good place for any one the state should step in and force them to close their doors.....

review_stars 05/10/2013 - Olivia
This place does not even deserve one star. I think McDonalds has better food then her and thats not saying much. SAVE YOU MONEY!!!DO NOT EVER EAT HERE ITS HORRIBLE OWNERS ARE ASSES, AND RUDE.

review_stars 05/10/2013 - Allen
Something is wrong the sign should read free food for all the cuts in the city maybe they won't send it back the owners are so rude why don't you do everyone a favor and shut the doors

review_stars 05/10/2013 - Ed
Boy I just watched the show Why would anyone even try to work or eat in that place GO TO BURGERKING

review_stars 05/10/2013 - Deanna W
After watching Chef Ramsey try to help the owners of this company I am truly appalled to find out the owners keep the waitresses tips. Shame on them, Amy the wife really has no clue how to run a company and yells at her staff. The husband does not tell his wife the truth. I would never eat at this place. Thinking the employees should turn them into the labor board. Delusional owners with anger management issues.

review_stars 05/10/2013 - JC
Chef is non-existent, food sucks and tastes like recycled dog food.These scum bags keep the waitresses tips. Hopefully they go bankrupt asap.

review_stars 05/10/2013 - Susan Smith
I could not believe they would not accept Chef Ramsey's help. I owned a small sandwich/antique store and never, ever, would I have raised my voice at anyone. Anytime someone complained, which was not often, I would give them something else they wanted and I would try better. I would have been thankful to have had the girls they showed working for me. It's obvious the husband is afraid of his wife and she acted like a four year old. And what made it worse is acting like that and then saying that God has her doing what she is supposed to do. If that were the case, she would be humble and teachable and be thankful for every person that walks through that door and she would have self control. Wow, what a shame.

review_stars 07/05/2011 - heather
If heaven had a taste, it would be ANYTHING on Amy’s menu. My favorites are the French Onion Soup and Lobster Ravioli. Absolutely sublime. And, of course, it’s a baking company. The confections in her baking case are as delicious as they are beautiful. And everything is made fresh. Every day. No exception. Amy’s would be a perfect place for a romantic dinner. The decor is beautiful. The pace is relaxed. Amy and her husband do everything. Cook, wait tables, chat with customers. They are delightful. Some people complain that the prices are too high or the service is too slow. To those people I say, there’s a McDonald’s on every corner but there’s only one Amy’s. The ambiance, the excellent food and the charm of the owners are unparalleled. I’ve eaten at T. Cook’s and Mary Elaine’s on several occasions and Amy’s beats them both out. It’s not even a fair comparison. I hope Amy’s is around for a long time to come.

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