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Cafe Zog

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239 Wickenden St
Providence, RI 02903 (Map & Directions)
Phone: (401) 421-2213

74% say Yum
39 people voted
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Enjoy live music
Hours: Open daily: 7am-midnight


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$ $ - Cheap Eats (Under $10)
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Reviews of Cafe Zog

Eilsel Norac posted on 09/27/2010

What is wrong with people? This Cafe is delightful! Been there several times now since moving to Providence and never saw "flies" or "mice." What a shame that disgruntled employees can be so cruel AND get away with being able to write bad reviews. Shame on you all and shame on this website that allows it!

Shan posted on 07/04/2010

I went there this morning with friends and had a great experience! The chocolate chip pancakes were absolutely delicious and the music and environment were perfect! I am so excited to go back and try some other delicious food.

really? posted on 05/27/2010

its a shame when a business gets a bad review because of angry ex-employees. maybe you should grow up and stop ruining a companies name for your own benefit. personally i thought the cafe was simply amazing for a first time customer. & i will certainly be returning and i suggest this location to anyone who enjoys a great cup of coffee and some lunch. =)

Ex-employee posted on 01/30/2009

I worked at Cafe Zog too. I think you shouldn't say these nasty things just because you couldn't work there. At least Julio hired you where others I think would never hire you. His mistake is that he hires a lot of people from the street without checking them properly. He doesn't require them to be experiences and then when they screw up and leave they keep saying bad things.<br /> <br /> I haven't seen flies over there as well as mice. Also food is always clean and fresh because Julio requires all the ingredients to be fresh and prepared just before you serve them. <br /> <br /> Before saying bad things about someone, who gave you a job when the economy is so bad, try to find a job at other places. Then come back and say what you think about other employers. May be they just wouldn’t hire you because they think you’re not a good employee.<br /> <br /> Good luck!<br />

posted on 01/24/2009

You guys should not gve your anger out just because you got fired. You should just admit that the food is pretty awsome. you shoudnt give bad reviews about a place that is fine. There are no rats or bugs. Anyways if you worked there then I know that you got to eat there for breakfast. I go to Cafe Zog almost everyday with my father. All the people that work there are very kind maybe you people are the ones that act rude. As a matter of fact i am goin there right now. ps. Julio is a nice guy and i know him as a good friend. I know that he would pay you your check.

Nikoleta111 posted on 12/23/2008

Bad reviews are coming from ex-employees NOT because we're "mad" because Julio Fonseca (owner of Zog and Geoff's Superlative Sandwiches) fired us, but because WE QUIT because it's nasty and he cheats us our rightful pay, and we only worked there in the first place because the economy is so bad we had no choice. <br /> <br /> I worked at cafe zog and recently left. Yes I am a disgruntled ex-employee; because Julio (the owner) has "forgotten" to send my paycheck for a month now, despite repeated phone calls. I don't think I'm ever going to see that money - because he is a cheap semi-exploitative boss, and guess what, the quality of the food and service reflects that. The $4/slice pies are bought from some huge bulk megastore. Service takes so long because we're constantly running out of ingredients because instead of having them delivered in bulk, he sends workers to buy them from BJs.<br /> <br /> The dishes are washed right inside the bathroom- which is smaller than many closets. Toilet and dish-washing sink, hand in hand.<br /> <br /> There are mice. Flies crawl over everything and instead of covering the pastries, Julio Fonseca sprays soapy water in the air above the flies.<br /> <br /> Probably Julio gets away with all this because he is friends with half the providence police department, who come in every morning for breakfast. He whispered with one of them for 15 minutes and then the cop followed me into the bathroom (where I was, surprise, washing dishes) and told me he wanted to take pictures of me. When I accused Julio of trying to pimp me to his friends, he only laughed.<br /> <br /> So yes, the service can be cranky. The turn-over rate is extraordinarily high - no surprise, for $7.40/hr - and the veteran staff are either naturally bitchy or just toughened by crappy working conditions.<br /> <br /> I feel bad if this review affects business and then others' jobs, but very few stay there long anyways, and the place really has to improve. so, if you're on Wickenden St, either boycott Zog's or tell the owner (Julio) that they should shape up.

posted on 09/06/2008

My boyfriend and I went to breakfast at Cafe Zog and had one of the worst dining experiences. The wait was ridiculous. We waited almost half an hour for our food to arrive. Once the food did arrive, it was incorrect. Most of the food on the plate was not edible. Mly pancakes were burnt, homefries under cooked, and eggs runny. I would never eat here again. The food is overpriced and not up to par. They should not be allowed to even serve breakfast in a place like that. There is no kitchen. Everything was being cooked in a microwave or on the one skillet they had set up. Do not waste your time or money here...

posted on 07/24/2008

Employee write badly about it , because they know how dirty everything is that you cant see> like all the food you eat is stored down in a cellar where there are tons of mice and the refrigerators are never cleaned everything is on the floor. not many employees are fired they actually quit like i did. I couldnt stand working for that place, and he bought it from another woman so technically it has been there a long time just not the same owner. and you would be a little livid too if you keep getting money stolen from your paycheck every week. and Im just warning customers not to eat there I did so even when i was an employee. It was the only place hiring at the time and i needed money. I didnt really want to work there

Satisfied One posted on 05/27/2008

It is totally a shame that former employees are the ones writing terrible reviews for Zog. This is just wrong. I have been dining there for years and have not seen "flies" or any other "dirty" floors, tables, etc. The place is great and has been in business for years so that speaks for something. To all you former employees, you are just mad that you got fired, let go, etc. Knock it off.

posted on 09/12/2007

this place is disgusting!!! it is totally overpriced and there are flies everywhere. the service is slow and the employees are totally RUDE!!! go to coffee exchange, zog is a rip off.

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