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Jake's Bar & Grille

($$) - Closed
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373 Richmond St
Providence, RI 02903 (Map & Directions)
Phone: (401) 453-5253
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Restaurant Description

*This restaurant has closed. If this restaurant is open or has reopened, just let us know.

Live Music Saturdays - no cover


Kitchen open until midnight

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Credit Cards Accepted


Good for Kids


Yes - full bar


Price Point
$$ $ - Cheap Eats (Under $10)
$$ - Moderate ($11-$25)
$$$ - Expensive ($25-$50)
$$$$ - Very Pricey (Over $50)


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Reviews of Jake's Bar & Grille

review_stars 11/21/2010 - J
Great restaurant and atmosphere and huge props to the person who put that jerk in his place. I didn't realize you could get a college degree in restaurant-closure-predictions. Aside from that, if you are looking for delicious food in an unpretentious setting, look no further!

review_stars 12/03/2007 -
Good food and nice people, but poorly managed. If the place lasts another 18 months I'd be suprised

OH NO!!! I'd better start sending out my resume! 18 months huh? Where'd you get that number? Why not 17 months or 26 months? Your Nostadamus-like forecast kind of reminds me of when the bank gave us 6 months before we'd get foreclosed on. Lets see?...oh, right, that was almost 9 years ago! Seeing as though we had no prior experience in "the buisness" before this venture & basically sold our souls(not to mention the fact that they wanted my first born) to open, I believe we have succeeded expectations far beyond my wildest dreams. As the years go by I watch restaurants drop like flies around me(75% go under within 6 months/supposedly) while I, unknowingly, manage my livelyhood straight into the ground w/my so-called "poor management "skills. Thee ONLY difference between them & me is that most of the time, those places could care less about closing because they're usually bankrolled by some bored millionaire & his creative housewife, who, if they fail, chalk it up to "experience" or better yet Tax purposes. Also, they're not there everyday working themselves into the ground(both phsyically & mentally). They might stop in a few times a week, raid the cash register & buy their friends dinner & drinks, all the while, the head chef is wondering why the hell is this guy making a mockery of my food cost that I've killed myself over to lower every month(not just on my own time but in my dreams too). That said Mr. Edgar Cayce, if somehow we were to close our doors in...say...18 months sounds good. I can guarantee your smart ass, that it's going to be under my own control & it won't be because of poor management either. It will most definitely be because of the fact that I'll be institutionalized for dealing with snotty, ignorant, know-it all, message board/reviewing computer trolls like you who never had the balls to follow your dreams. Rather ,just take that miserable 9-5 cubicle job & pretend that your happy & doing what you've always dreamed of. If you have been in my shoes & actually worked hard for a living ,than you most definitley would not be on here making Food & Beverage fiscal forecasts, as if you have a professional CPA leg to stand on. In MY opinion though ,I can see straight through your little world & I'm pretty sure that your not in this buisness, but, rather, a local closet drunk, whom, after gettin all tanked up, runs home to his computer & writes reviews as if anyone really could give two shits about your opinion on local bars. I also have a sneaking suspicion that your one of those needy customers who is always demanding attention & small talk, because he can't stand going home to talk with his family & on top of that a shitty tipper. Thanx for your forecast though & I'll be sure to check back in EXACTLY 72 weeks. In the meantime, squeeze a shot of Jameson's outta your nose for me & give a big cheers to the holidays

review_stars 09/20/2007 - Al
Good food and nice people, but poorly managed. If the place lasts another 18 months I'd be suprised.

review_stars 09/18/2007 - Steve
Never had a bad meal here, and my wife and I have had at least 2 dozen over the last 5 years. Great music venue and only started charging a cover (usually $5) earlier this year. Great selection of beers. Great bartender - George

review_stars 09/15/2007 - jake

I'm so sorry Eman. For future reference we have(& always have) had music every Saturday for the past 7 years. Just this past January we started charging a cover(which the bands get 100%) & any patron in the bar after 9, whether they've been there or not has to pay, if they are going to stay. The cover charge goes directly to the bands(100%). Also, we have posted on the front door every Sat., a band poster w/cover charge & time. In the future, if you have a problem w/an establishment maybe you should contact the management or owner to voice your complaint, instead of trashing them on line, as if anybody wants to hear you whine about paying a $6 cover to a great, hard working band like the Wrong Reasons(CD release). We've been in buisness for 8 years & so far your the first to make this sort of complaint. When in reality you were told on more than one occasion by the waitress that if you were going to stay that you would have to pay a cover. You had told them you weren't going to stay & only after 45 min.-1 hour did they then ask you for the cover. If the service was good & the bartender nice, why then after spending 4-5 hours there did you only leave a $4 tip? As far as Worcester, Mass. goes? Yeah, you sound like you'd fit in much better with the WORCESTER MASS crowd. Thanx again for trashing us & next time, like I said, call management or the owner(me) if you have a problem, instead of trying to trash someone's livleyhood. Sorry once again.

review_stars 09/08/2007 - Eman
Jake’s: Good food, poor customer experience

This past Friday the 8th, I decided to stop by Jake’s in Providence, RI for a burger, a beer and to watch the baseball game between the Red Sox and the Baltimore Orioles. Little did I know that they were going to have a band performing that night.

I had a Jake’s burger with fries which was really good. The burger is stuffed with bleu cheese which gives them a unique flavor and the fries were nice and hot. The bartender was a really nice guy that I have seen there before. I did enjoy a couple of beer and was enjoying the game, when all of the sudden, he cam to me and said that if I wanted to stay for the show, I would have to pay and additional 6 dollars, which caught me by surprise since I had spent already 34 dollars and was still enjoying a beer and watching the game.

As a customer who has been there many times before, I felt disrespected and insulted. I would have understood for the request if I were having a beer and nothing else, but the fact that Not only did I had dinner there, but I was still enjoying another drink and watching the game made the request awkward and embarrassing.

I did request my tab and paid, but wrote on it the poor customer service experience I had. Not only they lost on more profit, since I left and went to another establishment, they also may have lost a customer. What I my alternative to find great food and excellent service?

To the management at Jake’s: Thanks for disrespecting your customers and make them feel unappreciated. I guess that you don’t need our money. But realize that the more customers you disrespect, the more you loose.

review_stars 04/30/2007 -
want to know whats going on in providence? whos who in providence? where to go to get the local flavor? its here at jakes. great for 'industry' peeps after shifts.

review_stars 01/22/2007 -
Excellent atmosphere & THEE BEST jukebox I've ever seen. Best food for the money of any bar and grill in providence. You can tell the food is fresh & not frozen or canned like most bar & grill types. One of the only kitchens in providence open till midnight(full menu) EVERY night. Live music once or twice week, but the bands they bring in are quality. Also great private garden patio in the spring, summer & fall. Very strong drinks too!!! Cheap beers up to expensive, hard to find imports

review_stars 12/03/2006 - MenuPix User
Great bar to grab a drink with friends, maybe get a a bite to eat. The kitchen is open late and the menu has the full array of bar food, plus burgers, sandwiches, and other entrees. It's a cool small music venue too.

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