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241 Union Sq
Milford, NH 03055 (Map & Directions)
Phone: (603) 672-2270

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Top Reviews of Pasta Loft

review_stars 10/24/2012 - Townsend_Local
25 cent wings on Sunday - awesome. Pizza = awesome, and the food is great all around. My fav. local spot by far

review_stars 07/23/2011 - Datenight adventures
My boyfriend and I tried the Pasta Loft based on a friend's recommendation, and loved it. We risked sitting on the deck during this heatwave we are having and were so glad we did. The food was great. I had triple lobsters for $22, which came with a side of vegetables, soup and salad. Great deal. My boyfriend had the prime rib with mashed potatoes, also delicious. Only problem we should have skipped the appetizer, too much food. Waitstaff was very helpful and knowledge, suggested a drink when I couldn't decide. We will be back.

review_stars 07/07/2011 - Townie
It's just not the same! Everything has gone downhill in the last few years. The service is horrible, it takes forever to get a refill and your food order taken. I don't know how many time the bread is "forgotten" AND the "salad"...that's a salad???? It's 2 pieces of limp lettuce with a mushroom slice and 1 tomato. Won't go back anymore

review_stars 09/01/2010 - Jim Carboni
Triple Lobsters is what you want, then, The Pasta Loft is for YOU. Eating on the open/top deck is a dream. Great food. "Try it, you'll like it."

review_stars 07/18/2010 - Out of Towner
If you are ever in the town of Milford THE PASTA LOFT is the place to stop. They have a outside roof top deck; and full dining room and dining down stairs! The food is excellent and the service is welcoming and friendly. They run specials during the week so I'd call and see what the special is. I will definitely be back!!

review_stars 06/23/2010 - Mary
I was there monday evening on the deck and had a great time with my friends. They have Mojito Mondays on the deck and they are to die for! Food is always top notch and service is fun and they treat you like family.

review_stars 06/06/2010 - Jo Jo
Great place to eat and drink at. They have a great bar with atmosphere, a wonderful dining room upstairs and a large deck for outdoor dining. They have recently added a wine bar with a fireplace that is also nice. We love the menu as there is so much to choose from and so far everything that we have had there is delicious. The help is wonderful and they all go the extra mile to make you happy. Have never seen any yelling or shouting by anyone that works there and now go there often. Try it you will like it!

review_stars 05/16/2010 - Sam
Had a great lunch up on the deck this afternoon! Wings were good and drinks were also good. Can't wait for next sunday!

review_stars 05/10/2010 - Kelly
My family and my fiances family went in yesterday for Mothers Day and had a great experience per the usual. We had a newer waitress, Erin, and she was great.... it was slammed in there and she always had a smile on her face and was on top of getting us what we needed when we needed it. The female manager stopped by our table to check on things and was very pleasant and sincere.

Also, cant go wrong with the triple lobster deal... Triple lobsters, soup, salad, and a side for only $19.99!!! You cant get that deal buying 3 lobsters at Market Basket and cooking it yourself. Also, drink are always good and inexpensive.

We will def be back next Mothers Day!

review_stars 05/10/2010 - pazzaloffff
"28 year old girl posted on 09/21/2009"....

Wah, you were drunk in a bar AFTER LAST CALL and got kicked out after arguing with another drunk person, deal with it! You obviously go there often, how else would you know the random persons name who you got in an argument with? No wonder why Tara wasn't sympathetic to you, she is constantly dealing with Milford townies like yourself who feel they are owned something because you are "loyal customers". Lame.

review_stars 05/09/2010 - Nora
We just came from the Loft for a mother's day dinner and found it to be top notch as usual. Very good customer service with special attention from the server and manager. Three out of 5 of us had the triple lobster special and could see they all enjoyed the meal. I had the best prime rib ever and my daughter had the lobster ravioli which I had to try. The sauce was excellent. Even thou we were all stuffed we just had to have some dessert. Try the toll house cookie with ice cream and whip cream...yummy. Can't wait for our next visit.

review_stars 04/30/2010 - sue

review_stars 04/22/2010 - Tim
Go all the time have no clue what a few of these people are talking about . The owners keep bringing new things to town deck new wine bar AWESOME!

review_stars 04/13/2010 - won'tbeback
The management is horrible to say the least. The servers and bartenders run around like mad and the owner just screams while his manager holds her cup of coffee or stuffs her face. We have been going to the pasta loft for about 5 years and it just keeps getting worse. Sad to see such a fun place turn so quickly.

review_stars 04/03/2010 - Scorp
3 of us went to the Pasta Loft on Friday 4/2. I have been many times. This place need a chef the food is getting BAD. The lobster special is not worth it. The salad is gross its like 2/3 pcs of lettuce. no kidding..The portions are poor, its all PASTA.. ordered shrimp scampi all pasta and like 5/6 pcs of small shrimp for 17.95 ripoff. Service is not great.. the owner walks around the place pullin up his shorts showing his boxes, bathrooms are very dirty. Health dept should check this place out.

review_stars 03/24/2010 - Jonas Grumby
Terry Connor is an A-hole.

review_stars 02/04/2010 - Dedicated
BY FAR THE BEST RESTAURANT IN TOWN!! FUN MUSIC, GOOD MEMORIES AND A STAFF THAT IN UNFORGETABLE!! It seems like previous posts people had personal complaints which I find hard to believe. The employees are friendly, knowledgeable, fun, and they respect my patronage. The food is very reasonable and tastes wonderful. There is plenty of options from sandwichs, steak, lobster and GREAT brick oven pizza. Drinks are not expensive at all. I encourage others to TRY IT!! They have a roof top deck that is hopefully opening soon!! I continue to go back after 12 years and Thank the owner for running a promising establishment and his staff for staying by his side. TRY IT you'll go back!!

review_stars 12/12/2009 - New To Milford
This place was great! Atmosphere was cozy with Christmas music in the background. Just felt warm! Bartender very sweet and even bought us a holiday cocktail!! We will certainly be back. Thanks for a wonderful evening!!

review_stars 11/21/2009 - truly disappointed
Re "disappointed", I was at the same show you were at. Sounds like you were fortunate enough to not have to deal with the owner, or your review would have even been more hilarious, but just as true. I got there early and witnessed a shouting match between the owner and one of the band members. The owner got so out of control, the entire crowd that was already there just stopped what they were doing and stared; dead silence.. A lot of people were talking about it throughout the night as the owner ran around the restaurant and was alternating between incoherently mumbling that the lead singer would not speak to him and raising his voice about being entitled to "respect". He was making the patrons very uncomfortable and acting pretty unstable. He even got caught trying to make a bootleg video of the show, and the lead singer had to tell him from the stage to stop the camera or he would stop playing. Despite this the owner kept taping. Would you really expect a higher quality patron in a place like this? Loved your review, by the way, it was dead on.

review_stars 11/21/2009 - EnglishBeatFan
Hey, some of you must be talking about the English Beat show. The band was totally awesome as usual, but the The Pasta Loft, not so much. I know what happened. The owner was trying to keepGeorgette from going to the show. I know Georgette because she runs The Dave Wakeling Appreciation Society on Facebook and the band's Twitter page, and I think some other things too. I found out about this show from her. I have talked with her and she is a total sweetheart I thought she had been kicked out, but then I saw her later on and asked her what happened. She told me she didn't want to talk about it and to just have a great time and support the band and thanked me for coming. I have heard rumors about what happened, and I can't imagine anyone wanting to treat her like that, she is so easy to get along with and so helpful. .

review_stars 11/18/2009 - disappointed
The Pasta Loft in Milford is where dreams go to die. I'm convinced it's what Thoreau was referring to when he wrote about "leading lives of quiet desperation". The women were so ugly their faces could stop clocks, the men so ignorant the only positive affirmation they could utter was in the form of a wounded canine howl.

People always criticize teenagers for bad form, but it's the middleaged that are truly obnoxious. The patrons of The Pasta Loft have no real appreciation for music. They were just backwoods blue collar drunks. It's likely that they were raised by wolves. Such bad manners, such bad grooming....

And the stage. It looked like a pathetic piece of driftwood, floating in the sea after a terrible plane crash. All the band could do was hang on for dear life.

When I walked in I saw my full ethnic name scribbled in BIC pen on the guest roster. I became so upset at the thought of future archeologists ever finding out that I attended this shithole that I walked over, tore off the portion with name and challenged the waitress to dare try and fight me. I mean honestly! I've sucked dicks in finer establishments than this!

review_stars 11/18/2009 - pretty people
replying to the previous post.... I attended the show and it was a great time . Pretty people and great food and fun . So sorry you feel this way .It sounds like you got ripped off???

review_stars 09/25/2009 - re-28 yr old grl
replying to previous post..:: that is terrible.. im very close to previously terminated employees, and i can say that is dissapointingly not suprising.. tara the manager, im sorry to say only cares about the $ going into her pocket (salary + tips) and its generous because of customers like "jay" and the 40 others still left standing after you were shoved out..i can even bet terry conner the ouner that is " unable to ever get ahold of" had/ has no clue of the situation, or told her to bullshit you as she oviously did..hes not negotable so it wouldnt have been worth your time talking to him either.. he uses a rag for a filter in his lobster tank, yup 20 for 3! its moldy and everyones hands are in it. i suggest amegos next time.. or manchester, nashua... pasta loft milford is rotting from the inside out ..

review_stars 09/21/2009 - 28 year old girl
The management is absolutely rude and disrespectful. I went there one night and after last call and paying my bill, one of the regulars there started to ask me rude personal questions which he was upset about. He was obviously drunk and disorderly, as he couldn't even stand in one place, as he was shuffling back and forth in front of me... and after a few seconds of the guy asking me questions, and me answering him calmly... the bouncer SCREAMED at ME very rudely to leave. He scared me, and I told him I had to get my jacket. At first he almost didn't let me, as he kept yelling I had to leave. After grabbing my jacket I stood around near the front entrance door looking around for my friend that I went there with and the bouncer seeing that I was standing by the door looking around screamed at me again saying I had to leave NOW!!!
I asked him why I had to leave when there were still over 40 people in the bar and I did nothing wrong, and instead of answering me like a professional human being he ran and jumped over a table and down some stairs... with wide crazy threatening eyes he landed next to me and PUSHED me out the door!
The next day I called up and asked to speak to the manager and also asked if I could speak to the owner. They said there was no way I could get ahold of the owner, he didn't have a phone number and that I was only to speak to the manager, Tara. I told her I felt assaulted and wrongly treated as I had done nothing to deserve being pushed. She said she'd look over the video footage as they have cameras (which I was very excited about) and call me back.
She never called me back and supposedly had meetings with the owner and workers without following up with me. When I called her back the next day and she had an attitude and said that the bouncer, Bill, was just doing his job, and that he was protecting the patrons from a possible fight. Because there were "words passed" between Jay (the huge drunk guy ) and I.
I reminded her that I wasn't fighting anyone nor being mean. I told her that if anyone was to be removed it should've been that overly drunk guy who was rude. She said the level of his intoxication was not of importance. (which means he is a regular and drinks there quite often= $$). I told her the bouncer had no right to put his hands on me. And the manager said that since he had already asked me to leave he had to use force. Give me a break!
The manager even went as far as saying that when I raised my arms in the air in a questioning gesture to ask, "But why do I have to leave?" that this gesture was threatening of some sort and gave him the right to push me. I'm 5'4" and 125 lbs and was not 15 feet near anyone. I hardly think I looked threatening by raising my arms to my side as anyone would when innocently asking a question!
Regardless of how disgustingly the bouncer treated me, a paying customer... Tara left me these last words, "Well, you just happened to be at the wrong place at the wrong time. If you want to take this further you can go right ahead" Not even an apology or any sort of offer to make up for the rude treatment...
They need a new manager ASAP!
I don't think it's legal for anyone to touch you or push you unless it's self defense... I'm sooooo angry.

review_stars 09/05/2009 - JIM CARBONI

review_stars 05/28/2009 - Nicole
NEVER go to this place to eat or see a live show. The food is horrible and overpriced. The staff is unbearably rude, including the owner and the manager. They advertise themselves as a venue for live music. I went to see a show and it was mass confusion, completely disorganized, they sold tickets for the "main room" are which is very tiny and has a brick pizza oven in it, and tickets for the bar area, which is separated from the main area by a brick wall. You can't even see the band playing! The manager mistakenly thought I was in the wrong room and walked up to me and GRABBED me and told me I had to leave. Someone in the band had to tell her she was wrong and intervened and straightened it out. Turns out the stupid owner GAVE my seats to someone else, so not only did I belong in the main room, but my seats were GIVEN away! Then the owner promptly told me off over HIS mistake. I wouldn't feed my dog food from there and I would NEVER see a band there again. Save your money and go to a place with good food and a venue that knows how to manage live events.

review_stars 04/30/2009 - smith
I can only assume they somehow dupe respectable musicians into playing there. It's certainly not the nightlife hotspot they try to pass themselves off as.

review_stars 03/20/2009 -
THE food here has done nothing but go down hill more and more over the years to the point that this last time was the straw that broke it for us . and we will never go back . as to agree with another poster the managment is so bad we over heard the owner yelling at his staff like they were slaves and showed no respect for them to the point that my wife was upset and wanted to leave right away but it took us 30 more min to get the check.. just so sad to see

review_stars 01/01/2009 -
Horrible mangement, placed a take out order, went to go get it when they said it would be ready,waited an additional hour for our food.
Manager did not even apologize, said they were busy. The young man working the hostess station came out, said they messed up our order and apologized. The worker apologized and not the manager. The manager needs to be replaced.We order there all the time, we will now go somewhere else instead.

review_stars 10/13/2008 -
this restraunt its small and has unattentive service people and when asking for some plastic ware to eat their food in the oval was called names. So if you don't mind being called names by the owner by all means enjoy

review_stars 05/05/2008 - cap
Pizza is good. Pasta and Italian naught. This is food for people who think they are eating Italian food. Pub style Italian just proves than anyone thinks they can make Italian food but they can't.

review_stars 12/26/2007 -
Great eggplant parm!

review_stars 08/27/2007 - Wepmah
The Pasta Loft is a friendly and reliable American/Italian restaurant and bar. The pizza is an enjoyable take on the Italian "brick oven" style. Their crust is not as thin and crispy as other places that specialize in this type of pizza, but still very good. Try the BBQ chicken or the Tomato & Basil.

Besides the pizza, the pasta dishes are decent. The Chicken/Ziti/Broccoli is almost always great, as is the Bowtie Chicken. Standards like lasagna and Chicken/Veal Parmesan are good but not surprising.

My favorite non-Italian item is their American Burger. It's probably one of the best burgers I've ever had a restaurant. Highly recommended!

The service isn't amazing - often pretty slow and unattentive, especially in the downstairs bar. But I've always loved the atmosphere at the Pasta Loft. The downstairs is a pub-style bar with brick walls and a dark, cozy feel. The London Underground theme is a bit odd for an Italian place, but they have been thinking "pub" when they decorated. The upstairs is quaint booths and small tables, and a more quiet and family-appropriate place to eat. Ask for a booth by the window for a nice view of the Milford Oval.

This is the type of place you take your family for an inexpensive meal, or your friends from out of town when you don't want to make the trek to Nashua or Manchester for a dinner out.

review_stars 05/07/2007 - Smoochy
Hmmm, I'll split the difference on this one. We love their pizza, but have not had a single other good meal here. For a place that calls itself "Pasta" Loft, I can't give it more than a rating of 7 for pizza alone. The service is not very friendly and the main restaurant is above the bar. I'm not sure this is still the case but if there is smoking in the bar (have they banned it yet?) you can smell it completely in the dining room. Not great atmoshphere, not clean enough for me either. Take-out pizza, however, gets an A in my book.

review_stars 05/06/2007 -
Excellent diverse menu with great portions.

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