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465 Angell St
Providence, RI 02906 (Map & Directions)
Phone: (401) 437-6950


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Top Reviews of Red Stripe

3.5 stars - Based on 21 reviews

review_stars 01/24/2012 - Jennifer
I'm so disappointed. I usually go here for lunch and am always pleased with the food, however the service tends to be on the slower side. I went in today with a co-worker forgetting it is restaurant weeks and ordered off the regular lunch menu as usual. Never at any point did the server inform us that it was restaurant weeks and that they were offering a 2 for 1 special. If you are going to participate in a promotion that only runs for two should at least promote it to your patrons.

review_stars 11/03/2010 - Carol Delmonico
Last Saturday October 30, 2010 a few of my friends and myself decided to meet at the Red Stripe for dinner. I couldn't wait to introduce a couple of my friends to this restaurant as I have been here a few times in the past and always loved it. I suggested that my friends order the scallops because that was always my favorite. It is sea scallops with a spicy Alfredo sauce yummy. Well there meal came out and it was a spicy red sauce. When I complained to the waiter he brought one dish back to the kitchen and came back and told us this was the way it was supposed to be. I was very upset with this because there was no cheese in it or cream it was just tomato. He did offer to take the dishes back and put cream and cheese and we let it go but I asked to speak to the manager and she came over and I explained that this dish was made wrong because I had it quite a few times in the past and it was never like this. It tasted like they dropped a whole jar of crushed red pepper in it. The manager just said that this is the way they make it. I was humiliated in front of my friends they were very unhappy with the outcome of this experience and so was I.
To the restaurant's benefit they did take our salads off the bill.
We were not looking for anything off the bill. All they had to do was admit they made a mistake and redo the dishes correctly. But instead they made my friends eat the scallops and wait for the pasta to come back with the right sauce on it. This kind of customer service is what closes restaurant's today. I will not return and the three potential customers they could have picked up will not return. My rule of thumb has been consistency is what keeps a good restaurant open. Unfortunately this restaurant doesn't ascribe to the same rule of thumb.

review_stars 06/01/2010 - George Richard
I've been eating at the Wayland Square restaurant frequently since it opened. While I've always enjoyed my meals there, a couple of weeks ago, I had lunch (RS Grilled Cheese and Tomato Soup) and became violently ill shortly thereafter. I know this can happen occasionally in any restaurant but I wanted to let you know so you can look into it. It was on Saturday, May 22nd.

review_stars 04/08/2009 - MenuPix User
I usually hate crowded and noise places like Red Stripe, but I've become a regular. The fries are excellent. I would suggest sitting at the bar if thats something that doesn't bother you as the bartenders I've met there are fantastic. Even when you're sitting alone they are super friendly. Service can be slow in general but thats part of the atmosphere-its not the place for a quick meal. If you don't like noise and crowds, this might not be the place for you as the food is usually better on crowded nights. Overall I would say its definitely worth going.

review_stars 04/05/2009 - MenuPix User
We had a wonderful first visit on a Thursday night. At first we thought it was too noisy, but we got into the whole feeling of the place-festive. Our waitress suggested we try a number of small plates to get a feel for the menu. Scallops and duck were great choices. Wine list not run of the mill. The service was warm but not intrusive.

review_stars 01/29/2009 - MenuPix User
I used to be a regular at Red Stripe before they opened up #2, after they opened a second location, I haven't had a good meal since. I decided to give them another try this past weekend. Our appetizers took a half hour and were just okay. Entrees took another 40 mins after our appetizers were removed (which they seemed in a hurry to do.) Both entrees were overcooked and cold. Service was usually average. I'm sick of being disappointed. I'll never go back. I've met the owner out before too, he's entertaining...I'll give him that. Sketchy.

review_stars 08/05/2008 - MenuPix User
Red Stripe reminds me of a small, quaint, french bistro. The atmosphere alone makes me feel welcomed and the I enjoy sitting by the window. The french fries are absolutely delicious...the homemade sauce that comes with them are a great alternative to the traditional ketchup. I have had many of the sandwiches, the burger, pasta, pizza, mussels and salad. I adore the Anything but the Kitchen sink is great to share with someone before a meal and the flavors are superb. The dish portions are fairly large so I typically like to share my plates with my guests.

review_stars 05/14/2008 - MenuPix User
What to say about Red Stripe? The decor and atmosphere (created by patrons) are great. However, overall my expereice there last night left a great deal to be desired.

I called 2 hours ahead to inform the staff and chef that I had a serious dietary concern due to medical reasons. I brought a detailed list of things I could and could not have. My waitress (who did not visit our table until we had been there for twenty-five minutes) took the list to the chef. I had suggested some chicken and a salad. She came back suggesting they would do plain chicken, no seasonings. I asked for seasonings and a baslamic viniagrette with my salad. As the restaurant has a salad dish on the menu called 'Everything but the kitchen sink' I thought there would be no issues with presenting me with an appealing meal.

I was, however, presented with an overcooked piece of chicken. No garnish. No seasonings whatsoever. And a side bowl of greens only. No dressing, nothing. When I politely called the server over, and asked for some olives, roast peppers, and tomatoes to enhance my greens, I was given a bowl of cherry tomatoes and cucumber slices and a smarmily delivered (by the server) message from the chef to call a day ahead next time. I guess olives take 24 hours to prep. And I was charged $17 for it.

Having managed a restaurant similar to Red Stripe for five years and worked in this industry for many more, I know how important it is to accomodate people with special medical concerns and to do so with a pleasant, warm and understanding attitude.

Not good enough Red Stripe. There will not be another visit.

review_stars 12/29/2007 - MenuPix User
Went for late lunch on 12-28-07. Place was not at all crowded but it still took 25 minutes from time we ordered for a burger and salmon BLT. Food was 'OK'. Burger was undercooked (ordered medium, arrived rare) and the fries that people rave about were so-so. I did see dishes that others ordered before we ordered that looked great (pulled pork open-faced sandwich). All in all I didn't see anything special or anything that would make me want to return.

review_stars 12/05/2007 - MenuPix User
The food is good and at times great. Can be way too loud some evenings but the staff is amazing and they are willing to make changes in order to please the costumers. Some of the food goes for twice as much at other restaurants... You can have a laid-back meal or a very nice night out - either one works at the Stripe.

review_stars 11/18/2007 - hungry hippo
what a hustling bustling place. a few friends and i went in on a busy saturday night. the resaurant was teaming with people. service was outsatanding. all empty drinks were cleared appropriately and the young man waiting on us brought hot towels and lemons after the mussels to freshen up. the food was spot on and blistering hot when it came to the table. definatly the best fries in town. i'd go back anyday.

review_stars 10/27/2007 - MenuPix User
My diner's remorse has lasted well into the next day and is of such intensity that I need to write a review as catharsis.

My braised veal was weak on.. well, the braised veal. Can it really be called that when it consists of less than 3 mouthfuls of veal? Guess "braised sausage and mystery meat and a negligible amount of veal" looked bad on the menu. Sausage was dry and tasteless; other meat could have come from any animal let alone a specific cut. The cream sauce was good, but not at all clever. Overall, I felt entirely cheated out of my $18. My dining companions were similarly (if not as strongly) disappointed, with an uninspired grilled salmon and a puny steak that they tried to disguise the size of with french fries.

The menu looked mundane, so I assumed that superior preparation and ingredients would be the restaurant's assets (how else could they compete with the painfully novel menu of Twist?). The atmosphere suggested that it was a serious cooking-oriented establishment, but the food proved otherwise. I will not be returning.

review_stars 09/23/2007 - MenuPix User
The food was generally good, although my brunch companion's hanger steak turned out to be several unrelated pieces of meat held together by a skewer. The hostess (who looked like a manager fillign in) was really pretty rude; when another party asked if it were possible to be seated at a booth instead of the two-top she tried to seat them at she sighed heavily and drawled, "I suppose sooo." Our server was cheerful and polite, but terribly slow. It will be a long time before we give them another try.

review_stars 09/21/2007 - MenuPix User
we loved it, our table was at the open window. our mussels were small but tasty. i had the duckling special, it was the best i have ever had. the rest of our party had steak, lamb, and portugese stew.the hot bread was also super. we would go back in a minute. great place, great food.

review_stars 09/02/2007 - MenuPix User
Creative menu. The dishes are familiar favorites that have been interpreted in a surprising and satisfying way. Service has been above average for the 20 times I have been there. The value is pretty good because typically this level of cusiine brings with it a higher price tag. The atomosphere is a well done, (a conventional restaurant design)...with the exception of the effect of the hard surfaces, (glass front, tile floor) and muzak---these creatie a reverberating over the top din of noise. Do not go hear if you want a place for conversation.

review_stars 08/31/2007 - MenuPix User
The food is generally very good. Any salmon dish is always an excellent choice. The burgers are superb, and the French onion soup the best I've had in a restaurant. Desserts are uneven, as is the bar.

If you are a cocktail afficianado, don't order them at brunch; the younger, less experienced bartenders are working then, and are unfamiiliar with classic cocktails.

Service is generally slow, but cheerful.

The ambiance is terrific, especially if you like a loud, bistro atmosphere. Very crowded at peak dinner hours; I'd recommend reservations for that time of evening.

review_stars 07/19/2007 - Shannoxx
This was a great place. We ate outside and it was wonderful. You got a lot for the money you pay and it is all money well spent. The Kitchen Sink Salad - is no joke. Be prepared to share that one!!!

review_stars 07/15/2007 - me
i will bypass other breakfast spots just to go there...

review_stars 07/01/2007 - MenuPix User
Very nice Wayland Square hang out. Upscale but not out of line for the area. Reservations are a good idea.
The food is always excellent, service is always slow. If you are in a hurry or an impaitent person do not go. On the other hand, it is mostly all made to order so the extra time is usually because of the prep time for the food itself and not the waitstaff all of whom are very professional and friendly.

review_stars 06/18/2007 - MenuPix User
Great place to meet people, relax and eat great food! One of the neighborhood favorites!

review_stars 06/17/2007 - NB
Good food and atmosphere . horrible service everytime i go

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