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Something Fishy Seafood


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3436 S College Rd
Wilmington, NC 28412 (Map & Directions)
Phone: (910) 395-0909
Cuisine: Seafood
Neighborhood: Wilmington-South

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Tues—Sun: 11:30am - 9pm

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Top Reviews of Something Fishy Seafood

review_stars 07/11/2017 - Bill
Amazing food, great service, awesome customer service. Ask for Patrick, does a great job.

review_stars 07/08/2017 - Carol
We were here for dinner and it was a pleasant surprise. Our food was delicious. So were the hush puppies. We've eaten at the boat house several times and won't be back but the food at something fishy was so good we definitely will be back.

review_stars 02/23/2017 - Sharon
I was very disappointed in the quality of food. I have eaten here many times in the past. Not sure if it's under new management but my scallops tasted like they had been cooked twice, chewy and had a burned taste. I talked to the manager when paying and brought up the scallops for her to see and her comment was " I'm sorry you didn't like the scallops" not good customer service, my family couldn't believe her reply. Needless to say that will be my last visit. Our waiter was great, but the poor guy was sick as can be and when we were leaving he was sitting at a table with his bare hands wrapping silverware in napkins for people to eat from. Great way to spread germs. I won't go back, think I'll drive an extra few miles down the road to fish bites. I hear the food is delicious.

review_stars 02/16/2017 - Ralph Heiser
Working here from Ohio, hoping for some local seafood, asked where the fish and shrimp come from, turns out every where but here. Having lived in Florida for years and getting fresh seafood it was disappointing to find out their seafood wasn't fresh.

review_stars 12/09/2016 - Wilmington local
I have lived here all my life. Something fishy is good for the value but there only problem is inconsistency. You may either go an get a great meal but then the next time you go it may me warm an flavorless. This is why I suspect the location in leland they had a few years back didn't make it. To the owners hirer consistent experienced kitchen staff/cooks and I predict your profits will increase. Oh an you have been in Wilmington long enough please renovate restraunt sooner than later. By doing this you could attract more customers also. Trust me nothing in life should be taken for granted. Easy come easy go.

review_stars 08/27/2016 - Ron Springfield
My family had great experience at Something Fishy. The grilled tuna was great!

review_stars 07/05/2016 - Jimmy
I ordered a child's shrimp dinner and still pay for an adult

review_stars 09/11/2015 - Jessica
The restaurant SOMETHING FISHY:
This place is absolutely horrible. I went in got shrimp and it tasted horrible. I told them I dots not want it and it tasted bad and the lady blamed it on my taste buds. I have been to Something Fishy before and loved the shrimp but today it was BAD. I went ahead and got a cheeseburger because I was hungry and when she brought the ticket to me she charged me for shrimp and cheese burger, remind u I ate 2 pieces of shrimp. I just want to warn you if you go there and something taste bad to you they will still charge u, and the service was also bad. The lady who rang us up was a complete B**** as well. Worst experience ever.

review_stars 09/03/2015 - nacho biznizz
You don't want to send your food back bc one of the cooks are famous for defiling your food. No kidding. Someone who works there told us. This was a while ago, maybe 3 4 years, but he could still be there..he had been there for a while when we found out...I've never ever eaten there since.

review_stars 06/20/2014 - Charles Osgood
Wilmington is a sea side town. When at the beach ,let your hair down , enjoy yourself and eat sea food. There are lots of restaurants in town , most offer some kind of sea food. Something Fishy is all about sea food. Back in the day of on the water restaurants , picnic tables and brown paper table cloth is sort of the feel you get here. The food is home cooking at it's best.The portions almost always requires a box to go and the price $10-12 is very reasonable. OH! the Iced Tea is wonderful. There is always dessert like momma made because they are home made.
The owners are mother / son He has been cooking sea food a long time yrs 20+ and the mother learned to cook sea food from her aunt in Jacksonville. She would catch the train in Wilmington and go to her aunt's on Saturday morning at 5 AM and then ride the train back Sunday night.


review_stars 03/26/2014 - Benny Brown
I've eaten Something Fishy for over 20 years. Mostly take-out. Every time they have been consistent. It's good always! I get the sampler platter and all of it is great! I've eaten all around the area and always come here when I want to be sure of what I'm going to get!

review_stars 01/15/2014 - Doug
I love this restaurant. I've been eating there for 5+ years. I have never encountered a problem until last week. I had a new older waitress who I did my recognize offer me free food. After declining she persisted and made me very uncomfortable, as I myself am a small business owner. She called me pet names and said I love you. I felt like I was at crazy horse, not a mom and pop restaurant.

review_stars 10/14/2013 - Brenda Locklear.
No customer service and you do it our way or take the highway. We had eaten there recently and it was fair in quality. Tonight we went by for a combo. After ordering unsweetened tea we found they had no sugar substitute. Then we went to order dinner and they were out of oysters. Ok do just double the shrimp. An absolute NO I was told in spite of their not having what I ordered they would not accommodate me by giving me a double order because it's their policy not to allow double portions of one seafood. Good we walked out and I will be sure others know of their strict policy. Usually when a business does not have what it needs to operate there is a deeper problem.

review_stars 04/12/2013 - Mr Baker

Picked up a to go order ~6:30pm; amoung the overlap of workers at the counter I forgot to pay and they forgot to charge me. After eating dinner at home, which included cold oysters, I called the manager to informed them I had not paid.

I was told to bring in my payment and I did at ~8:30pm, after driving ~10 miles plus ones own time. Paid my bill and was thanked for being honest.

Seeing that management does not recognize customers personal costs and efforts (fuel and time, etc.) it makes me interpret the business as being extremly tight. I hate to report that from the customers side, things will probably get even tighter. I know monies from myself and people I talk to will most likely slow.

At this particular business it sure appears that the customer is very low on their inhouse/ business goals.

review_stars 01/30/2013 - D. Little
I have lived by the ocean and fished for flounder most of my life. Several times a year (winter) we knew we could get a good seafood plate at Something Fisher. However, tonight changed my mind. I asked that them not to cut any slits into my flounder and to fry it lightly keeping it moist.. well, did I get. Three slits and fried hard and dry to the bone and back.I can not tell you how disappointed I was.

review_stars 08/10/2011 - OConnor
When I got home with my fried scallops and tasted them, I remembered why I told myself the last time I wasn't going back. Apparently they've switched suppliers and these scallops barely taste like scallops. I would say that I ate about 2 or 3 and my dog had the rest. Most taste like something else all together and some taste like flat out fish, NOT scallop. My side was french fries and I got about 10 of those. Ordinarily I wouldn't mind but since the meal was so bad I figured I could fill up on the hardened fries, but no. The greasy hushpuppies are the best this place has to offer. Too bad Midtown Seafood went out of biz b/c they had tasty sweet scallops. I am extremely disapointed and just threw away $12 bucks and am still hungry.

review_stars 06/26/2011 - A. Richardson
As a long time member of the service industry I usually give restaurant staff the benefit of the doubt when I eat out---I know how shift changes, accidents and communication between front of house and back of house can all affect a customer's experience.
Unfortunately, our first experience here was negative, negative, negative. It was not busy, maybe a total of 6 other tables were there. We waited about 8 minutes before being acknowledged, after which our drink order was nonchalantly taken and apparently forgotten by a female waiter. Another 6 minutes or so we were noticed by a male server who apologized and took our drink order again. So around 20 minutes it took to get drinks and a basket of greasy hushpuppies in front of us. They tasted like the same frozen brand we have used at other restaurants I have cooked for. We both ordered combo plates to try the most variety from the menu. I should have known better than to get steamed shrimp, as they serve the standard 'salad size' frozen, no tail/shell and no flavor aside from the liberally applied old bay. The fried flounder was fine, but they serve a bigger fillet for less money at Katy's Grill right up S. College from Something Fishy. The deviled 'crab' was mostly filler and fake krab (the bright red kind) and the clam strips were also the standard frozen variety.
I hate to tear into a local favorite so badly, but they deserve this rating. This is not FRESH LOCAL seafood folks. This is the same seafood meal I would expect to find in the Midwest, not in a city right on the beach and intercoastal waterway. Don't waste your time like we did. We will not be giving them another try.

review_stars 02/25/2011 - Helen lupardus
I love this place. When ever we are in town I take my family here and it is the only place that we all can agree on that has great food.

review_stars 01/03/2011 - Shawn
Good but not consistent good one time bad the next .

review_stars 06/25/2010 - Something Fishy
All the people you say something fishy is old and the food is less than appealing are totally wrong. Those people must not love great seafood or they must be Tourist who don't know what amazing seafood taste like. So go try it for your self it's hands down the best seafood in the Wilmington area!

review_stars 04/03/2010 - Great, but with clauses
I have dined here four times during the past month. Yes, the men's restroom is in dire need of refurbishment and if you visit it before having your first meal, you will most likely immediately leave - it is relatively clean, just really old and dilapidated (do not know how the men's room passes a health inspection visit). The eating area has always been clean when I visited. The pepper sauce is watered down and the tartar sauce is the worst fat-loaded stuff that I have ever tasted. Avoid the tartar sauce. Like 75% of the restaurants in Wilmington, Something Fishy suffers from inconsistent chefs. My first visit, the flounder had grease dripping from it and tasted horrible. That scenario has not yet been repeated. Every visit the collards taste like they were cooked the day prior and have spent most of the current day sitting in water. On two of my four visits, the corn-on-the-cob tasted the same way. On my last visit, the corn-on-the-cob was very good. The green beans have been consistently good. The service has been good, but the waitresses focus on the quantity of customers. Now, the reason why I give it four stars, the oysters and flounder are GREAT. They are batter dipped, fried golden brown, are a large quantity/size, and are always served hot. They are fried, so they are not a healthy choice, but they are very good.

review_stars 04/02/2010 - Tex
The most redeeming quality is the food. I am a transplant and this is what fried seafood tastes like.
The venue is less than appealing. It's age is quite apparent, but this is not a place you use too much flatware in, either.
The service is prompt. That is what counts, but do not count of service with much of a smile. It is quite obvious that nobody is worried about a few unhappy customers. Female waitstaff and food runners are demeaning when not dismissive.

But the food is good and if you order it to go, make sure it is to your standards before leaving. You will want to take this home.

review_stars 07/26/2009 - Brian Ross
I've been eating at Something Fishy since it opened and literally nothing has changed over the years.

The parking lot is still always packed, the food is always served quick, their is always a smile on the waitress, and the food is always great.

This is calabash seafood. Best ate fried, best served with grease. Don't expect anything more and you'll never be disappointed.

review_stars 06/19/2009 - Phil
I used to work there a few years back while in college. I watched a guy mix the cole slaw with his bare feet. There were other incidents but you wouldnt wanna know. Im sure this goes on everywhere but I havent eaten there in years.

review_stars 06/10/2009 - Linda
Service was extremely friendly. We ordered the Sampler platter and a burger which included a little bit of everything. It took them no time to bring it out. We got the food to go. We are not that picky, but the food tasted awful. Wish it was better.

review_stars 06/01/2009 - Johnny Tood
Probably the worst seafood I have ever had. I would recommend the health inspector and Board of Health be notified as soon as possible for insect infestation, food smelling foul, restroom facilities no sanitary. Wathed a male employee not wash his hands upon returning to work, after using restroom. Several other suitable restuarants in the area for seafood. Try them or eat something else before going here.

review_stars 05/15/2009 - bbc
The last time I ate there, my fish was cold when I got it. My husband mentioned it to the waitress. She was very nice. She brought me another piece.. But, when she walked out of the kitchen, I was called a _itch , Very loud from the kitchen. I did not report them, which I should have. But, I have chose not to dine with them anymore. The food is good one time and not the next. It is not very consistent.

review_stars 01/27/2009 - Longtime Lover
While not the nicest looking decor or the best location, Something Fishy has always thrived as a great place to get some Calabash style seafood at a decent price. You won't lose any weight eating here, but you'll always see the same friendly smiles and get a generous portion. I have loved Something Fishy, ever since it opened when I was kid. It is good comfort food at a decent price, and usually lasts you for two meals.

They definitely could use a renovation and a bigger parking lot to handle all the people that flock there nightly. Luckily the service is lightning fast due to a consolidated menu.

review_stars 01/09/2009 - eatwellnc
I have no idea what possessed my dining partner and I to eat here. I guess the overflowing parking lot with cars spilled into the grass was a testament to how good the food was. I knew when our food came out of the kitchen within 2 minutes of ordering, we were in trouble. Who knows how long our greasy, golden nuggets sat under the heat lamp. This was the worst meal I have ever eaten, ever. The food actually had a funny taste. The poor vegetables they served were grey and water-logged. Even the tartar sauce was bad. This is incredibly low quality, deep fat fried food, and a shame to serve it to the public for $9 a plate. Save your money and go to Long John Silver's if you must have your fried fish.

review_stars 10/10/2008 - Javier
I was on a business trip and a realtor took me there. What can I say, the place is GREAT. I think it's one of the best seafood places. Give it a try, you'll not regret

review_stars 07/25/2008 - clearwater clan 7/19/08
This is one of the best seafood restaurants we have ever eaten in. The food is done just the way you want it, the portions are fabulous,and the sevice is great.Our waitress,Haley,made us feel right at home.This is not a fancy place but it is a comfortable family atmosphere.

review_stars 06/20/2008 - Crystal
The BEST seafood in Wilmington! I absolutely LOVED it!

review_stars 06/13/2008 - WilmingtonLocal
This is a great place to take an out-of-towner. Great food, friendly service, huge portions all at a moderate price. You won't walk away hungry that's for sure!

Food is not all fried, you can get steamed or broiled so don't be afraid to try!

review_stars 04/14/2008 - michel cowan
the best in the us

review_stars 03/18/2008 - cowan
the best

review_stars 03/01/2008 - Fullwood
Great food keep up the good job.

review_stars 01/08/2008 - TastyDumpling
Very fast, friendly and GOOD. Although, EVERYTHING is fried on the menu, so hold on to your arteries!

review_stars 10/09/2007 -
Calabash style seafood. Excellent!

review_stars 06/14/2007 - family of 5
We love Something Fishy!
The food is fast, tastes great, excellent value, friendly staff, large portions. A Family Favorite for everyone.

review_stars 06/02/2007 -
Very good selection of seafood. Very nice find!

review_stars 05/08/2006 - MenuPix User
Very large portions sizes. Delicious seafood!

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