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Tortilla Flat

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595 Daniel Webster Hwy
Merrimack, NH 03054 (Map & Directions)
Phone: (603) 424-4479

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Mon-Wed: 11:30am - 10pm, Thu: 11:30am - 11pm, Fri-Sat: 11:30am - 12am, Sun: 12pm - 10pm

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Top Reviews of Tortilla Flat

review_stars 05/08/2016 - Sharon Sernik
We went for Mother's Day (5/8/16). The place was almost empty when we arrived at 12:30, but the service was very slow. Four of us were seated at a small table near a window with a filthy window sill. The food was so mediocre, we could have done better staying home and cooking ourselves. Everything tasted like it came out of a bottle or a bag. We had fish tacos, and it was like a fish stick with a handful of iceberg lettuce with a sprinkling of bland, tasteless, shredded white cheese. Even the iced tea was bad! How hard is it to throw tea bags in a pitcher and pour hot water on top. This crap tasted like it came from a liquid concentrate. I had to ask for a cup of water, the "tea" was so bad. Did I mention how slow the service was? The server took forever to come back and refill our drinks, bring more chips and salsa, and bring the requested napkins, water, etc. The food took a really long time too for a day when the place was not full, and a crowd should have been anticipated. We will not be going back again.

review_stars 06/21/2014 - Alma Rodriguez
The tortilla was cold and is not a Mexican restaurant at all😡😡😡😡 never going back again

review_stars 07/08/2013 - Sorry to bother you
Apparently, the waitress who served us was annoyed we came in. Her attitude sucked so did her service. We had to go to the bar to get service and when she came to our table to deliver our food she never bothered coming back. She was sitting with a patron with her back to us. I won't leave a name of the server but I do intend on following up with a manager. Only 2 clean tables in a bar and a server sitting on her @$&. Come on Flats you can do better then this. Last time I checked servers don't sit customers do. Coming from someone in this business, management better pay better attention to business protocol. Food was ok but I was charged .50 cents for a small cup of blue cheese to try.

review_stars 10/12/2012 - wynow
This was our first visit to Tortilla Flats in NH. Upon arrival we were quickly greeted and seated. Our server was cordial. She brought us our Marguerita promptly. The drink was very strong, but delightful! We ordered a combo platter of burrito, Enchillada and the Haddock Taco/ Crab Enchilada. Our meals were served quickly. Here's where my disappointment came in. While my husbands' meal was very good, my haddock taco was a huge disappointment. I took one bite and almost spit it out. The "haddock" had either been in the freezer too long, or way over cooked. It was akin to chewing on a twig. Very small portion of haddock compared to the cheese on top. The crab enchilada was palatable. Rice acceptable and black beans were good. We had to summons the server to make a comment regarding the Haddock Taco. Her response?? I don't "do" seafood, so I wouldn't know about that. She *did* give us a discount on the food not eaten. Will we return?? Probably, but I will definately opt for simpler fare, i.e. a beef taco.

review_stars 01/28/2011 - E. Hayes
I love this place! I wish that overly long construction in the Burlington, Vermont area had not killed the one in town. We love this place so much that we actually drive the 3 1/2 hours to have lunch. The best nachos--simple with just a not-too-spicy red sauce and cheese. Can't get those any more in our area. The chimis, the chicken fajita quesadilla--not to be missed. Please open up in Burlington again!

review_stars 11/28/2010 - Don
Food was plentiful and great, there nachos were absolutely awesome topped with tons of sauce cheese beef always served hot and were excellent appetizer.For the main Entree had enchilada plate which was excellent and would get it again no question.Service was excellent as well making it a very enjoyable dining experience and would recommend this place to all that like Mexican cuisine

review_stars 11/04/2010 - ashochef
been to many restaurants over the past year looking for hot wings.this place by far has the best wings. wouldn't change a thing. always have extremely good service. Marge is very friendly, attentive to what we need. Thank you Marge for such great service.

review_stars 08/07/2010 - loyal
The place is a hit a or miss, it all depends on who is working. The bartender Josh is amazing, very polite, and quick at making some amazing drinks. My husband and I were there on a Friday night, sat right at the bar, and the barback/ help told us that Josh would be right with us. Moments later, he came and asked how we were,and what we would love to drink. For the Ladies he is a very handsome man, though I did find out he is married and now has a new born. The drinks came quick, and we amazing, not to strong, but you can taste the liquor. We order some apps, and dinner. For being busy, the food did take some time, But it was hot and fresh. Overall we have been there many times, and it is always a pleasure to see Josh and the barback behind the bar.

review_stars 01/11/2010 - Lisa Bouchard
I went on Friday 1/8/10 with my fiance my sister and her husband. We have gone there over the years many times. We were all very unhappy with the food and the service. The waitresse/bartender was rude. One member asked where his french fries where and the waitress responded that fries had not been ordered. A mistake was made in the entree as beef and chicken had been ordered. The waitress seemed put out, but did bring the beef after she asked "do you still want it ?" The refried beans on my plate were cold and dried out, the rice was very untasty. I had ordered my favorite enchiladas which I ate and felt sick until 5 in the morning. I can say they still make a great margarita, but don't ask for a glass of water as the waitress seemed like it was to much work as she slammed it down on the table. Will never go back after this experience.

review_stars 01/02/2010 - Loyal Customer
I have been coming to this restaurant for 25 years now, since I was a small child. The food has highs and lows, and the staff is give or take. However, I have never been so disappointed that I did not return again. I find some of the reviews to be lacking in honesty, taste, and clarity. If you cannot even type a review without making multiple spelling errors, maybe your opinion doesn't matter so much. (Especially when this page offers a Spell Check!!!!!)

The food is authentic Mexican, unlike restaurants like Margaritas or Shorty's that are too commercialized, where the food lacks flavor and spice.

For those that do not like this restaurant, I'm not too worried, because they will always have loyal customers, such as myself, to keep it open. And personally, I'd rather you take your negativity to a restaurant where I will not run into you.

review_stars 07/28/2009 - Ron Lemay
Last Saturday 4 of us visited your restaurant and we're charged 91/2% meals tax.
This is wrong and should be changed asap back to 9%.
I told the waitress this was a wrong charge, but she said it was not.
Please clear this up now or I will notify proper authority.

review_stars 07/17/2009 - MenuPix User
I think this Mexican Cantina is AMAZING. The service my husband and I got was impeccable. We sat in the lounge area on a Friday night, and even though it was pretty busy (we got the LAST table) the service was quick!!!! Our drink order was taken IMMEDIATELY and drinks arrived in no time. Same with the food!!! The servers and bartender seemed to have good attitudes and our personal waitress was never once rude, or should any frustration with how busy it was, at all. I would definitly return!!!!

review_stars 05/28/2009 - MenuPix User
I have to disagree with some of the previous posts. I have been coming here for years and have had nothing but great food, service and margaritas. And with updates that they have been doing I am sure that it will only get better!

review_stars 04/21/2009 - The Nashuan Phantom Gourmet!
I agree with the previous negative reviews - restaurant has changed hands and is now horrible in all respects.
Go to La Caretta or even Margaritas in Nashua.

review_stars 03/12/2009 - MenuPix User
This place is a joke! This place has been going downhill for about the past year, maybe a little longer. The new owner has absolutely no idea what he is doing and is only in his mid 20's. The food is horrible and the food always takes forever! The service isn't bad but it's obvious that it's completely run by kids! They are constantly running out of things like diet pepsi and red wines. Their beverage menus are completely inaccurate and the only top shelf tequila they offer is Don Julio. If you ask me, the previous owner had it figured out much better... This one has been there for over a year and is too busy screwing the waitstaff and drinking with his employess, to pay attention to his business!

review_stars 05/16/2008 - WORST "Mexican" Restaurant
Went to this restaurant for Mother's Day because my mom had recalled going here years ago and claimed it was great. So we gave it a shot. When we got there it was surprisingly empty for a holiday known for restaurant reservations weeks in advance. We were seated relatively fast for a large party, which was the one positive thing about the whole night. It took over 10 minutes for someone to even take our drink order and another 20 minutes before we got those drinks. Our food order was taken another 10 minutes later... now 40 minutes after sitting down!!! When the food FINALLY came an HOUR later, it was terrible. Definitely not the authentic Mexican restaurant my mom remembered. The rice tasted like a mixture of ketchup and those cheap boxed Spanish rices from the supermarket. The Machaca burrito that my boyfriend got tasted like a cheap steak and cheese from a sub shop, except, not at good. My mom's meal also came out after the entire party had finished eating!!!! After everyone forced down as much as they could to be polite on Mother's Day, our check did not come for another hour. Needless to say, by that time the young toddler we had with us was more than ready to be done. We had to walk the baby around the place and FIND the rude waitress so she could print the check. Overall, this place was HORRIBLE. Hop on the highway and get off on exit 3 to try La Carreta... you'll be much happier.

review_stars 04/26/2008 - MenuPix User
We are new to the area and love Mexican food, we heard from friends that this restaurant was not that good but we decided to try it for ourselves. The only good thing we had at this place are the margaritas. The quesadillas are made with american cheese and so is the chili con queso. They offer for 50 cents more to have your quesadilla topped with salsa and cheese which sounded good so I got that and it came out not with the salsa we were served with chips but with a tomato sauce on it. It was so soupy and the best I could describe it would be to say it was like having quesadilla parmesean. The service was horrible, too, we went with our two kids and their meals came out early and we were left waiting for ours forever, also waiting for a very long time for the check at the end. On the way out I heard them tell a couple that there was going to be a 10 minute wait and I thought in that time you could drive to Margaritas in Nashua and have an excellent MEXICAN meal because although this restaurant claims to serve mexican food, it was anything but.

review_stars 04/01/2008 - MenuPix User
My husband and I were super hungry after a long day at work, and wanted good food but in a casual setting. Tortilla Flats seemed to fit the bill nicely, and was also very close to our hotel. We were initially surprised at how low key the outside of the restaurant was – it looked like a low-lit home. But as there were quite a few cars in the parking lot, we gave it a try. We have to say, the lighting in the parking lot was pretty poor. Upon exiting the building in the front, there wasn’t so much as a street light to light the way to the parking lot. (had there been snow or ice it would’ve been rather dangerous) There seemed to be multiple dining areas. The room to the right seemed quite busy, perhaps with a private party. We were soon escorted to our table to the left part of the restaurant, which at 7:00pm on a Tuesday, was sparsely occupied.

We were quickly presented with a basket of nacho chips paired with salsa. The salsa was quite mild, so those with a delicate palate need not worry. The menu was extensive. It even took us a few minutes just to review the specials menu. As it was our first visit, we opted to choose separate appetizers so that we could try both. While the chili tasted quite good, it could’ve used a bit more moisture – the texture was more paste-like. My husband’s wings were hotter than the salsa for sure – he’d give it a 7 out of 10 for hotness. (you felt the kick after having the whole plateful!) It was also nice that they were very meaty and not at all greasy.

We both chose an entrée off of the specials menu. The portions were moderate in size – just about enough to finish off but not enough left over for a doggie bag. I opted for the chicken and black bean enchiladas, which were served with Spanish rice and refried beans. The side of guacamole (an extra $1.95) really made the dish A1. My husband had the beef fajita wrap, which was made with chunky slices of zucchini, onion, pepper, and squash and again accompanied with Spanish rice. Both the entrees and appetizers were served in piping hot plates – hot enough that the waitress had to use oven mitts to serve them.

By the time our dinner was served, another 3 tables had been sat in our room, which enhanced the otherwise mediocre atmosphere. The room was not very decorated, and the ceilings adorned with hanging orange tiffany lamps. There was lightly piped in Mexican music, which was loud enough to remind you were in a Mexican restaurant, but certainly not too loud that you could not easily converse.

The pricing was very reasonable. We each had 2 beers, 2 club sodas, 2 appetizers and 2 entrees. This totaled $52. We would certainly go again – the food was great, the service very attentive and the value for money was excellent. Definitely recommended!

review_stars 08/19/2007 - The Nashuan Phantom Gourmet!
Very good Mexican restaurant.

review_stars 05/09/2007 - MenuPix User
An excellent meal at a reasonable price in a nicely understated atmosphere. Definitely an experience worth repeating.

review_stars 04/24/2007 - MenuPix User
Very good Mexican food. The restaurant is also very homy and comfortable. Feels like you are in Mexico.

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